Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Winner and CRAZY HUGE SALE!!!!!

Okay..firstly....the winner of my giveaway is miss VIVIAN!! Congrats girl...I'll be sending you some of those awesome new list jotters (well I hope you think they are awesome anyway!!)

AND.....a HUGE CRAZY sale going on over at ACBailey!! HUGE I tell ya!! And the October Afternoon is in!! *giddy giggle* (you might have to enter my name in the consultant area to get past..so either put Jenn Stevens or boysmama!)

Enter promo code "turkey" in the promo code box on the view cart page BEFORE logging in to receive your discount. Discount will be reflected on the checkout page. NO other discounts apply.

And...I'm heading out of town so you probably won't see me the rest of the week. So have a stellar turkey day!!

Last day for giveaway!!

So comment here...I will draw a winner tonight or tomorrow..depending on how well I organize my time. :) And what will you be winning you ask? Why a set of my new list journaling jotters...good luck!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Last day...

to sign up for Renee's swap....seriously...GO SIGN UP!! Vivian and Missy...you two must do it. :) Or else. :) No it'll be fun...I swear. And thanks for the comments on my new picture. :) I fixed my hair...I only do it like once a year so it's always a momentous occasion...and always deserves a picture. Well I'm off to do an hour on the gazelle....so....will talk to you all soon...have a couple Sweet Pea layouts done and will post tomorrow....

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Oh Mylanta...what a day!!

I'm really excited to announce that, we, we being the Scrap Pack, are going to have our very first weekend scrapbook retreat!! I'm SOOOO excited and will be announcing details SOON!!

Today I'm busy working on Sweet Pea Scraps layouts...as well as the rest of my GitRDun class kit...and uploading some new stuff to the shop. Oh..and doing laundry and cleaning in between. :) I know...exciting times eh? But I really have SO much to do before my surgery..and with next weekend being Thanksgiving we'll be in Missoula all weekend long...then the Friday after that is the big day. My mom will be here on Thursday and we'll drive to Missoula. OIY...it's coming up fast isn't it??

Okay..gonna get back to it...don't forget to comment for your chance to win the NEW journaling jotters. :) AND...hint hint...the next purchase from the shop wins a set!! Have a stellar Saturday!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Happy Hump Day!!

Dude..this week has just been DRAGGING on...seriously one of the slowest weeks evah. Wonder why that is??

But had to share my layout of the week....from Jenny. Isn't this the CUTEST layout?? I love it...I love that adorable photo and of course my random date jotter right there on the side of the picture looks pretty cute as well...but DANG...those TREES (which were made by the ever so talented Julie)!!! Do they not totally just make that layout POP? Love how they are arranged and love how they go so perfect with Jenny's photo and layout idea. The scalloped edges and the title rock as well. Fantastic layout Jenny!!

Work has been fairly busy as I'm trying to train someone to do a portion of my job while I'm out for 3 weeks after my surgery. It's SO tough teaching someone else how to do something that you've done for SO dang long. And I'm a little type A. *snort* So things have to be just so or I totally freak out. Well...not TOTALLY...but I get a little crabby...that much I will admit. :) Just hoping that things will be fairly smooth so when I come back and only have THREE DANG DAYS to do year end I will be fine. I'm sure I'll be having someone bring me work home while I'm off so that I don't get too far behind. Kinda sucks that it's my right shoulder...wonder how well I'll be able to write/type? And then I'm freakin' out because what about the shop?? EEEK. So I need to start cutting like a mad woman so that I have plenty of stock in case people go crazy and just buy buy buy from the shop. Okay..so that was a little fantasizing there...but a girl can dream right?? :)

Before I sign off (nope sorry...no last minute words of wisdom tonight folks..the tylenol PM hasn't kicked in quite yet)...I need to tell ya'll to head on over to Renee's blog...as she's having a little Christmas swap. I SUCK at swaps...but she scares me so I had to sign up. *giggle* (I'm kidding people..seriously, she is one of the sweetest people EVER!!). So go check it out...leave her a word of encouragement as she makes the cutest, most incrediblest things. I'm jealous of her ability to craft...and project. I just do not have the patience. Seriously..go check out her new creation, 'Joy'...I so do not have the patience to make a hat for a bird. :) You rock Renee'!!

