Thursday, October 30, 2008

what a day!!

Not that it was anything special but....I'll fill ya in on how it went.
I WOKE UP AT 7:31 THIS MORNING!! AAAAHHHHHHH and that's pretty much how my day went all dang day long!! :) I must also note that we have to leave the house by 8am in order to get to school in time. Of angelic boys *snort* were such great listeners and got dressed right away for me. Yes...I'm SO lying through my teeth there. ha! So I jumped in the shower (as I cannot wake up without one!) and did NOT wash my hair so yes...I'm sporting a 2 day old pony. Can I just say that I look smokin' today? baahahahahhaha I am pleased to announce that we did make it to school in time. **insert crowd cheering here**

So work went well..I actually got a lot accomplished. Really trying to get everything caught up and in order before my surgery. And it's month end tomorrow so I'll have a super crazy day but that's good. I love my job..and for that I feel very fortunate. Heck..I feel very fortunate to HAVE a job at this point. :)

Then I rush to get the boys from school because in celebration of Red Ribbon Week our theatre was showing Horton Hears a Who for FREE. I was so excited to surprise the boys with this!! And I really wanted to make the 4 o'clock showing which means I had to GO REALLY FAST as school is 10 miles outside of town. :) Needless to say...I ended up talking with Auston's teacher for way too long. He had a bad day today. She's SUCH an amazing teacher...remind me to talk about that more...K? Cuz it's really important. But I'm already rambling and I'm not sure what the attention span of my blog readers is...soooo....carrying on....

The show was SOLD OUT when we got there...but they were nice enough to give us tickets for the 6:30pm showing...I took 'em. Skip forward an hour...Mathew decides he would rather play with E the neighbor boy instead of going to the show. uncool am I that my 8 year old wants to hang out with his buddy instead of going to the show with his MOM! Sheesh.....I didn't think this was supposed to start this early?!! So E's mom and I switched kids for the night. I took the older sister and Mathew stayed at their house and all was right with the world. BTW...that show is freakin' hilarious. I was laughing so hard through the whole thing. It helped too that I had this adorable little girl beside me who was 2 (but talked SOOO well!)...and she pretty much kept me entertained.

And I have some super cool news to share. :) Some of my things (like FOUR different ones!!) from the shop are going to be in the January 3 Scrappy Boys kit!! I am SO NOT KIDDING HERE PEOPLE!! She thinks I am a rockstar. *giddy giggle* She actually said that...if you don't believe me..just ask her. I rock. HA! *stickin' tongue out* So at least one person thinks I'm cool. Just gotta not let my head swell...that could be a huge issue when I have to go through a door. :)

Okay..I've rambled enough. Don't forget to post for your chance to WIN those cool spidey embellies from Julie's shop. And go post on her blog so you can win some of my 'rockstar' like jotters. :) Let's see how long it takes before I drop the rockstar could be awhile. :)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

one more to share...

just finished up this layout for the November Sweet Pea Scraps kit. Funny thing is..I kept taking things OFF this layout...I kinda liked it kept really simple. So here it all it's simple-ness. :) It's basically about how Auston is totally up for anything. My dad asked him if he wanted to sit on the sheep..he was like..okay grampa..whatever. :) He's so willing to try anything new and never be scared...I hope he can keep those traits...but ony use them in a GOOD way of course!! tee hee

And I guess I need to say nevermind..I don't. :) I was going to apologize if I offended anyone with my post below..but then I realized...*slaps head* this is MY blog! Bahahahaahahaha. Honestly...I don't watch the news...I don't watch a lot of TV period. But this video wasn't a 'smearing' video as I didn't get it off a McCain site. (did anyone actually notice that I said I wasn't overly fond of McCain???). Anyway..there is nothing in that video that for But through my research I also did watch Obama speak...and there were 2 separate things that did bother where he said that he has a 6 and 9 year old he's going to teach them morals and values but if someday they make a 'mistake' he doesn't want them to be punished for that 'mistake' with a baby. is a thing called adoption?? The second one was he was actually defending himself against an obvious McCain campaign where little kids were singing the alphabet. He stated how they used this song and said that Obama wanted to teach sex education to 5 year olds. The crowd did he. Then he said, but it's gotta be done. Ummm...yeah...I don't think my 6 year old needs to learn about sex right now...holy moly...he still thinks his winky is funny. :)

