Saturday, January 24, 2009

I have moved!!

not out of town silly...just in cyberworld. :)

My new blog is here: So come see me there!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Day 2...

of being unemployed. :) Day 1 was horrid...well not ALL of it but most of it was. I drop the kids off at school and come home and get to walk!! Yes...all my work that I did this last summer to lose weight...well my time off recovering from my shoulder surgery did NOT a thing for me. I gained 7 of my lost pounds back. UGH. So I need to start skipping the sweets again and get back on the walking wagon. Which I did. But DANG was it cold!! My chin was frozen and it hurt so bad...then it was numb and I couldn't feel a thing. :) I walked almost 2 miles...just back and forth on the patch of walking path that was dry and clear. This morning...I skipped the walking was only 14 out and I wasn't that brave. :) So the rest of yesterday was spent at Walmart and Costco. I DETEST was pure torture. *sigh*

Today my mission was to clean the house. Well...I started on my oldest sons room. I rearranged it for him and ended up hauling out a 13gallon garbage bag full of paper! He's a paper collector!! I guess he comes by that naturally eh?? But seriously it was nuts. Then I got rid of another garbage bag of toys he hasn't played with in years. Of course he PROMISES to keep his room clean. We shall see.

SO some exciting news!! Finally get to reveal the Scrap Pack Retreat!! We are SOOOO excited to be offering this....because the Izaak Walton Inn is AMAZING and the time that I went (which I paid $250 for) it was awesome. They are so friendly..the accomodations are breathtaking and it was so nice and relaxing. So if you are can check it out HERE. Right on the front page. :) Cool huh. :)

Don't forget about the Design Team call. :) Loving everyone's entries and this is going to be a TOUGH decision. UGH.

Okay...we are actually going out tonight...we were invited to go get the best pizza in how could we pass that up right?? Have a fantastic night ya'll!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009 I can tell ya...

So my life changing 'thing' is this...tomorrow I'm being permanently laid off from my job of 8 years. I'm really sad. I love my guys (I'm the only girl)...I love my job. And it's been a LONG time since I've been unemployed...think college days. *sigh* At first I was excited about not having to work..when we were talking about moving. But now that it's reality I'm freakin' scared as ummm..put it mildly. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO ALL DAY??? Dang...I'm gonna watch TV and get fat. No..I'm not right? Actually I'm trying to make plans...make a schedule..because I'm kinda type A like that. I like routine...I like doing the SAME THING every single day. My husband calls it boring. I call it safe. I just like knowing what I'm doing and there is nothing wrong with that..right? So I'm freakin' out..can you tell? I'm going to try REALLY hard to get a routine going...and Thursday will be my first day of said routine. I'll fill you in then. :)

As you know..I posted the Design Team search on pubcalls. Very cool.....just getting the word out to a bigger variety and basically..well...more people. I KNOW that my blog is just amazing and you all come here every single day to look for my words of wisdom...but believe it or not..not everyone knows I exist! I know..crazy huh?? :) So I'm hoping that people like what they are seeing and it inspires them to submit for my design team. :) OH and to let you know...I'm replying with a VERY generic message...just so you know that I received your entry. Nothing is worse than sending something in and hearing NOTHING until the day of the reveal. So frustrating. So I just sent a little thanks for your submission note. Just so you would know. :)

Going to upload some of my new tickets to the shop tomorrow...going to do a lot now that I'm officially unemployed! HAA!! Hey..if ya'll have any ideas on what to do with all this free time I'm going to have...please do share!!

Have a stellar night!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Design Team Modification....

Hi all,
I am just posting the little ditty again about the Design Team call...because...I want to extend the deadline....due to..errr...lots of stuff. :)

So here is the information again...please note the new submission deadline. Thanks again and can't wait to see those entries!!

How to apply:
It's easy...just send me a layout that showcases how you use journaling spots (since that's my main thing!!). Please send your layout to by February 1st. Layout does not have to be new or never before seen and does NOT have to include items from My Creative Mess..just a great representation of what you do with journaling spots!! With your email please include your full name, address and link to your online gallery and blog (if you have one). DT call is open to US residents only this time but every month there will be a guest designer and that is open to international designers as well!! The 2 new designers as well as guest designer will be announced no later than February 5th.

I ask that you complete 1 to 2 layouts/projects/cards using goodies from my shop and of course promote them wherever possible. Your projects will be displayed on my blog and photo album as well as used in the product description for the shop listing. You will, of course, be given full credit for your work. You can combine your project for me with any other DT commitment you have...or that is posted someplace else. I would like to ask that you are not designing for any other etsy scrapbooking shop while your term with My Creative Mess is active.

Design team commitment is for 6 months and during that time you will be given a new packet of goodies every month in which to create with. You will also receive free shipping on anything you purchase from the shop during your term. Because I'm just one little person and this is all trial and error, I will try to send you extras periodically as I do want to reimburse you fairly for your time and creativity.

If you have ANY questions please don't hesitate to ask. :) thanks SO much for your interest and I'm really excited for this new venture!!

**this call will be posted at Pub Calls as well!!**

Sooooo nervous...

for tomorrow. For what's to come. I'm pretty sure it's going to be quick and final and I'm not sure I'm ready?? I have such mixed emotions about it all...and I'm sure tomorrow I'll be able to go into more detail about it. But for now...I'm just awfully nervous...and a little scared...a lot unsure and just a tiny bit sad. *sigh*

Other than about a lazy day. Didn't do much except laundry...some grocery shopping and well...that's about it!! :) I was trying to work on my Random Chaos layout but found that I just don't have what it calls for. :( Bummer eh?? So I think I have to skip this week which really stinks!! I am though, working on a sketch from the CMK site. I like their scrappy formulas that they post every Friday. Very cool I've never finished one but I just like that they are there!! tee hee

Hmmm...let's see..what else? Nothing. Literally. SOOOOO...will sign off for tonight...will be back tomorrow to share some more of what I'm talking about up above...and the color makes me happy. :)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I should know...

that I can never have just ONE winner....because both of my boys have to draw a name from the bucket. :) Soooo...I have TWO winners. :)
Congrats to: Leigh and Amy Coose. Please email me, with your address so I can get your goodies in the mail!!

So I'm busy cutting..and uploading stuff to the shop. Including some of my new valentine jotters!! I'm making some valentine bitties as well and hope to have everything up and loaded by tomorrow.

Also have some major life changing news to share with you all...but can't yet until this next week. It's going to be insane as it's something I have never had the luxury of doing/being and I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do. *sigh* I know...kinda cryptic isn't it?? lol

Need to work on my Random Chaos layout today and it is a total challenge. And I'm patiently waiting for my February Sweet Pea Scraps kit to show up!! I think it was mailed today so I should have it on Tuesday (no mail Monday right??). And I'm cleaning my kids' rooms today...without their permission. Everything that I have not seen them playing with in the last few months is out the door. I just don't want to have to pack and move all this crap when the time comes!!

Don't forget about the Design Team call for my shop....deadline is the 25th!

Friday, January 16, 2009

I admit that I'll miss this...a little

when we move that is. (which I still don't know when...I'm just thinking that I know I might..just a little). Don't get me wrong..I cannot WAIT to get back to the flatland. But this is the view out my front door. I stood on my driveway and took this picture tonight...the sun was just setting and the mountains were glowing. Just a hint of fog. It was breathtaking. So there ya go Missy...there are our 'hills'. :)

I WILL get the drawing winner drawn soon. I'm busy uploading new goodies into the shop. :) Stay tuned....