Wednesday, December 31, 2008


This is so funny I have to share. I received one of those stupid emails that says you have to forward or you'll get bad luck (I HATE those btw)...anyway...I've always thought it was so odd how my astrological sign is SO fitting of me. It's insane. And all true. So BEWARE. :)

CANCER - The Protector (June 21 - July 22)
Moody, emotional. May be shy. Very loving and caring. Excellent partners. Protective. Inventive and imaginative. Cautious. Touchy-feely kind of person. Needs love from others. Easily hurt, but sympathetic.

So tonight we have to go to a party...see that part up there that says May be Shy?? HA! I call it social retardation. I'm SO not looking forward to this party. UGH. I'll be the homely girl in the corner people watching. :) bahahahaahahahaa

And thanks everyone for the very kind comments on my DT entry. :) You all are going to make my head swell....hey...keep em coming..maybe if I can't fit through the door I won't have to go to the party!!!

Happy New Year!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Create My Keepsake DT Call

Wow...has anyone noticed that I haven't blogged in TEN DAYS??!! That's what happens when you are in the sticks (aka the folks ranch) with no computer. bahahaahahahaa I have some hilarious stories to share with you...the one quick one happened tonight. Auston was sitting on the counter talking to me...he went to jump off and his pant leg caught on the knob of the cupboard...he basically fell straight down into the floor. worries..that's not the funny part. :) Poor kid just cried and cried...I asked if he was okay and he shook his head...I asked if he wanted me to rockee him and he nodded (yay! do you know how long it's been since he let me rock him??!!). So we are rocking for what seems forever...I flip the TV on to NCIS and he don't want to watch NCIS. I then ask him what he wants to watch. He sighs really huge and replies..I don't know...I bumped my thinking part. :) Okay..well *I* thought it was funny...cuz I'm the mom that's why. tee hee

So I'm not sure why I decided to try out for this DT. I honestly really don't have any thoughts of actually MAKING IT. For one thing...I'm dated...but I've already gone over that one. My style is old but it's MINE so that's okay. And for should SEE the entries that are posted...these girls are hella talented. BUT...the application process really intrigued me..and since I love to put kits together anyway...I thought heck..its' up my alley. :) Oh and not only that but I'm a HUGE fan of rejection. *snort*

So the rules are as follows: Create a kit from your personal stash of scrap booking supplies. Including…but not limited to…the 8 following categories: 3 cardstock, 6 patterned papers, 1 alpha, 1 rubons, bling/brads/buttons, chipboard/rubber charms/flowers, stickers/die-cut shapes/journaling cards, and ribbon/trim.

Now I had a hard time with the rules...I pretty much followed it to a T but I noticed that some girls threw in like 2 or 3 alphabets and also did brads AND buttons. *gasp..I know!!* I didn't w
ant to waver too much and I hope I did it okay. It would totally be like me to mess up the rules. *slaps head* **edited to add...I just was rereading to check for spelling errors and what not and I see the phrase that says..but not limited too!! OMG...I'm SUCH a dork!!**

So my items were:
1 sheet bazzill kraft * 1 sheet bazzill parakeet * 1 sheet bazzill pumpkin
MME Peaceful Treasure Golden Rubies * Crate Paper Lemongrass Straw * Websters Pages Classic Garden Bachelor Button * Scenic Route Ashville Lexington Ave * Dream Street Art Noveau Avant Garde * Basic Grey Mellow Deciduous * WRMK flowers * Dee's Designs rubons * misc. buttons * trim including orange ric rac * brown lace * green floss * Colorbok alphabet stickers * and journaling spots from my shop

And here are my layouts (
why the heck did the font change to dark? UGH)....
Here is Auston during the 4th of the these photos. :)

And these pictures are of m
y grampa when he was a boy. Over Christmas I was able to go through some of the few photos from his childhood and he tried to recall dates as close as he could. I learned a ton and I cannot wait to scrap the rest of the photos!! went back to normal. Weird. Boy am I so not tech NOT ask me for internet help okay?? Okay. Alright then...this is Mathew...the day we went to Woodland Park to just hang out and of was perfect for photo ops. He was especially pleasing when it came to the can you do this phrase. :)

And with my scraps I created this 8x8 layout. As a gift for my daycare gal I create 2 pages per month for the first year of lil' Ambria's life. I enjoy being able to create some girly pages. :)
And that's it...I actually was going to make myself a dayplanner but ran out of time. Did I tell you that I tripped over a snowbank this morning? Well I *DID* and I hurt. Of course I automatically tried to catch myself...wrenching my shoulder in the process. So after this post I'm heading to a hot bath and then to bed. :) Don't forget to check back tomorrow as I'm posting my new challenge...and yes there will be a prize. Prizes are good. Have a stellar night ya'll!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008


so yes...I told you last night that you wouldn't hear from me again for a week right?'s 7pm...12 hours after I was supposed to be on the train. It's running a bit late. (ya think?) And now it's been pushed back until 9:15pm. How the heck does a train get delayed for 14 HOURS? I could have driven home and back in that time. *sigh* Crazy. So..we'll leave again (we've already been to the train depot twice today) at 8pm and hopefully THIS time the train will actually be here. So...I'll pull into Malta at roughly 4am. Good thing my folks get up at 5!! lol So much for this being a fun and educational experience for the boys! Merry Christmas!

**okay..sorry...I have to write this down so I don't forget it...after all..isn't that what blogs are for??
After we found out the train had been delayed...we decided to go out to breakfast. On the way there I was panicking because I WAS holding onto Auston's blankets (he has 2 that he 'rocks' with every night...and is very distraught if he doesn't have them...and no...I see no reason for alarm for the whole blanket thing as I had one until I was a sophomore in high school...and I turned out okay. *snort*). Anyway...we get out of the truck and I open the hatch and luckily they were laying in the very back. Whew!! We start walking to the cafe and Shawn is laughing saying..oh you would have been in BIG trouble if you would have left those somewhere!! So I asked bean how sad he would have been if I would have lost his blankies. Without skipping a beat he says..."Well..I wouldn't be very happy." OH MY GOSH....we were cracking up. It was so funny because his tone was SO serious. might not be funny for you all but it's one that we'll be telling for years to come. :)

Friday, December 19, 2008

WINNER!!! and stuff....

Well...we have a winner. :) Miss Nicole you are the lucky winner of item of your choice from the shop (excluding kits/bitties) please take a gander and see what you would like...and email me your addy and I'll get them in the mail. (probably not until after the holiday though!!).

And this is all you will see of me since we are hopping on the train in the morning. Kinda excited to make the trip back home without having to DRIVE it...and especially with the icky least I know I won't be stranded somewhere in the middle of nowhere!! I'm hoping the boys will do okay...they should but who knows. :)

Have a VERY Merry Christmas to all my friends. I am so very blessed to have so many people that accept me for all my oddities. *giggle* Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for even coming here to read my complete nonsense babble. Somedays it amazes me that anyone reads this as well..somedays I make no sense at all. (and I'm only saying this cuz I've reread some of my entries!! baahahahahaa).

Oh...funny story. So a gal from the school today said to know really remind me of someone..and it wasn't until after the bowling alley (her son's birthday party last Saturday) that I realized who it was. You look an awful lot like Sarah Palin. *gasp* Shocker. :) I just kinda giggled and she you get that a lot? I responded...yeah...I get that A LOT. tee hee

Okay friends...have a blessed holiday season and I will be home next weekend. I hope that Santa brings you everything you wished for (cuz you know when you stop believing you stop receiving!!) Smooches!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


no catchy title tonight...that's kinda my mood today. Just really down in the dumps...that horrible feeling of being totally hopeless...bottom of the bucket...lower than low. :) Let's see what other phrases I can come up with...nah...I won't be a debbie downer.