Do you remember when the movie Dirty Dancing came out?? I do. Oh my friends and I rented that sucker as soon as we could and snuck over to Cindy's house to watch it while her parents were gone. I remember us pausing it when Patrick Swayze got out of bed..hoping for a glimpse of..something...anything. The point was a total riskay movie...and we were giddy with excitement watching something so naughty and bad!! Now...Dirty Dancing is get more than that on prime time television. In fact...tonight my 8 year old asked me if that girl (on tv) was a lesbian. jaw about hit the floor. I didn't even KNOW what a lesbian was until my freshman year in college for crying out loud!! These are some of the issues I have. These things I think are MY job as a parent to teach my child...not TV...not school...not the government...but ME. I don't know. Honestly...the world scares me. I'm worried for my children....and my grandchildren. What kind of world is it that we live in now where our children know way too much at their age. Where we can't say a prayer at graduation anymore as we might offend those who don't believe...yet it's okay for another religion to bow down at noon to worship their god. See I dont' get that. I don't get the huge contradiction that is happening in our society. I think we have gotten so far away from what is right and what is wrong...we make all these little exceptions to please everyone...but in the end it's going to cause serious chaos.

Okay..rant over. And please..if you DO choose to comment on this post and you dont agree with me...that's totally your right...but please do remember and respect the fact that this is MY personal blog and I have every right to voice my opinion as you have with yours. OH..and please make sure if you comment that I am not locked out of YOUR personal blog...for some reason that just doesn't seem fair to me. :) Now I'm off to take a bath and read a bit and then head to bed. Have a stellar night ya'll. (and don't forget to comment for your chance to win as I'm doing the drawing on Halloween!)

I just found...

this video. And wow is it powerful. I sat my desk...sobbing. Tears literally running down my face. The thought of this made my heart break. It made me remember our two lost babies and how I felt when others were purposely aborting their pregnancies when we were trying so hard to keep ours. But this...this is awful. How can anyone support this? The voting decision was difficult for me this year...I'm not overly fond of McCain...but have always been more on the republican side. I watched an advertisement (the one that is on 24/7 right now) for Obama and I have to admit that I like a lot of his ideas. BUT...this video...tipped me over. I cannot morally vote for someone who wants to make THIS legal. They have no voice..they have no choice and they aren't even being given the opportunity to have either. I cry for them...
okay...I can't figure out how to put the video ON my you'll have to follow the link..sorry!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


you guys crack me right up. :) Thanks for making me in all my are my heros...every one of you. *sniff sniff*

No seriously...I have nothing to report today...I'm really boring. Don't forget to comment here for your chance to win. AND on Julie's blog..anywhere...for your chance to win. And yeah..that's it. Have a great night and hopefully tomorrow I can inspire you all with my wisdom. *snort*

Monday, October 27, 2008

Okay blog readers....

so..from your lack of comments I'm guessing you all think my stuff sucks? SHAME ON YOU. Makin' me feel all bad and all. No one is going over to Julie's blog to comment for a chance to win some of MY etsy goods. I mean...I'm really glad that you all are loving Julie's spider embellies but come on...give me some LOVE people!!! There...if that wasn't some guilt I'm not sure what else I can do. Go comment. Now. Okay?

So...the November kit for Sweet Pea Scraps is so cool. I really love it. Perfect for those fall photos...and perfect for those heritage ones!! Here is a layout I did for Random Chaos this week. That's my grampa Foran. I really miss him too. Especially when I'm reading a really great book and want someone to talk to about it. That was our thing. Grampa was ALWAYS reading a book...always. :) I would come home from school and he would be in his chair reading away. Usually I would just grab my book and plop on the couch and we would sit there and read together (until grama came in and turned on Wheel of Fortune!). He would read a book...then give to me..and I would read it and then we would discuss. It was just our thing. He passed away when I was pregnant with Auston. But he was one of 3 people who accepted me unconditionally when my mom married my dad. My dad of course was one...and my great aunt Ethel was one and my grampa was the other. I inherited a lot of his books and I reread them occasionally. I always inherited a LOT of pictures that if the rest of that family knew I had would be FURIOUS!! baahahahahahahaha I LOVE that. :)

I'm off to post a challenge on the vine...and it has to deal with the layout go check it out. The girls always give such amazing prizes for the challenge winners...seriously GREAT prizes!! Don't forget that they are also having a DT call...I think it ends at the end of this go check it out!! It's an AMAZING kit club...seriously..and I'm not saying that just cuz I'm biased. *wink wink*

Oh and don't forget to go to JULIES BLOG and comment. :) And each purchase from her store or my store gets you another entry. So get on it people!

