Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My 100th post!! WOW!

Who knew I was such a chatty cathy?? :) Anyway..just some completely RANDOM stuff. Don't forget to comment for your chance at the spooky blossom ittie bitties (pictured in post below).
So...a gal sent me a picture of what she was using her bitties for...and it totally made me SMILE. :) How could you not love this photo? It's a bittie covered pumpkin. :) LOVE IT!! And goodies are on their way to you Cindy...thanks for sharing!!

Ummm..I made this cool board for my boys. The one side is their allowance...each spot represents a quarter. I thought that having the visual would help them with the whole getting money thing. For their allowance they must: keep room clean, put dishes in sink, put their clothes in their hamper and LISTEN. If any of these things are not done on a daily basis they must go get a 'spot' and put in the pocket. I'm amazed already with the amount of time that they study this board and count up how much money they have earned!! The other side is their Stellar Day reward. They don't start out with this money..they have to earn it. Each boy is able to earn an extra 2 quarters every day by having good behavior. Mathew's is in the morning before school and at night after school (as his behavior is questionable while at home...and I started it with Auston and had to give Mathew the same opportunity to earn extra money). And Auston's teacher is AWESOME...she actually made a book for him called Auston's Great Days. And he gets a sticker if he has a stellar morning...and a sticker if he has a stellar afternoon. We are hoping to train him to learn how to pay attention to his behavior...versus ADD meds. So they get to take a spot out of the pocket and adhere to the board if they have a stellar day!! Auston is SO excited as today he had a stellar morning...and he lost one of his allowance quarters due to failure to listen (and fit throwing)...so he's so stoked because his stellar morning made him back up to $3.00!! So hopefully this works.

So rambling. Just finished watching 90210...boy it has changed..amazing how risque everything is now a days...do you remember watching Dirty Dancing on the sly because it was such a *gasp* movie? :) But now I'm gonna jump on my gazelle and watch Priviledged...my other new show that I'm loving. Have a great night ya'll!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Okay already...and another chance at the giveaway..

So I kinda feel bad for all of you who really want to know what my EXCITING NEWS is. :) And Vivian...no...I'm not pregnant..but if that happened somehow I would probably be the richest woman in the world..since I'm gutted. :) tee hee

It does have to deal with scrapbooking...and I think I mentioned before that I was going to start doing crops and classes monthly now...to pursue the AC Bailey thing and also promote my etsy shop a bit more. Plus...regardless of anything else..I will miss that atmosphere. But...I have hooked up with a couple other gals and we are going to do this together...so I won't be doing it all alone (which is a HUGE relief since I'm a little harder to break out of my shell...I would be nervous to the point of throwing up if I had to do it all alone...I know..I'm such a weenie). BUT...it's bigger than that. We've been given an amazing opportunity and have someone HUGE who is going to back us in all of this. I cannot begin to tell you how excited and giddy I am. We are meeting with these people on Monday...so maybe after then I will be able to share more. So that's my really EXCITING NEWS...kinda. Those of you who live near me will freak out...and be super excited. So...sorry everyone...didn't mean to be a tease..its just one of those things I can't release all the juicy details just yet...but for me IT'S SUPER DUPER EXCITING!!

Okay...so am uploading more stuff throughout the day to my shop. And don't forget to comment for your chance in the drawing. :)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Another giveaway....

I kinda like doing the whole giveaway thing. :) This weeks giveaway is...a set of spooky halloween blossom ittie bitties...(may vary slightly). All you have to do is comment on my blog...AND for every item you purchase in the store you will also get another entry into the drawing!! I am busy today creating more things to put into the shop so check back when you can. :) This giveaway will go until Friday the 3rd. :)

I am off to take the boys to the skate park for awhile..and do something I haven't done in a very long time...TAKE PICTURES!! :) I will be uploading some Sweet Pea Scraps layouts too...hopefully. :) But with Shawn gone tonight is my night to stay up...watch movies and scrap. :)

Oh and I'm going to be able to divulge MY EXTREMELY EXCITING NEWS sooner than I thought...I'm guessing within the next week and a half you all will be able to SHARE MY EXCITEMENT!! :)

Thursday, September 25, 2008


what a day!! Seriously...I called my friend Missy today and said...you remember that little bubble I used to live in?? She kinda giggled and I said...I need to live in it again. :) Seriously...I have had more go on in my life this last month than I have in the last year. It's mostly because I live in a bubble. :) Inside my bubble it's all nice and toasty safe...outside the bubble...all sorts of weird stuff happens. Seriously. (I just had to say it 3 times...you know that whole odd number thing.)