So I am a little sad...I'm finished with the Twilight Series...I actually finished the last book on Sunday. 4 books in 4 days. And it's not like that's ALL I did. :) We had a birthday party on Saturday and were at the bowling alley for 4 hours. And Friday I was at the school all day. I guess I can say that all the really good genes (ie...incredible musical talent, artistry, beauty, sheer talent) skipped me and went right to my sisters but I was fortunate enough to get the super fast speedy reading gene from my father...oh and the acne and the social retardation..oh and lets not forget the sarcasm shall we? Boy...if you are still reading...I need to send you a cookie...I'm AWFUL tonight!! lol Anyway...I'm super sad that the story is over. It was amazing....and yes...I totally felt bad for Jacob until the last book anyway. Talk about cry like a baby. Good grief. Shawn was laughing at me...but then again..he's NOT a reader so he doesn't understand how you can totally get sucked into a book. *sigh* I'm just really sad it's over. And I'm super curious to see the see if they did the book justice. Has anyone seen it yet?? Thoughts??

So a few hours ago I hear this: i un ih yuck. I rush outside and Auston is bawling...standing on top of my summer tires...hanging onto the top of the swingset. Shawn is inside getting a glass of warm water. You guessed it. I felt so bad for him...hanging there....with his tongue stuck to the swingset. He was trying to lick the frost. And...he insisted it would never happen again. Poor guy!!

Oh and another funny story....when my mom was here...she was driving down this one street when she stopped. I was are you don't need to stop here. She points over at the stop sign. I start laughing...I'm is the PEDESTRIAN stop sign. She just said...oh..I was wondering why it was so small. *slaps head* :)

I also noticed that I have almost 100 sales at my shop!! How cool is that?? I have something VERY special for the 100th sale. I figure that's a big number and deserves to be celebrated right?? Right.

Oh and another thing...ACBailey's home office will be closed from the 19th until the 5th of January. Everything (including free shipping day) will be shipped on January just wanted to forewarn you.

Ummm..that's it. I will do my drawing for item of choice (excluding kits/bitties) on I can mail on on Saturday the boys and I are hopping the train and heading to my folks'. I CANNOT WAIT!! (don't forget to leave a shout out to get in the drawing)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

2 books in 2 days...

yup...I'm on book three now...I've read a book a day. And yesterday I probably would have started book 3 but I was at the school helping at their craft bazaar all day. It's INSANE. And I admit that I'm almost sad....because by he end of the weekend the story will be finished..and THEN WHAT?? It's just so tough...I mean the whole thing between Edward and heart just breaks for Jacob. *sigh* Okay...back to book three...just wanted to check in with everyone. :)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'm really....

it's 7:54pm. My truck is running..warming up as the windows are frosted over. Auston just got out of the tub and I'm rushing him to get his jammies on. Their bedtime is 8:00pm..SHARP. Every night. Except tonight. Shawn is at the archery shop and here I am...typing away..willing the windows of my truck to clear up quickly so we can rush outside...into the darkness...boys in their jammies and me...with no other thought but that I need to GET TO BORDERS!!. I finished Twilight. And.I.Must.Read.More.

oh where my mind takes me...

So I started reading Twilight last night....yes...I had to see what all the fuss was about. Well about 100 pages later (and my bath water turned cold) I decided I better get my butt to bed and stop reading!! It's REALLY good already and I can't wait to sit down and start reading again. So as I was laying in bed thinking about the book my mind began to wander. And what did I think about?? Why Card Catalogs of course. I mean..isn't that the only LOGICAL thing to think about when you are lying in bed trying to fall asleep? *snort*

Yes...card catalogs. What ever happened to them? I really NEED to know the answer to this question. I remember card catalogs fondly....the smell of the cards...that faint musty paper smell...and how they felt when I ran my hand over the whole drawer full. I LOVED card catalogs...loved looking up my book...loved the big rack of drawers all neatly labeled and in order. So with all the technology there is...we no longer have a need for card catalogs. We now just type in the book we are looking for in the computer and out pops the section and row we need to look in for our book. ***I can see some of you are just NOW thinking...oh YEAH...a card catalog...NOW i know what she's talking about!!***

Okay..that's it for now. I's a pretty in depth thought. :) If you have an answer...let me know. I would love to know where these card catalogs went...I would LOVE to have one...just to have. How cool would that be??

And don't forget to comment for your chance to win anything from the shop (excluding kits and bitties!!).

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tuesday...and a giveaway!! and a sale!!

well....I pretty much slept ALL day today. Literally. Not quite sure why although I think it may have had something to do with this dang headache that I have. And my hand..I still can't quite feel's the strangest thing...not being able to really feel your hand. I'm hoping that will go away soon.

I'm going to have a sale in the shop. :) For every $10 or more order you will receive a free Jenni Bowlin Bingo Card...and a couple goodies from the shop.

And I did this layout using a sketch from ACB. AND...using one of Renee's cool journaling spots...I just loved these little guys and had to have them!! And yes...Laura Vegas is totally rubbing off on me with that little floss bit going on. I admit it. She ROCKS and I've been inspired. :)

Ummmm....nothing else really...I'm not funny tonight. Not even a little bit. Which is odd because normally well...ha! I'm hilarious. So just hope I wake up in the morning funny okay? Okay. And Missy...I gotta call you dude. Maybe tomorrow when I'm funny. :)

And...let's do a giveaway!! (And Vivian..I'm going to mail yours with the layout...ssshhhhh but I can't share that yet!) Yes..a giveaway! Let's make it FUN this time (cuz apparently they aren't fun when I have them before huh?? *snort*). For every comment you make you will get an entry and with every purchase you get an entry...and the drawing will be FOR....drum roll please...item of YOUR CHOICE from the shop (excluding kits and bitties). Fun? :) So comment away..tell your friends...tell your friends' friends. Invite all you know. Ha.

Monday, December 8, 2008

SOOOO bummed!!

that I couldn't make it to the Scrap Pack on Saturday night!! OH MY GOSH!! I just heard the report and it was an AMAZING turnout!! 16...yes...SIXTEEN showed up for class day and then another SIX girls came for Girls Night Out!! How freakin' COOL IS THAT??!! I offered up a Pink Paislee paper pack as a drawing for everyone who came (and brought a friend they got an extra entry in the drawing!!). But just that it was SO fun and everyone enjoyed themselves...AND...had a couple orders placed with ACBailey as well!! I'm just SO glad to have the chance to show people that you can get mainstream scrapbook supplies at a good price right here!! Just SO danged excited...not bad for 3 girls doing this 10 hours a month eh?? :) I can't wait for next month...I already have my classes up on the hopefully I can get some interest.

Other than that..had my appointment today in Polson, I'm looking fine. :) Still a bit sore but that's to be expected. Just kinda hanging out...want to do SO MUCH but not really able so will just keep plugging along and do what I can. :) Sure wish Shawn would go to work so I can rest in peace! baahahahaahahaha

AND...I'm going to be having a special for the shop soon. So be watching!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Well I woke up. :)

so that's a good thing. :) I didn't throw up once that is a REALLY great thing. THey put a patch behind my ear to help with that..and I think it worked. I'm pretty drugged up and the one medicine makes me hallucinate...I'm not even kidding. I was going potty and I look at the rug in front of the sink and it's little ants are underneath it and pulling it along. I kept blinking and rubbing my eyes but even that wouldn't make the rug stop moving. Talk about WEIRD.

Yesterday I couldn't feel my arm at was literally rubber...due to the nerve block they put on my arm Right now though...I have some serious pain going on and I should be laying down but when I lay down I really dwell on the trying to keep busy although my eyes are all funky. Apparently my shoulder was so fun of scar tissue that he couldn't even get his 4mm instrument inside.