Sunday, October 26, 2008


So...thank you goes out to Miss Kim. :) I installed Firefox and since then I have not had my internet just shut me down one time since!! YAY! THANK YOU!! Seriously...I thought I was going to go batty!!

Yesterday we had a great day...the boys and I. First we went to the skate park and played...then we went to the park and played in the leaves and climbed some trees. The boys were super in letting me get some really nice fall shots. :) I took pictures until my camera battery went kaput on me!!

Right now I'm just majorly cleaning my house...getting into the things that have been neglected for awhile that really NEED to be cleaned the boys' craft cabinet. Yikes! But it's nice and neat and organized now. Really want to go through their toybox and weed out some of the things they no longer play with...but not sure if I'm up for that project today or not. Still have major laundry to do but that's about it. Need to work on more bitties for the shop and scrap more for Sweet Pea Scraps. And...I tried to take pictures of my layouts today....the egg hunt layout was taking a picture...the john deere green was scanning. sharpening software is at work and I REALLY need to get it installed on my home computer. I'm thinking it looks a little fuzzy...what do you think?? My buttons just aren't scanning that great and honestly...taking a picture is MUCH easier but I don't want to do it if the quality is lacking. *sigh* Gonna keep trying. :)

Anyway...leaving you with 2 layouts I've done in the last couple of weeks. :) Have a great Sunday! Don't forget to comment for your chance to win those cute Halloween spiders from Julie!! And don't forget to go to her blog and post too for your chance to win some random jotters from ME! :)

Friday, October 24, 2008

ARGH!! I'm SOOOOO angry!!!

I'm stomping my feet...and cursing and ugh...I'm getting so frustrated. I'm having MAJOR issues with my internet/computer right now and it's SO very very frustrating!! I've been trying to upload a stupid set of bitties to my etsy shop all night...FINALLY got them uploaded. But every couple of minutes I get this error pop up on my screen:
Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience. And then my internet just shuts down...deleting everything I just did. Is there anyone out there reading that is somewhat technical and can tell me what the heck it means? Is it maybe my internet?? (I do pull from community internet). Anyway...that's one reason I haven't been blogging daily...after a couple times of typing and then losing my work I get frustrated and just turn the stupid computer off.


Anyway. I finally finished a layout I've been working on for about 2's not that it's THAT great or anything...but it seems that I just don't scrap as much as I used to. AND...I don't take near the photos I used to. Bummer huh? I need to get myself on a schedule instead of letting all these other projects overtake my world. I miss scrappin'..and I miss taking pics of my boys.

Speaking is a picture of them at the pumpkin patch last Sunday. :) Don't forget to comment for your chance in the drawing...and every purchase from my etsy shop gets you another entry as well. G'night...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

ALMOST Friday...whew!

I'm so glad it's almost Friday....only a few more hours and it'll be the weekend. I have big scrap. :) And to create more for my etsy shop as I had a big sale day today (which those lucky gals get extra entries into the drawing for Julie's very cool spider embellies!!). So yup...another chance in the drawing..just leave me a comment.

Anyone watch CSI tonight? OIY. Can you believe what a sicko that guy was? Sometimes when I watch CSI I really wonder about the dude (or dudette) who actually writes this warped must they be to come up with some of these ideas? I mean..really??

So yeah..that's about it. OH...scheduled my shoulder surgery today...December 5th. Just giving you all warning in case you feel the need to send me chocolate and presents...and chocolate. bahahahaahahahaa

Ummm..yeah that's it. My week has been pretty drama free which is REALLY swell. So I'm off to bed. Have a great Friday!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday and another giveaway!! :)

First off I must say thank you to ALL of you who gave me such encouragement and kind words over my weight loss. It's been a continual battle but one that I'm finally starting to win...woohoo!