But today...was a day...holy moly. :) It was nice though because I have a little closure on one matter...although am totally confused by another...and I have the MOST FREAKIN' EXCITING NEWS EVAH TO SHARE AND I CAN'T SAY ANYTHING YET!! That part is going to kill me not to be able to just shout it out loud!! Time, my dear warped loyal readers...in time I will divulge my little excitment. I'll tell you what it's not though...it's not a freak pregnancy or anything to do with children, sadly, KI didn't call and beg me to be on their team as they OBVIOUSLY realized they made a huge mistake *rolls eyes*...and I didn't win the lottery. But it's equally as exciting.

Had a good sale day today...my Christmas bitties are gone already...and I just posted them last night!! I'm thinking I just might have found my niche'?? I still REALLY really love making the embellishment kits...but apparently only one person loves them like I do.

Shawn is heading out tomorrow to go hunting...again. But I have big plans for the weekend...besides a couple hours for work...I"m thinking about painting my bathroom...I cannot handle the floral wallpaper ANYMORE. It's just gotta go. So I might tackle that. I've already picked out some photos for the October Sweet Pea Scraps kit so am planning on conquering those...and of course making more stuff to stock the shop. And...have to do tons of brainstorming for my EXCITING NEWS THAT I CAN'T DIVULGE YET. Are ya sick of the caps yet?? :)

Okey dokey...I'm going to take a nice hot bath...read my Eragon book (cuz you know Brisinger came out on Saturday...but I have to reread Eragon and Eldest before I can read the new one...which yes..I bought on Saturday!). And I feel good today...I just need to be the person I expect ME to be...and all will be good. Sweet dreams!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy Hump Day!!

Soooo...my day started out kinda bad....mostly because I ADORE my grampa...all I ever want is his approval. I know...I'm 32 years old and I still let him get to me. But he made a comment that totally crushed me and I pretty much cried all day over. Get them big girl panties on I say right? Honestly...I spent SO MUCH time with my grandparents growing up..and my grampa was the only male figure I had until I was blessed with my dad at age 10...that I just look up to and respect him so much....and he has this way of just saying the most hurtful things. *sigh*

But through all that...my night ended really nice. A neighbor showed up at my door tonight and her and I, I thought could become really good friends...seemed like we had a lot in common. Well a huge misunderstanding later and we were both not talking and barely acknowledging. Which killed me because I'm just not that kind of person normally. But she came to the door tonight and we talked...and found out how silly it all was. And I think we are just hunky dorry now..and I'm SO grateful and thankful that she came to me...it would be MONTHS before I got the courage up to go confront her!! lol So see...night ended okay. :) And another point proven that I am just better off all alone because I tend to mess EVERYTHING up...and that I'm really thankful that I work with men. *giggle* Cuz yeah...maybe it IS me. Maybe I am just socially retarded...heck..what am I saying...I'm not maybe...I know I am!! tee hee

Just posted some Christmas ittie bitties...I am loving this style lately. My spooky halloween ones sold already so I think I better make another set!! And I'm still trying to get that boy kit put together. Shawn is out of town this weekend so I know I can stay up late watching a movie and working away. AND scrappin. Since this whole etsy thing I just have hardly scrapped...and that is SO sad. I miss it.

THANKFULLY I received my October Sweet Pea Scraps kit...how freakin' cool does this look? AND...my date raffle tickets are in this bad boy too. Double cool. :) So..go GET ONE. :) Every person who sends me a layout using my date raffle tickets from the kit...will be entered into a HUGE mega prize. :) I'm not going to give away any secrets yet...but it will definately be worth your time. So GO GET A KIT...HERE. :)

Monday, September 22, 2008


Monday....is over. :) Had to go to Polson for my orthopedic appointment...and excited to say that I can get BOTH my shoulders operated on at the same time!! Woohooo!! That is SO exciting. :) Have to get some new MRI's done and then should be good to go. AND he said probably only 3 weeks tops missing out of work..so that's a good thing!!