So I just put up pictures of my January class kits. And remember...if you like a kit you can certainly buy one without taking the class. I changed it up a bit to accomodate anyone online that likes them. :) You can purchase them HERE. Although I must tell you that I won't ship until the 5th...but you still have to prepay/sign up for them beforehand so I can order the materials. :)

Picture one: All About Me
Picture two: GitRDun Club
Picture three: Heritage with a Twist

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

last day....

that you will be seeing me for awhile. I'm guessing until Sunday maybe? So be thinking of me..and keeping your fingers crossed that I come out of my anesthesia!! baahaahahaha (okay only HALF kidding here people!!)

Don't forget that the Scrap Pack is having Girls Night Out this Saturday at the Whitefish Mountain Mall! I know we have scrappers going so go hang out with them!! I might even stop in if I'm feeling up for it (just for a minute or so!). I also will have some paper packs available and some cool thickers too. INCLUDING some of the NEW October Afternoon...YUMMY!! So go check it out on Saturday if you are looking for a nice relaxing and FUN, stressfree environment in which to scrap!! :)

So I just loaded some MORE stuff in the shop. :) Including some new color jotters (which are totally new for me!!). I'm pretty excited with how they turned out. AND...I think I finally found a better place to take pictures for will try to retake the others soon!! For the month of December with every purchase you will receive a free set of month scalloped jotters (not listed in the store). friend Renee is having an AWESOME sale in her etsy shop for the remainder of the week. You won't want to miss it...she has the cutest shabbiest chicest stuff eva! (I so made up that phrase!!).

So have a great weekend and I will see you soon!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Just a couple new things

that I listed in the shop tonight. A couple Christmas ittie bitties and a couple new calendars. The vintage flair 2009 calendar turned out pretty good if I might say so..and the bracket date jotters I think are super fun. Now if only I had time to SCRAP so I could use some of my new goodies!! lol Oh and can I just say that I HATE that it's dark when I get home?? I have no light to take pictures and they SUCK!! I will end up redoing these guys.

Oh and no...not an overnight stay. My mom is coming up on Thursday and taking me to Missoula where she wants to finish her Christmas shopping and then at 6:30am I go under the knife. This will be my FIFTH surgery. No kidding. And everytime I freak out and cry. I hate anesthesia...not only because I'm horribly sick afterward but I always have this thought that I could just not wake up and I would never know. *sigh* That part sucks...I always have tears running down my face before I'm knocked out. But then I wake up...yakking like crazy. :) (yakking as in throwing up NOT talking!! teehee)

Alrighty then...I'm off to take a hot back is SO stinkin' sore tonight for some reason. So have a stellar night ya'll!

Monday, December 1, 2008

December Sweet Pea Scraps...and stuff

Have you ever noticed I say that a lot? ...and stuff. It's because my title is more than just the one thing...I usually have more to ramble on about...and stuff just seems fitting right? Right. that I've got that under control. :)

Wanted to show ya'll what I did with the awesome December Sweet Pea Scraps kit. BTW...did you all have a great Thanksgiving??
We went to the inlaws where they have very SLOW, very torturous dial up (hence my lack of posts in the last few days!!). It was okay...nothing too exciting...I had planned on doing WAY more scrappin' than I did though. Which is kinda a bummer since my surgery is THIS FRIDAY! I know. It's totally sneaking up on me...I have SO much to do still!! Work has to be caught up and my house in order as my mom will be here early Thursday afternoon. *sigh* And it's already Monday night! EEEK!

WOW...look at me go...gettin' on a tangent there. :) So December layouts using the Sweet Pea Scraps kit. Hope you enjoy!! :) AND...I found these coasters in the Joann's dollar spot and decided to make little wall hangings with them...thought they turned out pretty cute especially since I'm WAY project challenged. :)

Off to post the Sweet Pea Vine challenge right now....and I should give something away....but maybe I'll wait until after my surgery so I have something to do. :)
And I don't have anything else to say to fill up this long just look at the pictures. :) And don't forget to play along with the Sweet Pea Vine!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Winner and CRAZY HUGE SALE!!!!!

Okay..firstly....the winner of my giveaway is miss VIVIAN!! Congrats girl...I'll be sending you some of those awesome new list jotters (well I hope you think they are awesome anyway!!)

AND.....a HUGE CRAZY sale going on over at ACBailey!! HUGE I tell ya!! And the October Afternoon is in!! *giddy giggle* (you might have to enter my name in the consultant area to get either put Jenn Stevens or boysmama!)

Enter promo code "turkey" in the promo code box on the view cart page BEFORE logging in to receive your discount. Discount will be reflected on the checkout page. NO other discounts apply.

And...I'm heading out of town so you probably won't see me the rest of the week. So have a stellar turkey day!!

Last day for giveaway!!

So comment here...I will draw a winner tonight or tomorrow..depending on how well I organize my time. :) And what will you be winning you ask? Why a set of my new list journaling jotters...good luck!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Last day...

to sign up for Renee's swap....seriously...GO SIGN UP!! Vivian and two must do it. :) Or else. :) No it'll be fun...I swear. And thanks for the comments on my new picture. :) I fixed my hair...I only do it like once a year so it's always a momentous occasion...and always deserves a picture. Well I'm off to do an hour on the talk to you all soon...have a couple Sweet Pea layouts done and will post tomorrow....

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Oh Mylanta...what a day!!

I'm really excited to announce that, we, we being the Scrap Pack, are going to have our very first weekend scrapbook retreat!! I'm SOOOO excited and will be announcing details SOON!!

Today I'm busy working on Sweet Pea Scraps well as the rest of my GitRDun class kit...and uploading some new stuff to the shop. Oh..and doing laundry and cleaning in between. :) I know...exciting times eh? But I really have SO much to do before my surgery..and with next weekend being Thanksgiving we'll be in Missoula all weekend long...then the Friday after that is the big day. My mom will be here on Thursday and we'll drive to Missoula.'s coming up fast isn't it??

Okay..gonna get back to it...don't forget to comment for your chance to win the NEW journaling jotters. :) AND...hint hint...the next purchase from the shop wins a set!! Have a stellar Saturday!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Happy Hump Day!!

Dude..this week has just been DRAGGING on...seriously one of the slowest weeks evah. Wonder why that is??

But had to share my layout of the week....from Jenny. Isn't this the CUTEST layout?? I love it...I love that adorable photo and of course my random date jotter right there on the side of the picture looks pretty cute as well...but DANG...those TREES (which were made by the ever so talented Julie)!!! Do they not totally just make that layout POP? Love how they are arranged and love how they go so perfect with Jenny's photo and layout idea. The scalloped edges and the title rock as well. Fantastic layout Jenny!!

Work has been fairly busy as I'm trying to train someone to do a portion of my job while I'm out for 3 weeks after my surgery. It's SO tough teaching someone else how to do something that you've done for SO dang long. And I'm a little type A. *snort* So things have to be just so or I totally freak out. Well...not TOTALLY...but I get a little crabby...that much I will admit. :) Just hoping that things will be fairly smooth so when I come back and only have THREE DANG DAYS to do year end I will be fine. I'm sure I'll be having someone bring me work home while I'm off so that I don't get too far behind. Kinda sucks that it's my right shoulder...wonder how well I'll be able to write/type? And then I'm freakin' out because what about the shop?? EEEK. So I need to start cutting like a mad woman so that I have plenty of stock in case people go crazy and just buy buy buy from the shop. that was a little fantasizing there...but a girl can dream right?? :)

Before I sign off (nope last minute words of wisdom tonight folks..the tylenol PM hasn't kicked in quite yet)...I need to tell ya'll to head on over to Renee's she's having a little Christmas swap. I SUCK at swaps...but she scares me so I had to sign up. *giggle* (I'm kidding people..seriously, she is one of the sweetest people EVER!!). So go check it out...leave her a word of encouragement as she makes the cutest, most incrediblest things. I'm jealous of her ability to craft...and project. I just do not have the patience. Seriously..go check out her new creation, 'Joy'...I so do not have the patience to make a hat for a bird. :) You rock Renee'!!