Gnight all...have a stellar day tomorrow!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I'm a day late...

which probably doesn't surprise ANY of my blog readers as I'm certainly not the most prompt person...which is ODD...because honestly...some aspects of my life are VERY organized and mapped out..while others...holy smuck...everywhere. Seriously.
So my layout for Random Chaos AND for the GitRDun Club for the Scrap Pack. I'm really excited how it turned out..AND I used one of my new list jotters...cool huh? So how I'm working it is like this...(I was REALLY hoping to have a picture of the kit tonight but I was doing a spreadsheet and packing a couple orders and quite frankly...I ran out of time!!...maybe tomorrow!!). The kit features Bo Bunny Daily Grind collection, cardstocks, American Craft glitter thickers and tons of embellies. PLUS...I will have a print out sheet with 4 sketches including sample layouts. So if you just want to GitRDun...4 layouts that is..then this will be perfect for you. :) I have only 2 kits on hand but you can order one and it will be delivered/mailed before my surgery on Dec. 5th. Anyway..you can see it on the Scrap Pack site ...although I haven't gotten the picture up yet..and will post it here as well. Boy do I ramble. *sigh*

So my show was on tonight...I totally LOVE that show. Privileged. Megan totally cracks me up...she says the quirkiest things. I think she reminds me a little of myself...except I generally TRY to hold those conversations in my head where no one else can hear me. tee hee

Anyway...I'm off to bed...trying to get there a little earlier tonight. :) Have a stellar day!! (oh and don't forget to comment for the drawing!!)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Random Chaos...and Sunday night

I tried out for Random Chaos in the hopes that it would make me scrap during the week. Ummm...yeah...that so did not happen. Instead...it never fails, that I wait until Sunday to start my layout and then between grocery shopping, finishing up the laundry and hanging out with the boys I do a bit here and there. Then about now (9pm) I finally get it sent off to Janelle. Poor thing...she probably would like to strangle me. And then I always say to myself...self...this week you are going to send it in SO early that Janelle is going to have a heart attack. But luckily...I am so compassionate and really don't want to cause Janelle to have a heart attack...so THAT must be why I wait until Sunday. (so glad we got that one figured out!!). I'm really excited to reveal my Random Chaos layout for a few reasons...
a) I really like how it turned out
b) I used one of my new list journaling jotters!!
c) it is the first layout in the GitRDun club that I will be able to show you!!

That's part of what was up my sleeve...just putting together the next GitRDun club. It will be one of the classes I offer every month for the Scrap Pack, but am also trying to make it so that if someone online would like to give it a whirl that everything is included for them as well. It's basically an easy way to get four layouts done every month. You will be provided with all the materials...and I will include sketches and sample layouts as well. I'm really trying to get this out there for all the people who don't have the hours upon hours of time to sit and scrap and just want to try to get caught up!! I think that I would love a kit like this because if nothing else...I can just scraplift the sample!! So...we'll see how it goes....and tomorrow I will unveil the first layout/sketch for this kit.

Don't forget to check out Random Chaos tomorrow...remember if you play you get entered in the drawing for the new List Journaling Jotters!! And remember...you can't win if you don't comment!! :)

Friday, November 14, 2008

New Debut & GIVEAWAY!!

I am SO stinkin' excited to show you all my new journaling jotters. :) I am SO happy with how they turned out and I cannot WAIT to use one myself. (is that weird? Please tell me it's not!! lol). Anyway...my stupid photo editing program gave me an error so I only have 2 sets listed in the shop as of this very minute..BUT...I have EIGHT different color options for these guys!! Woohoo!! And please...if they suck...do burst my bubble as I don't want to be all excited about something that isn't really that great. *giggle*

So with all my giddiness (and the percocet is helping in that area too...I get VERY happy and VERY loving when I'm drugged. BTW..I just had my wisdom tooth pulled..so it's LEGAL!! tee hee)...I decided to give away a set of these jotters!! The rules are....
a) leave a comment and get an entry into the drawing
b) every item you purchase from the shop you get an entry into the drawing
c) send me a layout that you created using anything from my shop get TWO entries
d) complete a Random Chaos challenge layout (link to your layout in the comment section)
e) complete a Sweet Pea Vine challenge layout (link to your layout in the comment section)
just for fun...the 4th purchase from my shop will automatically get a set of their own as well. So I guess I'm giving away 2 sets eh?? PLUS...I'm totally giving you all tons of chances to win!! And let's say the deadline is.....November 25th...that gives ya 10 days worth of chances!!

