Friday, December 28, 2007

Well here it is!!

Like MILLIONS of people across the globe I'm making those New Year's goals. Not resolutions...oh no...because I SUCK at resolutions. It seems that every year I make them and every year about 2 weeks in, I totally fail. So I'm totally trying to trick myself. heh heh. I'm telling myself that I'm not making resolutions but merely making GOALS for myself and the new year. (which holy heck...when did it become 2008? I remember being a little girl and thinking I wouldn't even live to see the year 2000 as it seemed SO far away! total tangent...sorry!) So where was I?? Oh yes...goals. Tomorrow I am scrappin'....maybe all day...who knows!! The husband has told me I can leave and go to the scrapbook store whenever I wish...and they are open until 2am! Woot Woot! Wild and crazy I am. :) And...amidst this scrapfest I am going to complete a layout about the goals I plan on KEEPING *snicker* for 2008. I will upload that as soon as I get it finished.AND...if any of you want to join me in creating a layout about your goals for the New Year...PLEASE DO!! I have even made this a challenge for Sweet Pea Scraps. You can submit your layout following the directions So...join me. And check back tomorrow to see my list of goals. :)Have a great night!! Jenn :)

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