Gnight all...have a stellar day tomorrow!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I'm a day late...

which probably doesn't surprise ANY of my blog readers as I'm certainly not the most prompt person...which is ODD...because honestly...some aspects of my life are VERY organized and mapped out..while others...holy smuck...everywhere. Seriously.
So my layout for Random Chaos AND for the GitRDun Club for the Scrap Pack. I'm really excited how it turned out..AND I used one of my new list huh? So how I'm working it is like this...(I was REALLY hoping to have a picture of the kit tonight but I was doing a spreadsheet and packing a couple orders and quite frankly...I ran out of time!!...maybe tomorrow!!). The kit features Bo Bunny Daily Grind collection, cardstocks, American Craft glitter thickers and tons of embellies. PLUS...I will have a print out sheet with 4 sketches including sample layouts. So if you just want to GitRDun...4 layouts that is..then this will be perfect for you. :) I have only 2 kits on hand but you can order one and it will be delivered/mailed before my surgery on Dec. 5th. can see it on the Scrap Pack site ...although I haven't gotten the picture up yet..and will post it here as well. Boy do I ramble. *sigh*

So my show was on tonight...I totally LOVE that show. Privileged. Megan totally cracks me up...she says the quirkiest things. I think she reminds me a little of myself...except I generally TRY to hold those conversations in my head where no one else can hear me. tee hee

Anyway...I'm off to bed...trying to get there a little earlier tonight. :) Have a stellar day!! (oh and don't forget to comment for the drawing!!)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Random Chaos...and Sunday night

I tried out for Random Chaos in the hopes that it would make me scrap during the week. Ummm...yeah...that so did not happen. never fails, that I wait until Sunday to start my layout and then between grocery shopping, finishing up the laundry and hanging out with the boys I do a bit here and there. Then about now (9pm) I finally get it sent off to Janelle. Poor thing...she probably would like to strangle me. And then I always say to myself...self...this week you are going to send it in SO early that Janelle is going to have a heart attack. But luckily...I am so compassionate and really don't want to cause Janelle to have a heart THAT must be why I wait until Sunday. (so glad we got that one figured out!!). I'm really excited to reveal my Random Chaos layout for a few reasons...
a) I really like how it turned out
b) I used one of my new list journaling jotters!!
c) it is the first layout in the GitRDun club that I will be able to show you!!

That's part of what was up my sleeve...just putting together the next GitRDun club. It will be one of the classes I offer every month for the Scrap Pack, but am also trying to make it so that if someone online would like to give it a whirl that everything is included for them as well. It's basically an easy way to get four layouts done every month. You will be provided with all the materials...and I will include sketches and sample layouts as well. I'm really trying to get this out there for all the people who don't have the hours upon hours of time to sit and scrap and just want to try to get caught up!! I think that I would love a kit like this because if nothing else...I can just scraplift the sample!! So...we'll see how it goes....and tomorrow I will unveil the first layout/sketch for this kit.

Don't forget to check out Random Chaos tomorrow...remember if you play you get entered in the drawing for the new List Journaling Jotters!! And can't win if you don't comment!! :)

Friday, November 14, 2008

New Debut & GIVEAWAY!!

I am SO stinkin' excited to show you all my new journaling jotters. :) I am SO happy with how they turned out and I cannot WAIT to use one myself. (is that weird? Please tell me it's not!! lol). stupid photo editing program gave me an error so I only have 2 sets listed in the shop as of this very minute..BUT...I have EIGHT different color options for these guys!! Woohoo!! And please...if they burst my bubble as I don't want to be all excited about something that isn't really that great. *giggle*

So with all my giddiness (and the percocet is helping in that area too...I get VERY happy and VERY loving when I'm drugged. BTW..I just had my wisdom tooth it's LEGAL!! tee hee)...I decided to give away a set of these jotters!! The rules are....
a) leave a comment and get an entry into the drawing
b) every item you purchase from the shop you get an entry into the drawing
c) send me a layout that you created using anything from my shop get TWO entries
d) complete a Random Chaos challenge layout (link to your layout in the comment section)
e) complete a Sweet Pea Vine challenge layout (link to your layout in the comment section)
just for fun...the 4th purchase from my shop will automatically get a set of their own as well. So I guess I'm giving away 2 sets eh?? PLUS...I'm totally giving you all tons of chances to win!! And let's say the deadline is.....November 25th...that gives ya 10 days worth of chances!!

Now I'm going to finish cleaning up my scrap table...which I will photograph when I'm done as you know I moved it to the OTHER wall in my bedroom. And boy does it look SOOO different. *snort* And I have a couple more things up my sleeves...but they probably wont be revealed for a couple more days. :) might want to see these things huh? HA! they are. :)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

So...didja miss me???

I know I have been an awful blogger...sheesh...which is kinda weird because I was SO ON A ROLL there for a bit. :) Blogging almost every day...even if my normal plethora of wisdom wasn't present. But I'm back..and you can just count your lucky stars. :) Bahahaahaha...oh I crack myself up. So I totally gotta ask...when you read blogs and emails and the you put a voice to it? (or am I going to make ya'll think I'm even WEIRDER than you already think I am??). Cuz when I write I'm constantly saying things in a little strange voice...depending on the tone or mood I'm typing in. friend Katie rocks because she always READS my stuff like I say it...even if it's in some high squeaky voice or a s-l-o-w drawl. Okay..I'm scaring you...I'm sorry. :)

So I decided...that once a week I'm going to feature someone who has used stuff from the shop. I'm going to put their layout up on my blog for you all to see. And that special someone (I mean HELLLOOOO..they have to be special if they are on MY blog...and remember that rockstar thing? YEAH..I know...that's me.)...will get some special goodies from moi just for allowing me to post it. I know in the beginning I said that everyone that sent in something but to be honest...I'm getting so many that well...they might totally overshadow MY stuff...and I just cannot have that can I? *giggle* Don't be discouraged if you don't see your layout up here yet..I might be saving it for something special cuz I always have stuff up my sleeves. *wink wink*

So the lucky scrapper today is Danica. She sent in this layout using TWO of the things from my shop...the notebook journaling jotters AND the months of the year raffle tickets. How cute is this layout?? Thanks so much for sharing and your goodies will be in the mail tomorrow!!

Soooo...just in case anyone is wondering why I've been absent for so dang long....I'll tell ya...kinda. Has life just ever overwhelmed ya to the point you are a blubbering potatoe head?? No? Well...I was a complete potato (is it with an E or without??) head the last week or so. And Tuesday I had a COMPLETE was not pretty, people. I stayed home from work yesterday and was able to clear my head a bit and I'm happy to say I think I may be okay.'s nothing that months of counseling can't fix. tee hee No seriously...just had a rough patch...all is good now.