And yes..another giveaway!! Do I tire of these? Heck no! I LOVE doing giveaways...they are SO fun and I really like to get you all involved...and its fun to see who actually reads my ramblings. You poor, poor souls. :)

So this giveaway is done jointly with my good friend Julie, co-owner of Sweet Pea Scraps. I haven't really had a change to rave about her etsy shop so now is the perfect time!! She has a basement..aka..the dungeon that she is trying to clean out. I can only imagine what is hidden in the depths. :) But knowing how awesome she is with helping put together the Sweet Pea Scraps kit it's only natural that she puts together awesome destash kits. So if you are in the need for some stash and have some extra cash (bahahaahahaa) then stop in and see what she has to offer!

ANYWAY....the rules are the same as always (cuz I don't know what else to do to be honest with you!!)....leave a comment to be entered into the drawing...and purchase something from my etsy shop to get another entry (each item is worth one ticket...and btw..I have some really cute new halloween raffle tickets and journaling jotters in store!!). have to wait a long time cuz Jules chose Halloween to be the deadline. :) Look at all those chances you get to win these...aren't they CUTE?? Good luck!! Oh and go check out her blog to see what she's giving away of MINE. :) Maybe you'll get lucky and win both...ya never could happen. :)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

My mom is the best!! :)

Last week she sent me a gift card to Maurices just to cheer me up...AND because my pants have been falling off my butt. :) I think I already mentioned that she had done that...but I was going to wait until I lost that last 10lbs before using it. Well...I used it today and I'm SO excited that I did. I was pumped when I tried on a pair of jeans...a size 9...but still...I was in a 13 just 5 months ago!! My goal is a size 7...and then I think I'll be happy. (HA!..I'll probably NEVER be happy!). Did I tell you that I was on my gazelle last night for an entire HOUR? Boy was I exhausted when I was done...but there is nothing better than how I feel after I work out. is a picture of me (bahaahaha...I look like I have a tiny little pinhead!!)...23lbs lighter than I was in July. When I look at the picture allI want to do is circle areas that I see that still need my thighs..ugh..and my love handles...still there! But if I would have taken a before picture to hold it up against...I know I would be really proud of my accomplishments. Still...I want more. :) And just so you know..I'm VERY unphotogenic..and I have a stupid dorky crooked smile that I don't even realize I'm doing. *sigh*

We were going to take the boys to the pumpkin patch today but it's raining. It is officially rain season here although I was hoping it would be a nice day for a family fun day. Needless to say...Shawn went hunting and I'm going to clean the house/do laundry...the boys are picking up their pits. I'm hoping tomorrow it will be nice out so we can take them...I REALLY need some fall pictures as the November Sweet Pea Scraps kit is just screaming for fall pics!! :)

Still gotta get the All About Me class kit put together...I know what I"m going to use just have to put it together and take a photo to share with you all! And be watching for another giveaway..I will start one on Monday. :)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Heritage Class kit...and stuff

Well today there is no school for the boys...or tomorrow either. So tonight Ethan, the daycare gal's son is having a sleepover...we will see how long THAT lasts. :) I'm certain that Shawn will be taking him home in an hour or so. :)

Going to get a second opinion on my shoulder ortho wanted to do both shoulders at one time...and Julie freaked out. :) So hopefully a second opinion will prove to be a good thing. right shoulder is in desparate need of aches constantly. AND...I have to get my wisdom tooth pulled too! All before the end of the year and the insurance deductible starts over again!!

This has been the longest week EVAH. I swear today feels like Friday. *sigh* Just one more day! Shawn and I are taking the boys to the pumpkin patch..I'm REALLY hoping that we might even get a family photo. We haven't had one since Auston was seven DAYS old!! lol Wish us luck on that one.

So here is my heritage class kit. I'm really excited about it as well. The main kit retails a little over $11 while the addon kit retails for $ can check them out HERE if you wish to purchase...and sign up for the class. The heritage class is $15.00 which includes all product seen (first photo) plus 2 sketches/sample layouts...and the add on kit is $6.00. Remember that if you can't take the class but would like the kit shipping is free...and will be shipped on November 1st. :)
Okay..gotta wrestle the kids to bed...have a fantastic night!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My first GitRDun Club kit....

and I'm really happy with how it looks!! I dropped the price of it from $25 to $20 (so that's only $5 for my instruction/sketches/layout there is a little over $15 retail in this bad boy!!)...just because I thought that was a better number to work with. :) The Pink Paislee alphabet stickers are not pictured...but they are included as well. So tell me what you think...would you take a class using these products?? Do you think it's lacking anything? As someone taking the class what would you like to see? Any input is appreciated..and everyone who DOES give me some input will be put in a drawing...for something...not sure what yet but I'll think of something.