Have to share a picture of my adorable boys. :) Grama Steven's got them camo for Shawn's birthday (that's what he asked for!)...so here they are all sported out in their gear. Boy they are some good looking boys...not that I'm biased or anything!! tee hee

Uploaded a few new things in my shop...including some spooky blossom ittie bitties which I'm in love with. :) And will be working on some new stuff including a boy embellishment kit. I'm also going to do more with these journaling circles that I designed...I love that cute little button...it adds so much. I have never seen that done before...well..until a couple days ago!! lol But have some plans on making something up using more of those. I'm being cryptic...guess you'll just have to wait and see. :) I'm learning not to describe too much until after I've uploaded...although..not that it matters much.

AND...here is my Random Chaos layout....my grandparents on their wedding day. I also made a mini kit using everything in this layout so that's kinda cool.

oh and doing a craft fair here in Kalispell in November with 2 other gals...REALLY excited about that so wish me luck. :)

oh and I ran 1/2 mile tonight...wasn't near as hard as I expected it to be. Wow...what a choppy blog post tonight...I'm thinking I need to head to bed. :)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

My kids are MUCH better at this!!

The winners are.....Missy and Tiffany Martin!! Congrats girls!! And yes...technically there was only to be ONE winner but like I said...my kids are much better at drawing names. Apparently I had two pieces of paper wedged together...so I guess you guys are just super lucky. :) 1 of you though will get 2 different 7Gypsies cards than the ones pictured. :)

Just got back from my 2nd walk of the day. Yay me. Now i'm thinking a nice big fat bowl of ice cream sounds YUMMY. :) *giggle*

Going to create some more...I decided I gotta just keep doing my thing or I'm never going to 'win' in this thing called life righto?? And I have to finish cutting. :) My date raffle tickets are going to be in the October Sweet Pea Scraps kit...how cool is that?? Thanks Julie and Kristin for the great opportunity!! I still have a lot to cut so know what I'll be doing off and all the rest of the weekend. And hopefully tomorrow I can upload some more stuff into my etsy shop. Oh and I have to do my layout for Random Chaos tonight too!! It's a fun challenge...so ya'll have to check in on Monday to play along!

Okay..that's it for now..have a fabulous Saturday night!!

so I'm beginning to have...

my doubts about whether or not this whole Etsy thing is good for me. It's been very disheartening the last couple of days and has really made me question the human race. Things that I think are just morally wrong are happening left and right and honestly I don't know if my skin is tough enough to handle it. *sigh* Really really stinks. All I can say is that I've worked SOOOO hard to come up with designs and elements for my embellishments and journaling spots that I have in the store. It just makes me sad.

Anyway....I am going to announce the winner of the giveaway later on this afternoon...so excited to see who wins. You can post on this entry for one last chance at the drawing!!

I went for a walk this morning...I only ran 2/10 of a mile...I thought I was going to die. So basically I'm starting all over again with the whole running thing...how sad since I was up to running a full mile!! Yikes. But I'll get back to it...I know I will!! And since I'm all alone this weekend I am planning on going again tonight.

Have to go to work this morning for a bit as I did't work yesterday at all. Mathew informed me as we pulled up to the school that he had a field trip. Well Friday is pizza day so I didn't pack a lunch for him and his dad was picking him up early to go to Missoula to hunt!! So needless to say...his consequence was going home...and I made him do 3 math worksheets and a book report. :) He wasn't going to get to have a fun free day....I guess I think in the 3rd grade he should have a little responsibility. But it sucks for me because now I have to make up all those hours this weekend...ugh.

And last night I did a layout for Pink Owl's sketch challenge!! I just need to scan it and send to her...it was a great sketch...and I am actually going to do another using the same one!! :) Okay...I will talk to you all later!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thursday night....

is going a bit better...although I'm freakin' EXHAUSTED for some reason. Just want to say a huge THANKS for all the kind words during my whiney rough day yesterday...I really appreciate all the support. The first issue has been resolved which is good...and the second...well no word so I'm not sure if that's a good or a bad sign. *shrugs shoulders* I really have to learn that I cannot please everyone and that it's not my sole responsibility to make everyone happy. HA!...I'll let you know when I accomplish that one. *snort*

Soooo...miss Trena is rockin' the layouts!! She informed me that her son (in the soccer page) thinks he is a celebrity. That TOTALLY cracked me up to no end. I can just hear it. :) So she had to send in a layout with her daughter so she, too, could become famous. tee hee I love kids and how they think. :) So Trena...thanks again for sharing...you will be getting another little goodie in the mail. :) Oh and I love what you did with the groovy girl kit...SO glad to see it in action. Trena also mentioned that she didn't even dent the kit and has plenty left over for more layouts...which totally makes me happy!!