In other news....Auston is now on ADHD medication. He is much more severe than his brother..according to the 'chart' which is kinda surprising to me. I wonder if I'm more tolerant of him because he's my 'baby'?? But he had a great day at school today...kept telling his teacher it was because he took medicine that makes him 'be good.' *sigh* I really have to tell him over and over it's not because he's BAD. So hopefully this will make a big difference in him. Parent teacher conferences were tonight and she told me how bright he is...that his math is just amazing. She also said it was a good time to do the meds as what we were doing just wasn't working and she just didn't want this to start to effect him socially. Mathew had a good review too although I think we have a C student on our hands. This is very difficult for me as well..I was NEVER a C student. Just makes me realize I really need to work more with him. He's SO smart...but he doesn't apply himself...he's lazy. He had so many answers on his tests wrong just because he didn't read or just flat didn't do it. So that's something we need to work on.

Tomorrow I have the pleasure of getting my lonely wisdom tooth pulled. Oh yes...I'm all about creating as much pain as I can for myself between now and the New Year. This and then my shoulder surgery...I think I am well on my way for a month of misery. GO JENN! *snort*

I'm really excited for this weekend...I have some big plans for the stay tuned!! Okay...I'm read some more and head to bed. :) Have a groovy night!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Holy Rusted Metal Batman!!

I can't believe it's been a WEEK since I've blogged last. That really isn't like me is it?? Well...mostly because I was trying to get ready for the craft fair this last weekend which was EXHAUSTING!! And trying to finish up the special order for 3 Scrappy Boys. Now that both are done I think I'll be able to BREATHE for a bit. :) Have some new bitties envisioned to put in the shop so I can't wait to get them made...AND have a couple kit ideas so want to get those created as well. My surgery is on the 5th of December so I have lots to accomplish before then!! on the lookout for the new goodies soon...and I will be doing another giveaway soon!! Have a great night ya'll!

Monday, November 3, 2008

November Sweet Pea Scraps layouts....

okay...wanted to share..finally!! :) The rest of my SPS layouts. :) The November kit totally rocked...but I love these colors so I was really happy to get to play. :) Oh and the one title WHEN? That one was featured on PageMaps for November. Super excited about that!! :) Anyway..that's about all...I have no words of wisdom or any life altering experience to Stay never know what tomorrow will bring. :)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

I've been tagged!

Which doesn't happen often to me so I was kinda excited! :) Miss Lily tagged me and here is what she said I had to do...

Link to your tagger and list these rules on your blog:
Share SEVEN facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird...just 7 facts. :) Tag 7 people at the end of your post and make sure to let them know they've been tagged!

Sounds fun...but honestly...the random things I'm going to tell ya...most people probably already if it comes as no surprise...move on...just move right along. :)

1. I *heart* tattoos. Oh yes yes yes I do. :) I have 4 of my own and if I had the guts and courage I would love to get a full sleeve. But alas...I'm a chicken at heart and arm remains pasty white. :) I also find tattoos on guys extremely sexy...which is why Mr. Husband has his own as well. *giggle*

2. I grew up on an 80,000 acre cattle ranch and LOVE to eat raw hamburger. I figured those kinda go hand in hand righto?? My mom used to slap my hand as I would always dip into the burger while she was cooking dinner. Now mind you...I do not eat raw store bought hamburger as I don't like my cow mixed in with other cows. :) But my daddy is a hormone/steroid free (aka organic) rancher and I know where my meat comes from. :)

3. I DESPISE the sound of people clipping their fingernails. I just prefer to bite's WAY more sanitary and heeelllooooo...have you seen handbitten nails? They look awesome. *rolls eyes* But no really...the sound of clipping nails drives me absolutely nuts...the guys at my work purposely stand in front of my desk and clip their nails. They love me....I just know they do.

4. I am REALLY shy. It takes me quite awhile to warm up to people...although by about the 4th time I've seen you, you will not get me to shut up but until then you probably think I'm a snot. I swear I'm not. I'm just...ummm...socially retarded? Peoplephobic? I don't like crowds fact...I'm the person at the party that is sitting in the corner people watching. Both my siblings graduation parties you could find me locked in a bedroom reading a book as I couldn't handle the people...although I was related to most of them.

5. Wow...7 things?? Really? I went and asked my husband who proceeded to stretch and do lung exercises. (apparently he was getting at the point that there is a LOT weird and random about worries...I flicked him). I microwave my ice cream. Just for 20 seconds..just enough to get it a little soft so that I can mix it in with my chocolate syrup. I love it when it's a little milkshakey on the edges of my bowl. It's SO yummy. (I'm SO betting that you microwave your ice cream next time...just to see if I'm right)

6. I did a ton of research on religions and with that came a complete questioning of my own faith. Currently I'm on a hiatus. I know when I'm ready God will welcome me with open arms...but right now I'm struggling a bit.

7. I'm REALLY sarcastic. I know..can you BELIEVE IT?? I don't mean to just kinda slips out.

And there ya have it. Now I guess you can choose to continue reading my blog... or not...just remember this one thing my friends...I AM A ROCKSTAR. *giggle*

So I'm tagging:

and whoever else wants to play along. :) Have a great night!!

winner winner chicken dinner...

I know I say that everytime..but I just love the sounds of it. :)

So you guys must REALLY want those little spooky spots of Julie's!! There were FIFTY TWO entries...can you believe that!! But the winner is CHRISTI!! Congrats Christi..I'm sure you'll love your goodies!!

Check back later and I'll be posting the remainder of the Sweet Pea Scraps layouts!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Don't forget that today is FREE SHIPPING at ACBailey. I *heart* this day. Cuz I can just spend my $10 and get some new goodies without paying a fortune for shipping!! So check it out!! :) Have a super day!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

what a day!!

Not that it was anything special but....I'll fill ya in on how it went.
I WOKE UP AT 7:31 THIS MORNING!! AAAAHHHHHHH and that's pretty much how my day went all dang day long!! :) I must also note that we have to leave the house by 8am in order to get to school in time. Of angelic boys *snort* were such great listeners and got dressed right away for me. Yes...I'm SO lying through my teeth there. ha! So I jumped in the shower (as I cannot wake up without one!) and did NOT wash my hair so yes...I'm sporting a 2 day old pony. Can I just say that I look smokin' today? baahahahahhaha I am pleased to announce that we did make it to school in time. **insert crowd cheering here**

So work went well..I actually got a lot accomplished. Really trying to get everything caught up and in order before my surgery. And it's month end tomorrow so I'll have a super crazy day but that's good. I love my job..and for that I feel very fortunate. Heck..I feel very fortunate to HAVE a job at this point. :)

Then I rush to get the boys from school because in celebration of Red Ribbon Week our theatre was showing Horton Hears a Who for FREE. I was so excited to surprise the boys with this!! And I really wanted to make the 4 o'clock showing which means I had to GO REALLY FAST as school is 10 miles outside of town. :) Needless to say...I ended up talking with Auston's teacher for way too long. He had a bad day today. She's SUCH an amazing teacher...remind me to talk about that more...K? Cuz it's really important. But I'm already rambling and I'm not sure what the attention span of my blog readers is...soooo....carrying on....

The show was SOLD OUT when we got there...but they were nice enough to give us tickets for the 6:30pm showing...I took 'em. Skip forward an hour...Mathew decides he would rather play with E the neighbor boy instead of going to the show. uncool am I that my 8 year old wants to hang out with his buddy instead of going to the show with his MOM! Sheesh.....I didn't think this was supposed to start this early?!! So E's mom and I switched kids for the night. I took the older sister and Mathew stayed at their house and all was right with the world. BTW...that show is freakin' hilarious. I was laughing so hard through the whole thing. It helped too that I had this adorable little girl beside me who was 2 (but talked SOOO well!)...and she pretty much kept me entertained.