Now I'm going to finish cleaning up my scrap table...which I will photograph when I'm done as you know I moved it to the OTHER wall in my bedroom. And boy does it look SOOO different. *snort* And I have a couple more things up my sleeves...but they probably wont be revealed for a couple more days. :)

OH...you might want to see these things huh? HA! Well..here they are. :)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

So...didja miss me???

I know I have been an awful blogger...sheesh...which is kinda weird because I was SO ON A ROLL there for a bit. :) Blogging almost every day...even if my normal plethora of wisdom wasn't present. But I'm back..and you can just count your lucky stars. :) Bahahaahaha...oh I crack myself up. So I totally gotta ask...when you read blogs and emails and the like...do you put a voice to it? (or am I going to make ya'll think I'm even WEIRDER than you already think I am??). Cuz when I write I'm constantly saying things in a little strange voice...depending on the tone or mood I'm typing in. Anyway...my friend Katie rocks because she always READS my stuff like I say it...even if it's in some high squeaky voice or a s-l-o-w drawl. Okay..I'm scaring you...I'm sorry. :)

So I decided...that once a week I'm going to feature someone who has used stuff from the shop. I'm going to put their layout up on my blog for you all to see. And that special someone (I mean HELLLOOOO..they have to be special if they are on MY blog...and remember that rockstar thing? YEAH..I know...that's me.)...will get some special goodies from moi just for allowing me to post it. I know in the beginning I said that everyone that sent in something but to be honest...I'm getting so many that well...they might totally overshadow MY stuff...and I just cannot have that can I? *giggle* Don't be discouraged if you don't see your layout up here yet..I might be saving it for something special cuz I always have stuff up my sleeves. *wink wink*

So the lucky scrapper today is Danica. She sent in this layout using TWO of the things from my shop...the notebook journaling jotters AND the months of the year raffle tickets. How cute is this layout?? Thanks so much for sharing and your goodies will be in the mail tomorrow!!

Soooo...just in case anyone is wondering why I've been absent for so dang long....I'll tell ya...kinda. Has life just ever overwhelmed ya to the point you are a blubbering potatoe head?? No? Well...I was a complete potato (is it with an E or without??) head the last week or so. And Tuesday I had a COMPLETE meltdown..it was not pretty, people. I stayed home from work yesterday and was able to clear my head a bit and I'm happy to say I think I may be okay. Heck..it's nothing that months of counseling can't fix. tee hee No seriously...just had a rough patch...all is good now.

In other news....Auston is now on ADHD medication. He is much more severe than his brother..according to the 'chart' which is kinda surprising to me. I wonder if I'm more tolerant of him because he's my 'baby'?? But he had a great day at school today...kept telling his teacher it was because he took medicine that makes him 'be good.' *sigh* I really have to tell him over and over it's not because he's BAD. So hopefully this will make a big difference in him. Parent teacher conferences were tonight and she told me how bright he is...that his math is just amazing. She also said it was a good time to do the meds as what we were doing just wasn't working and she just didn't want this to start to effect him socially. Mathew had a good review too although I think we have a C student on our hands. This is very difficult for me as well..I was NEVER a C student. Just makes me realize I really need to work more with him. He's SO smart...but he doesn't apply himself...he's lazy. He had so many answers on his tests wrong just because he didn't read or just flat didn't do it. So that's something we need to work on.

Tomorrow I have the pleasure of getting my lonely wisdom tooth pulled. Oh yes...I'm all about creating as much pain as I can for myself between now and the New Year. This and then my shoulder surgery...I think I am well on my way for a month of misery. GO JENN! *snort*

I'm really excited for this weekend...I have some big plans for the shop...so stay tuned!! Okay...I'm off...to read some more and head to bed. :) Have a groovy night!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Holy Rusted Metal Batman!!

I can't believe it's been a WEEK since I've blogged last. That really isn't like me is it?? Well...mostly because I was trying to get ready for the craft fair this last weekend which was EXHAUSTING!! And trying to finish up the special order for 3 Scrappy Boys. Now that both are done I think I'll be able to BREATHE for a bit. :) Have some new bitties envisioned to put in the shop so I can't wait to get them made...AND have a couple kit ideas so want to get those created as well. My surgery is on the 5th of December so I have lots to accomplish before then!! Anyway...be on the lookout for the new goodies soon...and I will be doing another giveaway soon!! Have a great night ya'll!

