Saturday, December 29, 2007

I'm almost off....

for my day of scrappin'. :) Although honestly....hubby is CRABBY and I fear for the life of my children!! :)

Luckily...I'm already packed as I took everything I have for scrappin' to the in laws for the Christmas break. So all I have to do is brush the 6 inches of snow off my truck...load up and get going. Oh yeah...I have to stop and get something to bring as it's a potluck. I'm SO bad at things like that. I might just bring a veggie tray or something. *sigh* I'm so not domestic. :)

I have lots of things I want to get done tonight...and since my DT layouts are done for Sweet Pea I can just create create create. I'm really hoping to get at least 6 layouts done!! Wish me luck! the other purpose of this blog is to try to keep a record of my seems that time is just flying by and I'm missing so much....because by the time I scrap it I forgot why I took those photos!! I'm really going to try to have a little daily diary here, and if I'm the only one who reads...that's okay too. :)

Started a reward chart for the kids...thanks grama Darcie!! And so far...the boys are bombing. :) It'll take a bit of time I think for it to sink in that they will get rewards for doing things like making their beds or brushing their teeth.

Alrighty...enough rambling. I'll check in tomorrow. :) Have a great scrappy day!

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