And I have some super cool news to share. :) Some of my things (like FOUR different ones!!) from the shop are going to be in the January 3 Scrappy Boys kit!! I am SO NOT KIDDING HERE PEOPLE!! She thinks I am a rockstar. *giddy giggle* She actually said that...if you don't believe me..just ask her. I rock. HA! *stickin' tongue out* So at least one person thinks I'm cool. Just gotta not let my head swell...that could be a huge issue when I have to go through a door. :)

Okay..I've rambled enough. Don't forget to post for your chance to WIN those cool spidey embellies from Julie's shop. And go post on her blog so you can win some of my 'rockstar' like jotters. :) Let's see how long it takes before I drop the rockstar could be awhile. :)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

one more to share...

just finished up this layout for the November Sweet Pea Scraps kit. Funny thing is..I kept taking things OFF this layout...I kinda liked it kept really simple. So here it all it's simple-ness. :) It's basically about how Auston is totally up for anything. My dad asked him if he wanted to sit on the sheep..he was like..okay grampa..whatever. :) He's so willing to try anything new and never be scared...I hope he can keep those traits...but ony use them in a GOOD way of course!! tee hee

And I guess I need to say nevermind..I don't. :) I was going to apologize if I offended anyone with my post below..but then I realized...*slaps head* this is MY blog! Bahahahaahahaha. Honestly...I don't watch the news...I don't watch a lot of TV period. But this video wasn't a 'smearing' video as I didn't get it off a McCain site. (did anyone actually notice that I said I wasn't overly fond of McCain???). Anyway..there is nothing in that video that for But through my research I also did watch Obama speak...and there were 2 separate things that did bother where he said that he has a 6 and 9 year old he's going to teach them morals and values but if someday they make a 'mistake' he doesn't want them to be punished for that 'mistake' with a baby. is a thing called adoption?? The second one was he was actually defending himself against an obvious McCain campaign where little kids were singing the alphabet. He stated how they used this song and said that Obama wanted to teach sex education to 5 year olds. The crowd did he. Then he said, but it's gotta be done. Ummm...yeah...I don't think my 6 year old needs to learn about sex right now...holy moly...he still thinks his winky is funny. :)

Do you remember when the movie Dirty Dancing came out?? I do. Oh my friends and I rented that sucker as soon as we could and snuck over to Cindy's house to watch it while her parents were gone. I remember us pausing it when Patrick Swayze got out of bed..hoping for a glimpse of..something...anything. The point was a total riskay movie...and we were giddy with excitement watching something so naughty and bad!! Now...Dirty Dancing is get more than that on prime time television. In fact...tonight my 8 year old asked me if that girl (on tv) was a lesbian. jaw about hit the floor. I didn't even KNOW what a lesbian was until my freshman year in college for crying out loud!! These are some of the issues I have. These things I think are MY job as a parent to teach my child...not TV...not school...not the government...but ME. I don't know. Honestly...the world scares me. I'm worried for my children....and my grandchildren. What kind of world is it that we live in now where our children know way too much at their age. Where we can't say a prayer at graduation anymore as we might offend those who don't believe...yet it's okay for another religion to bow down at noon to worship their god. See I dont' get that. I don't get the huge contradiction that is happening in our society. I think we have gotten so far away from what is right and what is wrong...we make all these little exceptions to please everyone...but in the end it's going to cause serious chaos.

Okay..rant over. And please..if you DO choose to comment on this post and you dont agree with me...that's totally your right...but please do remember and respect the fact that this is MY personal blog and I have every right to voice my opinion as you have with yours. OH..and please make sure if you comment that I am not locked out of YOUR personal blog...for some reason that just doesn't seem fair to me. :) Now I'm off to take a bath and read a bit and then head to bed. Have a stellar night ya'll. (and don't forget to comment for your chance to win as I'm doing the drawing on Halloween!)

I just found...

this video. And wow is it powerful. I sat my desk...sobbing. Tears literally running down my face. The thought of this made my heart break. It made me remember our two lost babies and how I felt when others were purposely aborting their pregnancies when we were trying so hard to keep ours. But this...this is awful. How can anyone support this? The voting decision was difficult for me this year...I'm not overly fond of McCain...but have always been more on the republican side. I watched an advertisement (the one that is on 24/7 right now) for Obama and I have to admit that I like a lot of his ideas. BUT...this video...tipped me over. I cannot morally vote for someone who wants to make THIS legal. They have no voice..they have no choice and they aren't even being given the opportunity to have either. I cry for them...
okay...I can't figure out how to put the video ON my you'll have to follow the link..sorry!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


you guys crack me right up. :) Thanks for making me in all my are my heros...every one of you. *sniff sniff*

No seriously...I have nothing to report today...I'm really boring. Don't forget to comment here for your chance to win. AND on Julie's blog..anywhere...for your chance to win. And yeah..that's it. Have a great night and hopefully tomorrow I can inspire you all with my wisdom. *snort*

Monday, October 27, 2008

Okay blog readers....

so..from your lack of comments I'm guessing you all think my stuff sucks? SHAME ON YOU. Makin' me feel all bad and all. No one is going over to Julie's blog to comment for a chance to win some of MY etsy goods. I mean...I'm really glad that you all are loving Julie's spider embellies but come on...give me some LOVE people!!! There...if that wasn't some guilt I'm not sure what else I can do. Go comment. Now. Okay?

So...the November kit for Sweet Pea Scraps is so cool. I really love it. Perfect for those fall photos...and perfect for those heritage ones!! Here is a layout I did for Random Chaos this week. That's my grampa Foran. I really miss him too. Especially when I'm reading a really great book and want someone to talk to about it. That was our thing. Grampa was ALWAYS reading a book...always. :) I would come home from school and he would be in his chair reading away. Usually I would just grab my book and plop on the couch and we would sit there and read together (until grama came in and turned on Wheel of Fortune!). He would read a book...then give to me..and I would read it and then we would discuss. It was just our thing. He passed away when I was pregnant with Auston. But he was one of 3 people who accepted me unconditionally when my mom married my dad. My dad of course was one...and my great aunt Ethel was one and my grampa was the other. I inherited a lot of his books and I reread them occasionally. I always inherited a LOT of pictures that if the rest of that family knew I had would be FURIOUS!! baahahahahahahaha I LOVE that. :)

I'm off to post a challenge on the vine...and it has to deal with the layout go check it out. The girls always give such amazing prizes for the challenge winners...seriously GREAT prizes!! Don't forget that they are also having a DT call...I think it ends at the end of this go check it out!! It's an AMAZING kit club...seriously..and I'm not saying that just cuz I'm biased. *wink wink*

Oh and don't forget to go to JULIES BLOG and comment. :) And each purchase from her store or my store gets you another entry. So get on it people!

Sunday, October 26, 2008


So...thank you goes out to Miss Kim. :) I installed Firefox and since then I have not had my internet just shut me down one time since!! YAY! THANK YOU!! Seriously...I thought I was going to go batty!!

Yesterday we had a great day...the boys and I. First we went to the skate park and played...then we went to the park and played in the leaves and climbed some trees. The boys were super in letting me get some really nice fall shots. :) I took pictures until my camera battery went kaput on me!!

Right now I'm just majorly cleaning my house...getting into the things that have been neglected for awhile that really NEED to be cleaned the boys' craft cabinet. Yikes! But it's nice and neat and organized now. Really want to go through their toybox and weed out some of the things they no longer play with...but not sure if I'm up for that project today or not. Still have major laundry to do but that's about it. Need to work on more bitties for the shop and scrap more for Sweet Pea Scraps. And...I tried to take pictures of my layouts today....the egg hunt layout was taking a picture...the john deere green was scanning. sharpening software is at work and I REALLY need to get it installed on my home computer. I'm thinking it looks a little fuzzy...what do you think?? My buttons just aren't scanning that great and honestly...taking a picture is MUCH easier but I don't want to do it if the quality is lacking. *sigh* Gonna keep trying. :)

Anyway...leaving you with 2 layouts I've done in the last couple of weeks. :) Have a great Sunday! Don't forget to comment for your chance to win those cute Halloween spiders from Julie!! And don't forget to go to her blog and post too for your chance to win some random jotters from ME! :)

Friday, October 24, 2008

ARGH!! I'm SOOOOO angry!!!