I listed 2 things tonight. Surprisingly enough the fall embelly kit has 44 views thus far...but no bites. But I made some single things along the same line. Some blossom bitties and some jumbo photo corners. Stay tuned for some Halloween items as well!!

I'm off to bed...TGIF tomorrow eh?? Have a great morning!!
Oh and don't forget to comment for your chance in the drawing...I think I said Sunday I would draw a winner right?? I gotta go back and check my archives...or get organized...or something. :) Oh and hey...I realized I haven't talked about my fabulous weight loss lately. :) As of now I have reached my first goal weight!! *whoohooo* But I realize that it's not enough and I want to lose more!! So my next goal is to lose another 10lbs....I think I will be content there....Shawn informed me he doesn't want me to get TOO skinny...and I would be at 135lbs then. So yup..that's that. :) Okay...NOW I'm going to bed!!

so yesterday was a BAD day for me...

anyone who knows me knows that I'm a huge people pleaser and hate to hurt feelers. I'm a Cancer..what can I say? But yesterday was just draining. First off...I had been getting some comments about somethings (sorry so vague)...so finally got up the courage to do a really nice message to this person to just kinda point it out....it took a LOT of me to even get to that point. But now...I'm the bad guy. How does that happen?? So now I feel like complete and utter crap (even though I really shouldn't I don't think) because of the response I received that made it seem like I was being mean. *sigh*

then...I resigned my position at the scrapbook store. I have lots of reasons...but mainly is because the owner informed me (which she has told me off and on for years) that her customers call and complain about me? (okay..so maybe I AM a bad guy!!). I really have a hard time believing that many people can complain about me when I'm a total hermit..I don't TALK to anyone...I would NEVER ignore a customer at a frenzy because I LOVE frenzy's and being able to visit with the customers and ooh and ahh over their recent work. One even said I was arrogant! HA! I told my husband that and he said...honey...you have got to be the most humble person I know. But it literally has made me sick to my stomache and I don't even want to go into that store with the thought that someone else might call and complain. *sigh* Sucks. I just don't get it...I really don't.

But today is a new day...the sun will come out tomorrow! :) *giggle* And I can get through this. I actually have decided that I really want to start promoting my ACBailey a little bit..maybe get some classes and crops together of my own (and NO..I will not be soliciting the store's customers...although that was another thing that was brought to my attention..which I would NEVER do because I think it's morally wrong). We'll see how it goes. Who knows..I might not get anyone to show up since all they do is complain about me. Am I totally feeling sorry for myself or what?? :)

And if you got this far..thanks for listening to me WHINE. Good grief.

But I did list this last night on Etsy. I actually love how it turned out. But please do give me feedback...do you think the price is too high? Too low? Would you buy it?? (not that you have to but you know what I mean!!). Tonight I will upload some singles like the blossom bitties, some jumbo photo corners and hopefully some tags!! And don't forget to comment for your entry in the drawing. :) Oh and don't forget to check out the sidebar...I have some new mini etsy things up including some things from my fav shops!! And tonight I will have a HAPPY post. :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

here's a...

layout done by Trena who purchased my extreme boy kit. I was so excited to see everything in action and on this soccer page I think it's just perfect!! LOVE how Trena used the big photo all by itself on the one page. Awesome job...can't wait to see what you do with the Groovy Girl kit. :) Thanks for sharing Trena...you will get an extra little goodie just for sending it to me. :)

Remember to comment for the giveaway!! :)

Monday, September 15, 2008

have you ever...

had one of those emotionally draining days?? Mine was today. But...in a way...it was a good thing...because even though my mind was thinking constantly...I also came to a conclusion and a change that I'm going to make in my life. And I feel good about my decision. :)

So I must confess to the whole cyber world...although it kills me to say anything...which I guess I wouldn't have to but since I want to share these layouts people might piece it together anyway. Remember my BOOHOO post from awhile back..the one that I was frustrated and saw the whole Chatterbox...yadda yadda yadda?? Well...I did something that for me, took a lot of courage to even get to that point. But I did it. I submitted for the KI Memories DT search. I've ALWAYS loved KI and use their papers ALL the time...and generally the same ones over and over again (my RC layout in fact is mostly KI). So I thought that I might as well as I never want to have those...what if thoughts. I knew I didn't stand a chance but did it anyway. And..just like I knew...I didn't stand a chance!! lol But I'm really pleased with the layouts I submitted...and I know that I'm dated...my scrapping style isn't 'trendy'...and by the looks of their new team they are still going for that minimalist look (which I like but just isn't me). So anyway...here are the 2 I did for the submission. (and this is the part where you say..Oh Jenn it's THEIR loss...you totally rock...I just don't understand WHY they didn't choose you. *wink wink*)