***speaking of...I'm pretty sure I've sent out all prizes and such...but if for some reason I missed you...PLEASE contact me!!***

So here is the photo...and you can find it HERE. Remember...if you can't take the class...there is no additional shipping charge if you just like the looks of the kit. I'm going to pull everything for my Heritage and All About Me class...hoping to get photos up tomorrow of those!! I'm just excited...can ya tell? :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It's official!!

Remember that EXCITING NEWS THAT I COULDN'T SHARE? lol Well I can finally reveal it. :) Of course..for those of you not in the Flathead Valley you'll probably be thinking...okay so what's the big deal?? ;) But we are super excited. Ben Franklin has offered to sponsor Kara and I...we will be able to use the empty room in the mall in Whitefish for our classes/crops every month!! We are stoked...and have so many ideas to get people excited...and have FUN and just have a nice, comfortable place to go to scrap. is great...within just a couple hours I was able to create a website..complete with paypal buttons. :) And if anyone wants a class kit that isn't in the can still get'll come complete with instructions and samples and shipping is free. :) (just using my instructor fee to pay your shipping...the products will all be retail value for you!!). Just have to take some sample photos and get those up but's done. I'm SO stoked!! You can check it out HERE.

And other good news...Shawn worked today!! And he'll work tomorrow and Thursday. WOOHOOO!! Not sure about Friday yet though. LOL

Oh and I wanted to share the Sweet Pea Scraps DT here that is: GOOD LUCK to all those who give it a whirl!!
Sweet Pea Scraps is looking for new
Design Team members!!!
Calling all interested parties, Sweet Pea Scraps is looking for new Design Team Members to start in December 2008!!
As a Sweet Pea Scraps Design Team Member you will receive a free monthly kit each month from which we will ask you to complete 6 pages (6 total, not 6 double page spreads) for submission to the monthly gallery. Kits will be shipped to you between the 10th and the 15th of each month and you will have approximately 2 weeks to complete these layouts. Layouts should be completed by the 1st of the following month. You will need to be able to scan and e-mail your layouts to so they can be loaded onto the design team gallery for the current month.

Unfortunately there is no monetary compensation for your designs, however please know that we respect that these are your original or scraplifted designs and have no intention of profiting from them in any other way than using them to showcase the products in our monthly kits.
We also ask that you participate in our blog challenges. We offer weekly challenges to our members and other scrappers. On average you will need to supply a challenge once a month.

How to Apply: Please email the following to:
Eight layouts that you consider best showcase your style. Please make sure your layouts are in .jpg format, 72 dpi, and under 800 pixels in width. The total size of the email should not exceed 500kb.
Also please include:
Your name Email address State you live in Number of years scrapbooking Size you prefer to scrapbook Other design teams that you are a part of Link to any online galleries or resumes where we can see more of your work This open call begins on October 5th and the deadline for entries is November 1st at 11:59pm MST.
At this time due to the length of time it takes kits to arrive overseas, only entries from the US and Canada will be considered. Winners will be announced on the Sweet Pea Vine and contacted by e-mail on November 5, 2008. New members will begin their term of no longer than 12 months with the December kits which will ship mid November. Thanks!

Kristin and Julie
co-owners of Sweet Pea Scraps

Monday, October 13, 2008

And the winner is... all my lameness I totally forgot to do my drawing. Well..I just did it and congrats goes out to MINDY!! You won Michele's cute little blossoms!! Email me your addy wouldja and I'll pass it along to Michele so she can get those out to you!! :) Woohooo!!

So I went running again was. hard. Oh boy oh boy was it ever!! I thought I was going to die. I haven't been running regularly and tonight was total proof of that. I really really need to get back into it...I still have 10lbs to lose and I havne't lost anything else since I quit apparently that is the trick. Bummer huh? My mom was so sweet..she sent me a $50 gc to Maurices to cheer me up....AND because my pants keep falling off my butt. Except I don't think I"m going to spend it until I lose that last pesky 10lbs!! We'll see.

Today is the start of week FIVE of Shawn not working. It's really starting to take it's toll on our relationship. We have been bickering like no one's business. *sigh* It really stinks! He filled out an application and hopefully will get a job with an oil rig somewhere...keep your fingers crossed for us!!