Monday, November 3, 2008

November Sweet Pea Scraps layouts....

okay...wanted to share..finally!! :) The rest of my SPS layouts. :) The November kit totally rocked...but I love these colors so I was really happy to get to play. :) Oh and the one title WHEN? That one was featured on PageMaps for November. Super excited about that!! :) Anyway..that's about all...I have no words of wisdom or any life altering experience to share...today. Stay tuned...you never know what tomorrow will bring. :)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

I've been tagged!

Which doesn't happen often to me so I was kinda excited! :) Miss Lily tagged me and here is what she said I had to do...

Link to your tagger and list these rules on your blog:
Share SEVEN facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird...just 7 facts. :) Tag 7 people at the end of your post and make sure to let them know they've been tagged!

Sounds fun...but honestly...the random things I'm going to tell ya...most people probably already know...so if it comes as no surprise...move on...just move right along. :)

1. I *heart* tattoos. Oh yes yes yes I do. :) I have 4 of my own and if I had the guts and courage I would love to get a full sleeve. But alas...I'm a chicken at heart and thus..my arm remains pasty white. :) I also find tattoos on guys extremely sexy...which is why Mr. Husband has his own as well. *giggle*

2. I grew up on an 80,000 acre cattle ranch and LOVE to eat raw hamburger. I figured those kinda go hand in hand righto?? My mom used to slap my hand as I would always dip into the burger while she was cooking dinner. Now mind you...I do not eat raw store bought hamburger as I don't like my cow mixed in with other cows. :) But my daddy is a hormone/steroid free (aka organic) rancher and I know where my meat comes from. :)

3. I DESPISE the sound of people clipping their fingernails. I just prefer to bite mine..heck..it's WAY more sanitary and heeelllooooo...have you seen handbitten nails? They look awesome. *rolls eyes* But no really...the sound of clipping nails drives me absolutely nuts...the guys at my work purposely stand in front of my desk and clip their nails. They love me....I just know they do.

4. I am REALLY shy. It takes me quite awhile to warm up to people...although by about the 4th time I've seen you, you will not get me to shut up but until then you probably think I'm a snot. I swear I'm not. I'm just...ummm...socially retarded? Peoplephobic? I don't like crowds either..in fact...I'm the person at the party that is sitting in the corner people watching. Both my siblings graduation parties you could find me locked in a bedroom reading a book as I couldn't handle the people...although I was related to most of them.

5. Wow...7 things?? Really? Hmmmm.....so I went and asked my husband who proceeded to stretch and do lung exercises. (apparently he was getting at the point that there is a LOT weird and random about me...no worries...I flicked him). I microwave my ice cream. Just for 20 seconds..just enough to get it a little soft so that I can mix it in with my chocolate syrup. I love it when it's a little milkshakey on the edges of my bowl. It's SO yummy. (I'm SO betting that you microwave your ice cream next time...just to see if I'm right)

6. I did a ton of research on religions and with that came a complete questioning of my own faith. Currently I'm on a hiatus. I know when I'm ready God will welcome me with open arms...but right now I'm struggling a bit.

7. I'm REALLY sarcastic. I know..can you BELIEVE IT?? I don't mean to be...it just kinda slips out.

And there ya have it. Now I guess you can choose to continue reading my blog... or not...just remember this one thing my friends...I AM A ROCKSTAR. *giggle*

So I'm tagging:

and whoever else wants to play along. :) Have a great night!!

winner winner chicken dinner...

I know I say that everytime..but I just love the sounds of it. :)

So you guys must REALLY want those little spooky spots of Julie's!! There were FIFTY TWO entries...can you believe that!! But the winner is CHRISTI!! Congrats Christi..I'm sure you'll love your goodies!!

Check back later and I'll be posting the remainder of the Sweet Pea Scraps layouts!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Don't forget that today is FREE SHIPPING at ACBailey. I *heart* this day. Cuz I can just spend my $10 and get some new goodies without paying a fortune for shipping!! So check it out!! :) Have a super day!!