I'm working on a couple new things for the shop...another kit and another embellie kit...I'm super excited about them...simply because the buyer of the one got her groovy girl kit today and she LOVES it. Totally made my day and put a smile on my face. She sent me a layout that she used the extreme boy kit on....and I'm hoping to post that tomorrow. I've decided...that for everyone that buys any of my stuff and they send me a picture of what they did with it...I'm going to send them a cool goodie. :) So am writing your name down Trena...be expecting something. :)

The giveaway is STILL going on so leave a comment and I'll throw your name into the hat or tupperware dish, whichever I decide to use...and...my friend Julie is having a giveaway on her blog as well (I can't remember the address...check the link on the side that says Julie's blog.)...so make sure to stop by and leave a comment there.

And here is my Random Chaos layout....the challenge was to use 2 journaling spots (yup..those are mine!!), 2 brads and 4 different patterned papers...right up my alley. :)

I'm SO going to bed early tonight. Have a great Tuesday!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday night..and picture of giveaway..woohoo!

Wow..I'm tired. I worked at the scrapbook store last night until midnight...but I didn't get to sleep until around 2am because my brain was working overtime. Does that ever happen to you? UGH..then I was up at 7am...and got busy on changing sheets...cleaning bathrooms and laundry...and of course I had to bring work home from my actual job to make up my missing hours for the week. *sigh* I'm exhausted and totally ready for bed. :)

Well I thought I would post a photo of my giveaway...which you can win by simply commenting on my blog..I will draw a winner next Sunday. :) So comment away for your chances to win this set of 5 7 Gypsies journaling tags.

And since you all know my love for journaling tags..I created some new ones. I love them..they are the total perfect size. I even used TWO of my journaling spots on the layout I did last night for Random Chaos...which I can't post until tomorrow night. :)
OH! And I want to give a shout out my my friend Julie who just opened up not one but TWO etsy shops...one for her jewelry and one for her basement of scrapbook destash. Check them out!

Okay...off to bed I go. Have a great day tomorrow!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Well I'm off...

my rocker...bahahaahaha...yeah that too. Nope..I have a busy morning planned since I have to leave here at 3:30pm to work at the scrapbook store tonight (and sorry Jules...I am taking this box of extras and putting more kits together...I can really spread out there and just get it DONE so that my little pile of destash isn't cluttering up my space anymore!!)

Have to stop at work and print off some more raffle tickets that I made there...then getting them printed...then stopping at the store to cash in my change...then taking the boys to the skate park...then taking them to the store as they are antsy to spend their money. (which I really need to teach them to save...*sigh*) Then home to do some house cleaning and mow the lawn. Get my stuff ready for tonight and head out. Whew. It may not seem like a lot but it's all time...and I am on a limited budget for that today!!!

Don't forget to comment for the giveaway...I'll post a picture of the goodies tomorrow. OH..and I took out my free gift with $20 purchase...I realize that I don't have quite enough in my store to do that just yet...so maybe by next weekend I'll be able to do something fun!

Have a great day!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Giveaway...and stuff....

So...from now until September 20th you will receive a set of raffle tickets FREE with every $20 purchase in my etsy shop. BUT...I'm also giving away some of those CUTE 7 Gypsies 97% complete tags (5 of them to be exact) JUST for commenting on my blog. :) A fun drawing...no strings attached. Just lemme know you checked in and I'll throw your name in a hat. :)

Just uploaded another kit...which I am loving..good thing I have more of this paper. :) And I need to make some more bitties out of it because I love it so much.

You know something...I haven't scrapped in TWO WEEKS. Yes...2 weeks. Is that a crime or something?? I feel like it is. I've been so wrapped up in this etsy thing and making things for other people that I haven't just scrapped for ME. What is up with that?? So this weekend I vow to at least scrap two pages just for me. :) We'll see how I do.