And I know I promised you some here is one of Kara and I...yes, it's fuzzy. It was taken by her 6 year old and he was wobblin' like no one's business. It was pretty funny actually. And then one of our table...I think it turned out pretty nice. We have decided on a name and we are getting a website going which will allow everyone to pay using paypal (since we are requiring prepayment of classes....since we are just little people we have to make sure we don't have a ton of excess product..and I'm totally hoping that won't hurt us...ugh). So be watching for the release of that (I'm hoping within the next day or two!!).
And that's about it...I think I'm actually gonna scrap a little bit tonight....I have some ittie bitties that just need buttons...I should get those finished as well. But I got my scrap area cleaned up again..finally..and I'm hoping to keep it that way. But we all know how THAT goes!! Have a great night!
Oh and I posted a new challenge on the SweetPeaVine so check it out. :) Oh and in all my drama did I forget to mention that Sweet Pea Scraps is having a Design Team call?? *slaps head* I think I might have!! So go to the blog (linked) to check that out too!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008


has been one of tears. I know ya'll are wondering what I can possibly be crying about NOW. Good grief you would think that's all I do. But I just miss her. I STILL miss her. I keep wondering when it's going to get easier....then I think that it's been 6 years since my grampa Foran passed away and 4 since my great aunt Ethel passed away and I STILL miss them too. So I know that it'll take more years yet to dampen the emptiness I feel inside...when I long to just hug my hear her smell her fresh baked have her make me sugar toast cut into 4 sections.

The boys and I just got home from dropping off a rented movie and on the drive home I thought of her. It's weird how I think of her at the most unusual times. And I thought about being at the cemetary and my cousin Ryan and I just hugging each other...feeling each other's grief. When we turned around....everyone was already around the gravesite...and were waiting for us to join them to begin the service. Then it makes me realize I really need to keep in touch with my cousin...because through him we can share so many stories. Boy did she look after us and keep us from getting into more trouble than we should have gotten in to!!

Okay...I must stop. My eyes hurt and my throat aches. It's been 6 months...and I know that it WILL get time goes on.

In happier news...if you get this far anyway!! Our little deal today went super!! Kara and I had a lovely table displayed...there wasn't a TON of traffic but the few people that we saw were super excited about what we are going to be doing!! And now I can probably clue you all in on the news that I WAS SO EXCITED TO SHARE!! Ben Franklin is sponsoring us for the Scrappers Club! The first Saturday of every month we will be getting together at the Whitefish Mountain Mall...we even have an empty store at our use!! We both will be offering classes from 10am until whenever...then from about 4-midnight we'll have Girls Night Out....a free open crop for those who just want to come hang out!! We will be having giveaways...and games...and its' going to be SO MUCH FUN!! We are really excited about getting the ball rolling. :) November 1st is going to be our first class/crop if you are in the Flathead Valley and want more information...just contact me. :)

Okay..gotta get to bed..I'm going to feel like a truck ran over me, in the morning!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I can't believe they killed him....

*sigh* Warwick that is. I cried for the FULL FREAKIN' HOUR of CSI - Las Vegas tonight. I just cannot believe they actually killed him. And I already know that this year they are writing Grissomm out of the script. What is WRONG with those people? I don't know if I can bear it if Grissom leaves too. And there ya have it...that's what my night consisted of.
Sorry I've been an awful blogger this week...and SO sorry to Michele who I'm supposed to be doing a giveaway with!! I just have not had the best week. I'm sure everyone knows how sucky the economy is right now...but for me that means my husband has not worked in 3 weeks. It's been say the least. But...this too shall pass...right?? So anyway...please do make sure to comment for your chance to win some of Michele's lovely blossoms (see photo below).