I'm stomping my feet...and cursing and ugh...I'm getting so frustrated. I'm having MAJOR issues with my internet/computer right now and it's SO very very frustrating!! I've been trying to upload a stupid set of bitties to my etsy shop all night...FINALLY got them uploaded. But every couple of minutes I get this error pop up on my screen:
Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience. And then my internet just shuts down...deleting everything I just did. Is there anyone out there reading that is somewhat technical and can tell me what the heck it means? Is it maybe my internet?? (I do pull from community internet). Anyway...that's one reason I haven't been blogging daily...after a couple times of typing and then losing my work I get frustrated and just turn the stupid computer off.


Anyway. I finally finished a layout I've been working on for about 2's not that it's THAT great or anything...but it seems that I just don't scrap as much as I used to. AND...I don't take near the photos I used to. Bummer huh? I need to get myself on a schedule instead of letting all these other projects overtake my world. I miss scrappin'..and I miss taking pics of my boys.

Speaking is a picture of them at the pumpkin patch last Sunday. :) Don't forget to comment for your chance in the drawing...and every purchase from my etsy shop gets you another entry as well. G'night...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

ALMOST Friday...whew!

I'm so glad it's almost Friday....only a few more hours and it'll be the weekend. I have big scrap. :) And to create more for my etsy shop as I had a big sale day today (which those lucky gals get extra entries into the drawing for Julie's very cool spider embellies!!). So yup...another chance in the drawing..just leave me a comment.

Anyone watch CSI tonight? OIY. Can you believe what a sicko that guy was? Sometimes when I watch CSI I really wonder about the dude (or dudette) who actually writes this warped must they be to come up with some of these ideas? I mean..really??

So yeah..that's about it. OH...scheduled my shoulder surgery today...December 5th. Just giving you all warning in case you feel the need to send me chocolate and presents...and chocolate. bahahahaahahahaa

Ummm..yeah that's it. My week has been pretty drama free which is REALLY swell. So I'm off to bed. Have a great Friday!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday and another giveaway!! :)

First off I must say thank you to ALL of you who gave me such encouragement and kind words over my weight loss. It's been a continual battle but one that I'm finally starting to win...woohoo!

And yes..another giveaway!! Do I tire of these? Heck no! I LOVE doing giveaways...they are SO fun and I really like to get you all involved...and its fun to see who actually reads my ramblings. You poor, poor souls. :)

So this giveaway is done jointly with my good friend Julie, co-owner of Sweet Pea Scraps. I haven't really had a change to rave about her etsy shop so now is the perfect time!! She has a basement..aka..the dungeon that she is trying to clean out. I can only imagine what is hidden in the depths. :) But knowing how awesome she is with helping put together the Sweet Pea Scraps kit it's only natural that she puts together awesome destash kits. So if you are in the need for some stash and have some extra cash (bahahaahahaa) then stop in and see what she has to offer!

ANYWAY....the rules are the same as always (cuz I don't know what else to do to be honest with you!!)....leave a comment to be entered into the drawing...and purchase something from my etsy shop to get another entry (each item is worth one ticket...and btw..I have some really cute new halloween raffle tickets and journaling jotters in store!!). have to wait a long time cuz Jules chose Halloween to be the deadline. :) Look at all those chances you get to win these...aren't they CUTE?? Good luck!! Oh and go check out her blog to see what she's giving away of MINE. :) Maybe you'll get lucky and win both...ya never could happen. :)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

My mom is the best!! :)

Last week she sent me a gift card to Maurices just to cheer me up...AND because my pants have been falling off my butt. :) I think I already mentioned that she had done that...but I was going to wait until I lost that last 10lbs before using it. Well...I used it today and I'm SO excited that I did. I was pumped when I tried on a pair of jeans...a size 9...but still...I was in a 13 just 5 months ago!! My goal is a size 7...and then I think I'll be happy. (HA!..I'll probably NEVER be happy!). Did I tell you that I was on my gazelle last night for an entire HOUR? Boy was I exhausted when I was done...but there is nothing better than how I feel after I work out. is a picture of me (bahaahaha...I look like I have a tiny little pinhead!!)...23lbs lighter than I was in July. When I look at the picture allI want to do is circle areas that I see that still need my thighs..ugh..and my love handles...still there! But if I would have taken a before picture to hold it up against...I know I would be really proud of my accomplishments. Still...I want more. :) And just so you know..I'm VERY unphotogenic..and I have a stupid dorky crooked smile that I don't even realize I'm doing. *sigh*

We were going to take the boys to the pumpkin patch today but it's raining. It is officially rain season here although I was hoping it would be a nice day for a family fun day. Needless to say...Shawn went hunting and I'm going to clean the house/do laundry...the boys are picking up their pits. I'm hoping tomorrow it will be nice out so we can take them...I REALLY need some fall pictures as the November Sweet Pea Scraps kit is just screaming for fall pics!! :)

Still gotta get the All About Me class kit put together...I know what I"m going to use just have to put it together and take a photo to share with you all! And be watching for another giveaway..I will start one on Monday. :)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Heritage Class kit...and stuff

Well today there is no school for the boys...or tomorrow either. So tonight Ethan, the daycare gal's son is having a sleepover...we will see how long THAT lasts. :) I'm certain that Shawn will be taking him home in an hour or so. :)

Going to get a second opinion on my shoulder ortho wanted to do both shoulders at one time...and Julie freaked out. :) So hopefully a second opinion will prove to be a good thing. right shoulder is in desparate need of aches constantly. AND...I have to get my wisdom tooth pulled too! All before the end of the year and the insurance deductible starts over again!!

This has been the longest week EVAH. I swear today feels like Friday. *sigh* Just one more day! Shawn and I are taking the boys to the pumpkin patch..I'm REALLY hoping that we might even get a family photo. We haven't had one since Auston was seven DAYS old!! lol Wish us luck on that one.

So here is my heritage class kit. I'm really excited about it as well. The main kit retails a little over $11 while the addon kit retails for $ can check them out HERE if you wish to purchase...and sign up for the class. The heritage class is $15.00 which includes all product seen (first photo) plus 2 sketches/sample layouts...and the add on kit is $6.00. Remember that if you can't take the class but would like the kit shipping is free...and will be shipped on November 1st. :)
Okay..gotta wrestle the kids to bed...have a fantastic night!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My first GitRDun Club kit....

and I'm really happy with how it looks!! I dropped the price of it from $25 to $20 (so that's only $5 for my instruction/sketches/layout there is a little over $15 retail in this bad boy!!)...just because I thought that was a better number to work with. :) The Pink Paislee alphabet stickers are not pictured...but they are included as well. So tell me what you think...would you take a class using these products?? Do you think it's lacking anything? As someone taking the class what would you like to see? Any input is appreciated..and everyone who DOES give me some input will be put in a drawing...for something...not sure what yet but I'll think of something.

***speaking of...I'm pretty sure I've sent out all prizes and such...but if for some reason I missed you...PLEASE contact me!!***

So here is the photo...and you can find it HERE. Remember...if you can't take the class...there is no additional shipping charge if you just like the looks of the kit. I'm going to pull everything for my Heritage and All About Me class...hoping to get photos up tomorrow of those!! I'm just excited...can ya tell? :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It's official!!