Well..I'm going to clean my bathroom before heading to bed...oh yeah..I did rent a movie...do I really want to stay up and watch it? Hmmmm....I know...I'm totally pitiful. This is how it is when my husband isn't home. :)

Thursday, September 11, 2008


okay..first of all..I already wrote a huge and boring post and my internet seems to be acting up again...so it didn't get saved. *sigh* BUT...in the meantime (while I'm cursing my internet) FIVE of my things sold in my etsy shop!! Including one of my BRAND NEW items that I just listed tonight!! How exciting is that? Very since I was really beginning to wonder if my stuff just sucked or what.

So the 3 things that are freshly listed tonight...these cute little ovalcle (not quite circle and not quite oval) journal jotters (why must I come up with my own name for things I wonder??), a new raffle ticket which are the months of the year...and my Groovy Girl embellie kit that I'm really proud of. It took me 3 nights to create but I just love it all. I hope someone will love it too! :) Everything in that kit was handcut and handmade by me (well except the ribbons or course!!). Cool huh?

I don't remember what else I talked about earlier...so I'm going to go to bed now. Still feely yukky in case anyone wants to know.

OH..Missy and Vivian...I have your challenge prizes packaged up...will be sending soon..maybe tomorrow...let's hope. :)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

sick and tired...

no really...literally. I'm SOOOO sleepy. This etsy thing is kicking my butt...I'm totally obsessed with it. I stayed up until 11pm creating THESE things here. Geesh. Ridiculous I tell ya. And I'm sick....third day of a sore throat but today my head was dizzy and my tummy yukky. I honestly think I might not go to work tomorrow. :( I might just take the boys to school and come home and go back to bed. I hate being sick...I'm the biggest baby in the world when I'm not feeling well. And if you don't believe me...ask my husband. :)

So speaking of...he should be home tonight...sometime. Then he's off again for hunting camp. It's funny how Mathew's internal clock works. He seems to know when his daddy is gone and when I wake up I have this little ball of heat laying in Shawn's place. We've never let our kids sleep with us so I'm not sure why he always tends to do this when Shawn is gone...but he does. It never fails. :) Oh and remember how I was telling you all about Mathew's sudden change in behavior? Well the devil spawn has rehatched...he told me he hated me THREE times tonight. *sigh* I just hugged him tonight and told him that tomorrow is a new day...a fresh start and we can choose to begin it however we want. He said he wanted to have a good day...so let's hope. And Auston...well I got a call from the teacher. She just raves about how SWEET Auston is..how he is such a good kid...BUT...today he was distracting...she said she had to stop teaching about 15 times today to redirect Auston. She said that as soon as she would touch his arm or whisper in his ear he would look at her with those dark brown eyes and then automatically apologize. She told me that she knows he's not doing any of that on purpose...he just gets into his own little world. She also pointed out that he's very remorseful...which was nice to hear because that's the exact word I use to describe him. But I'm loving her already...she, like myself, does not want to medicate him at this age (I'm 99.9% sure he's ADHD as well) that we are going to try to work on things outside of that. What a blessing!! We just have to figure out how we are going to get him to learn and understand when he is losing that focus...do you think maybe it's trainable?? So we are going to start a new thing...a reward at home for his good (we call them stellar) days at school. She's going to send home a piece of paper with a thumbs up or thumbs down for both morning and afternoon. I'll chat with her more on how we are going to go about it. But the best thing is..she honestly and truly cares and wants what is best for him. I've had the BEST teachers at this school...which makes it worth the 40 miles of driving a day. :)

Okay...like I said..I'm sick and tired..and going to bed. Check back in though as Sunday I will be starting a new challenge/giveaway something or other...haven't quite figured it out yet though. :)

Monday, September 8, 2008

Another week...

is beginning. Shawn came home Sunday without an elk. Bummer. Left this morning for Libby to work until Wednesday night...then he's leaving that same night to go hunting and won't be home until Sunday. Welcome to my world. :) Honestly...I don't mind. It's been this way since we've been together. A little more difficult now that we have kids but we'll get into our routine...enough that when he does come home he'll be messing it all up!! :) Just hard not being able to say good morning and good night...or even argue. :)

So I have only run once. :( It's just so danged hard to get a good run when the kids and dog go with me...I'm constantly stopping or trying to talk (as they chatter the WHOLE way and well...I need all the oxygen I can get without wasting it on words!!) So...I have been doing my step aerobics except this morning. When I went to do them I couldn't find the DVD remote!! We have a Walmart special DVD player so I'm not able to select my workout to be able to make it play...you MUST have that stinkin' remote. *sigh* I have no idea where it is. How frustrating.