I am gearing up for a little 'thing' this Saturday. So if you are in the Whitefish area...stop by the mall and see me!! We'll have a table there...I will have some of my ACBailey product available for purchase as well as some of my etsy goodies....AND...there are giveaways too!! I'm giving away a half price class (I'll write more about that tomorrow!!), some raffle tickets and some of my new halloween journaling jotters. Fun stop by. :)

Monday, October 6, 2008

Monday....and joint giveaway...

another one. And I survived...barely. :) I've decided I really have to start going to work again at make up the hours...I really need to get my 40 a week...
I've got a ton on my mind...trying to get it all in some sort of order. I kinda like to be organized...whether or not I actually accomplish that...I'm not so sure...but I do generally like to have my poop in a group. :)

I really have nothing to say....but I am doing a joint giveaway with Michele and will be giving away her cute little blossoms. If you head to her blog...I'm giving away some of my month raffle tickets which are in the October Sweet Pea Scraps kit. know the drill.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

So I'm a little late...

but what else is new? I'm sure everyone that ever reads my blog realizes that I am a procrastinator...and perpetually late. (did I spell that right? :) ) BUT...I didn't forget...about the drawing. AND...I keep forgetting that I need to have TWO winners because one boy just can't pick without the other one wanting too!!

SOOOO...each winner gets 5 of the spooky blossom ittie bitties (and I'll throw in a couple other goodies since ya got jipped!!). And the winners are.....

Jenny in Indiana
Marie Levite

Congrats girls...I'll get your goodies out to you on Monday!!

I have about 1/2 dozen things to list in the shop...trying to accomplish tonight..but don't hold your that first paragraph if you need a reminder. tee hee

Friday, October 3, 2008

Last night for giveaway! And some SPS layouts..

Well...last night to enter for a chance to win my spooky blossom ittie bitties!! All you have to do is comment on my blog (you can comment once per blog post from the beginning all the way to here) for a chance in the drawing...or for every item purchased in the shop you'll also get another slip. are my layout for Sweet Pea Scraps October kit. I was actually thinking I would really struggle with the papers since there is SO MUCH PINK...but I didn't do too bad. :) The first two layouts are actually 8x8...they are of Ambria who is my daycare gals' new little baby a baby gift I am doing 2 pages per month up until she's a year. Let's see how I do since my friend Amy will be celebrating her SECOND anniversary this month and I have yet to complete her wedding album. *sigh* Loser. :)
Then I have a layout of ME when I was a baby...wasn't I super cute? I KNOW it...sheesh..not quite sure what happend to me. :) And actually both the layouts of me (baby and jumping) are redo's...and I'm MUCH happier with them now. So that's a bonus. And then of course you have Auston...who during tball just couldnt handle the excitement. lol I cannot wait until we find a sport that just fits him. And lastly is a layout documenting the boys' first camo. It was hilarious as Auston said to me...Mom...this is for flauging. I cracked right up. :) The layout pictured is for Mathew's can believe that the layout I do for Auston will have the word 'flauging' in there somewhere!!
OH...and be watching as I have some news to share (and it's not even about me)..but it's really exciting if you want a great opportunity to be a part of something amazing. :) But you'll have to work with be forewarned...*spooky music in the background*
And a couple of my fellow etsians are having some giveaways on their blogs...I will post a link to them tomorrow as I'm too lazy tonight to look them up. :) Have a great night!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Holy Smokes!! we had TWO guest designers this month for Sweet Pea Scraps (since 2 of our designers were moving!!). What a TREAT! Seriously...I've only seen Laura's stuff but she has totally blown me away. Check out what she did with my month raffle tickets!! EEEEEK....I'm SOOOO excited to see how she used them...and what a COOL idea!!

Remember to comment for your chance in the drawing for the Halloween Blossom Ittie Bitties!! Friday is your last chance...I'll draw a winner on Saturday!!

I'll be posting my layouts for SPS too...tomorrow probably...heck..I certainly can't share the spotlight with the talent up there!! tee hee Thanks for letting me post'll have some goodies on the way!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy First of October!

Can you believe it? EEEEK. The windows on my truck are officially glossed over every morning. Today is the last day of shorts for the tomorrow rain season begins. :) But this week has been our final hoorah I think...since the boys haven't worn shorts since before school started!! Today I think will be our last day in the 70's. I'm SO not ready for winter.

ANYWAY...I'm hoping tonight to get some new things posted in the shop. I made stuff up last night..just have to check back later on tonight (aka...after 8pm).

AND...had to remind everyone that today is FREE SHIPPING day at ACBailey. I love this day because even if my budget for the moment is only $10...I can spend that $10 on product and not worry about the shipping. SO COOL. And they now have the Creative Cafe buttons!! Woot woot!! (guess what I'm getting today??)

Don't forget to comment for your chance in the giveaway...going until Friday. You can also post in any of the entries if you haven't already. :) Have a great day!!