Remember that EXCITING NEWS THAT I COULDN'T SHARE? lol Well I can finally reveal it. :) Of course..for those of you not in the Flathead Valley you'll probably be thinking...okay so what's the big deal?? ;) But we are super excited. Ben Franklin has offered to sponsor Kara and I...we will be able to use the empty room in the mall in Whitefish for our classes/crops every month!! We are stoked...and have so many ideas to get people excited...and have FUN and just have a nice, comfortable place to go to scrap. is great...within just a couple hours I was able to create a website..complete with paypal buttons. :) And if anyone wants a class kit that isn't in the can still get'll come complete with instructions and samples and shipping is free. :) (just using my instructor fee to pay your shipping...the products will all be retail value for you!!). Just have to take some sample photos and get those up but's done. I'm SO stoked!! You can check it out HERE.

And other good news...Shawn worked today!! And he'll work tomorrow and Thursday. WOOHOOO!! Not sure about Friday yet though. LOL

Oh and I wanted to share the Sweet Pea Scraps DT here that is: GOOD LUCK to all those who give it a whirl!!
Sweet Pea Scraps is looking for new
Design Team members!!!
Calling all interested parties, Sweet Pea Scraps is looking for new Design Team Members to start in December 2008!!
As a Sweet Pea Scraps Design Team Member you will receive a free monthly kit each month from which we will ask you to complete 6 pages (6 total, not 6 double page spreads) for submission to the monthly gallery. Kits will be shipped to you between the 10th and the 15th of each month and you will have approximately 2 weeks to complete these layouts. Layouts should be completed by the 1st of the following month. You will need to be able to scan and e-mail your layouts to so they can be loaded onto the design team gallery for the current month.

Unfortunately there is no monetary compensation for your designs, however please know that we respect that these are your original or scraplifted designs and have no intention of profiting from them in any other way than using them to showcase the products in our monthly kits.
We also ask that you participate in our blog challenges. We offer weekly challenges to our members and other scrappers. On average you will need to supply a challenge once a month.

How to Apply: Please email the following to:
Eight layouts that you consider best showcase your style. Please make sure your layouts are in .jpg format, 72 dpi, and under 800 pixels in width. The total size of the email should not exceed 500kb.
Also please include:
Your name Email address State you live in Number of years scrapbooking Size you prefer to scrapbook Other design teams that you are a part of Link to any online galleries or resumes where we can see more of your work This open call begins on October 5th and the deadline for entries is November 1st at 11:59pm MST.
At this time due to the length of time it takes kits to arrive overseas, only entries from the US and Canada will be considered. Winners will be announced on the Sweet Pea Vine and contacted by e-mail on November 5, 2008. New members will begin their term of no longer than 12 months with the December kits which will ship mid November. Thanks!

Kristin and Julie
co-owners of Sweet Pea Scraps

Monday, October 13, 2008

And the winner is... all my lameness I totally forgot to do my drawing. Well..I just did it and congrats goes out to MINDY!! You won Michele's cute little blossoms!! Email me your addy wouldja and I'll pass it along to Michele so she can get those out to you!! :) Woohooo!!

So I went running again was. hard. Oh boy oh boy was it ever!! I thought I was going to die. I haven't been running regularly and tonight was total proof of that. I really really need to get back into it...I still have 10lbs to lose and I havne't lost anything else since I quit apparently that is the trick. Bummer huh? My mom was so sweet..she sent me a $50 gc to Maurices to cheer me up....AND because my pants keep falling off my butt. Except I don't think I"m going to spend it until I lose that last pesky 10lbs!! We'll see.

Today is the start of week FIVE of Shawn not working. It's really starting to take it's toll on our relationship. We have been bickering like no one's business. *sigh* It really stinks! He filled out an application and hopefully will get a job with an oil rig somewhere...keep your fingers crossed for us!!

And I know I promised you some here is one of Kara and I...yes, it's fuzzy. It was taken by her 6 year old and he was wobblin' like no one's business. It was pretty funny actually. And then one of our table...I think it turned out pretty nice. We have decided on a name and we are getting a website going which will allow everyone to pay using paypal (since we are requiring prepayment of classes....since we are just little people we have to make sure we don't have a ton of excess product..and I'm totally hoping that won't hurt us...ugh). So be watching for the release of that (I'm hoping within the next day or two!!).
And that's about it...I think I'm actually gonna scrap a little bit tonight....I have some ittie bitties that just need buttons...I should get those finished as well. But I got my scrap area cleaned up again..finally..and I'm hoping to keep it that way. But we all know how THAT goes!! Have a great night!
Oh and I posted a new challenge on the SweetPeaVine so check it out. :) Oh and in all my drama did I forget to mention that Sweet Pea Scraps is having a Design Team call?? *slaps head* I think I might have!! So go to the blog (linked) to check that out too!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008


has been one of tears. I know ya'll are wondering what I can possibly be crying about NOW. Good grief you would think that's all I do. But I just miss her. I STILL miss her. I keep wondering when it's going to get easier....then I think that it's been 6 years since my grampa Foran passed away and 4 since my great aunt Ethel passed away and I STILL miss them too. So I know that it'll take more years yet to dampen the emptiness I feel inside...when I long to just hug my hear her smell her fresh baked have her make me sugar toast cut into 4 sections.

The boys and I just got home from dropping off a rented movie and on the drive home I thought of her. It's weird how I think of her at the most unusual times. And I thought about being at the cemetary and my cousin Ryan and I just hugging each other...feeling each other's grief. When we turned around....everyone was already around the gravesite...and were waiting for us to join them to begin the service. Then it makes me realize I really need to keep in touch with my cousin...because through him we can share so many stories. Boy did she look after us and keep us from getting into more trouble than we should have gotten in to!!

Okay...I must stop. My eyes hurt and my throat aches. It's been 6 months...and I know that it WILL get time goes on.

In happier news...if you get this far anyway!! Our little deal today went super!! Kara and I had a lovely table displayed...there wasn't a TON of traffic but the few people that we saw were super excited about what we are going to be doing!! And now I can probably clue you all in on the news that I WAS SO EXCITED TO SHARE!! Ben Franklin is sponsoring us for the Scrappers Club! The first Saturday of every month we will be getting together at the Whitefish Mountain Mall...we even have an empty store at our use!! We both will be offering classes from 10am until whenever...then from about 4-midnight we'll have Girls Night Out....a free open crop for those who just want to come hang out!! We will be having giveaways...and games...and its' going to be SO MUCH FUN!! We are really excited about getting the ball rolling. :) November 1st is going to be our first class/crop if you are in the Flathead Valley and want more information...just contact me. :)

Okay..gotta get to bed..I'm going to feel like a truck ran over me, in the morning!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I can't believe they killed him....

*sigh* Warwick that is. I cried for the FULL FREAKIN' HOUR of CSI - Las Vegas tonight. I just cannot believe they actually killed him. And I already know that this year they are writing Grissomm out of the script. What is WRONG with those people? I don't know if I can bear it if Grissom leaves too. And there ya have it...that's what my night consisted of.
Sorry I've been an awful blogger this week...and SO sorry to Michele who I'm supposed to be doing a giveaway with!! I just have not had the best week. I'm sure everyone knows how sucky the economy is right now...but for me that means my husband has not worked in 3 weeks. It's been say the least. But...this too shall pass...right?? So anyway...please do make sure to comment for your chance to win some of Michele's lovely blossoms (see photo below).

I am gearing up for a little 'thing' this Saturday. So if you are in the Whitefish area...stop by the mall and see me!! We'll have a table there...I will have some of my ACBailey product available for purchase as well as some of my etsy goodies....AND...there are giveaways too!! I'm giving away a half price class (I'll write more about that tomorrow!!), some raffle tickets and some of my new halloween journaling jotters. Fun stop by. :)