Tonight I put 2 new items up on etsy. Let me back up the bus here...this weekend I started a project...I tend to do this when Shawn is away. I rearranged our bedroom which contains my scrap area and Shawn's hunting shelf. The reason is simple...we switched sides of the bed...and my stuff was now on his side and vice versa. :) So in the midst of rearranging I decided I might as well purge again as my baskets runneth over. So with that...I made up some destash kits. Here is one I called So Happy Together. :) (why did I never use this paper I wonder??...it's all so cute that I almost want to take it apart now and use it...maybe I just do better with the whole kit thing...I love my Sweet Pea Scraps kit just for that reason...) Oh and last night I made some more blossom bitties...these ones are fall themed. I still have journaling spots to get up and some new raffle tickets...but I'm not getting very far on those. Be on the lookout for a new challenge/giveaway!!

Totally rambling...I'll spare ya'll any more of my terribly boring life. :) OH..I forgot...I found a website that deals with Night Terrors!! Mathew has had them for years and it's always been difficult not knowing and not having anyone understand how difficult they are to go through. So if anyone out there has a child with NT...then check out this site! Have a great night!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

And the winner is.....

yeah..my picture is a little fuzzy and my handwriting kinda stinks. :) But I placed 28 names into a bowl and Auston drew out the winner... VIVIAN!! And I have to tell you that this girl is one of the luckiest girls I know. :) Renee will be sending you the sparkley blossoms (I already forwarded your address to her)...and I still have a package to mail out to you as well. CONGRATS and enjoy!! :)

Michele was the winner of my goodies on Renee's blog...hope you enjoy!

Saturday morning...already doing the laundry...sheets first..always. :) And I already uploaded these 2 new bitties to my etsy shop. Then we need to run to the mall. (UGH) and Costco and then more laundry!! Just a
normal Saturday for us here! Hubby is hunting this weekend so it's just me and the boys. Oh..and I did get up and did my step aerobics this morning so at least I got my exercise in and done already. Whew. Have a great Saturday ya'll!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008


early. :) But I won't have time in the morning and want to make sure everyone can leave a comment and get entered into the drawing!! (don't forget to scroll down and enter in the other days you've missed!!) You will want to get in on the fabulous blossoms that Renee donated...and don't forget to check her blog too as she's giving away some of my etsy goodies!!

So my husband got home tonight...boy was I happy to see him!! :) He's been working out of town all week and normally it's not a big deal but he had no phone service...so we didn't even get to say good morning or good night!! But this weekend is archery so he's leaving tomorrow to go hunting..and then home on Sunday..and leaving on Monday again for out of town! Yikes!!

So here are my last Sweet Pea Scraps layouts. And the one of Mathew at his first day of school..poor guy..check out his eyes. That's what happens when his asthma starts bugging him. :( Notice the little journaling block with his signature? Yup...there is a set of those in my etsy shop. :) (as are the labels in the 8th birthday layout!)

Speaking of Mathew...I have to tell ya'll that he is a different little boy. I had told him that the beginning of this school year is a fresh start and he can choose how he wants to start the 3rd grade out. I'm SO proud of him. He's making good choices...not talking as much in class..not being the class clown. He's been nicer to his brother AND I'm getting random hugs which tickles me as he hasn't hugged me without cohersion for probably a good year. We are having good mornings...and he's just been such a good kid. I don't know why the change..but I'm LOVING it. He told his dad tonight (after I told Shawn how awesome Mathew has been) that he's decided it's just easier being a good kid. He's awesome...and I'm SO thankful that something somehow changed in that little head of his because it's nice to have this abundance of love for him again!!
So this morning I got my lazy butt out of bed early (well...5:30 which is way earlier than I have been dragging it out!!) and did my step aerobics. I used to do it every morning and really didn't have any luck with the weight loss but I was always exhausted when I finished. Not today! I was barely winded..and I felt SO much better...like just not as heavy..that was a cool thing. AND...we are starting the biggest loser at work again...tomorrow morning. I haven't decided if I'm going to join or not since I've lost the big part of my weight already...but I figure if I lose 15lbs I'll have lost 10% of my weight and more than likely will win. So we'll see what I choose to do. :)
Oh and last thing..check out this AMAZING site...a little enabling...but it's amazing. :)
Have a great night!!


don't forget to post under Wednesday too for your chance at the drawing!! ALSO...check out Renee's blog as she has a super cute sketch up!!

So on the way to drop the boys off at school this morning...I totally had to smile. You want to know what makes me so happy? Singing and rockin' out with the boys. I love to look in my little mirror and see the boys singing (we happened to be singing Taylor Swift's picture to burn)...Auston's nose is wrinkled up belting out STUPID OLD PICKUP TRUCK...and Mathew is bobbing his head. Just totally makes me smile. :)

So a couple more Sweet Pea Layouts...you just have to love this month's kit...it's so very cool. :) The first layout is my grandparents...on my grama's birthday...well it'll be 2 years ago on the 16th of this month. She had her surgery to remove the cancer in her brain...and before the dementia really kicked in. Still all the family around really flustered her. She used to thrive for all of us to be together. Gosh...here I go again...SO SORRY...gotta quit that since ya'll are coming here for some FUN. :) The second layout is my mom on her 2nd birthday...just love those photos and it was about the only girly theme I had to scrap so I could use that pink paper!! :) And the 3rd layout is not a Sweet Pea one...just one I scrapped on Saturday night. That's Auston...back in March when he was going to run away. I blogged it. :) And actually just printed out the story and tucked it in the little folder behind the photos so we could all have a good laugh someday. :)


Okay..so it's NOT Wednesday but I was still have issues with computer/internet last night so I didn't post. And since I said you can post EVERYDAY for the giveaway (see down below for the awesome goodies!)...I figure if I catch up doing this then ya'll can post on each day and still not miss. :) So here is for Wednesday....

Which I totally forgot to tell you the funny thing Auston said while on my run Tuesday night...he is riding his bike beside me and says..mom...you kinda look funny. :) Yeah...I feel like I look funny too...definately not one of those runners who look like it's effortless. :)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Okay...so the long weekend is over. Boy it was tough today to go to work..I seriously feel like I got NOTHING accomplished over the weekend!! And...my hubby is working out of town..and out of phone service and it's been SO odd not at least talking to him...since yesterday at noon. :( Kinda sad.

Sooo...the giveaway is STILL going on! You can comment once per day for your chance to win those awesome yummy blossoms by Pink Owl....picture posted below. AND...for every item you order from the shop you will get an additional entry. She's also giving something of mine away on her blog..so ya might as well comment over there too for more chances!! :) She's SUCH a talented girl...it's great to be doing something with her!!

And as promised I was going to reveal a couple of my September Sweet Pea Scraps layouts. I've been having some internet/computer issues so I only have the 2 to show you as of now...but tomorrow I will post 2 more..and Thursday I'll post the remaining 2!! If you haven't signed up for this kit club...you really should. It's one of the best ever. In fact...a gal that was at the lss and I were talking about how the girls are SO great at mixing manufacturers...and putting things together that I never would have thought about. And the price...can't beat it. They are fair and honest...and you get a ton for your money. :)
The first layout is of my grama who passed away in April. Boy I MISS her. These pictures were taken before I was even born..but when you look closely you can see the joy on her face in the bottom one...seriously it makes me hear her laughter. I just wish I could give her a hug...and tell her I love her. Just wasn't ready to lose her. *sigh* And the bottom one is of Auston...and his skate park day. That child has NO FEAR...his older brother always uses him as a guinea pig for all stunts...Auston just does it without hesitation. Wonder if it'll always be like this??
And today...as soon as we got home...the boys jumped on their bikes and I went for a run. First in FOUR days...can you say LAZY SLUG?? :) I ran almost the whole 2 miles...stopping here and there to catch my breath. But I needed it. I've been so lazy that I really needed to do a little extra. Okay...I'm gonna watch 90210 just to see what they are doing with my high school show..so have a great evening!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Monday!!

Okay...so the big news is that Renee and I are doing a little giveaway. YOU guys are lucky enough to be able to win one of her sparkled blossoms. VERY cool. All you have to do is leave a comment on my blog to be entered into the drawing...AND you get an extra entry for each item you purchase from my etsy shop. She is also giving away some journaling labels (which are in the September Sweet Pea Scraps kit) and a set of 5 ittie bitties. I think she's doing something similiar so you can leave a comment on her blog or purchase from her shop to be entered into the drawing for those. :)

Don't forget that it's FREE SHIPPING day at AC Bailey. If you haven't done so before..seriously...check out the shop...it's stocked and it's awesome! I really love how the paper is in sets...AND...there is a ton of stuff on sale right now!!