Wednesday, December 31, 2008


This is so funny I have to share. I received one of those stupid emails that says you have to forward or you'll get bad luck (I HATE those btw)...anyway...I've always thought it was so odd how my astrological sign is SO fitting of me. It's insane. And all true. So BEWARE. :)

CANCER - The Protector (June 21 - July 22)
Moody, emotional. May be shy. Very loving and caring. Excellent partners. Protective. Inventive and imaginative. Cautious. Touchy-feely kind of person. Needs love from others. Easily hurt, but sympathetic.

So tonight we have to go to a party...see that part up there that says May be Shy?? HA! I call it social retardation. I'm SO not looking forward to this party. UGH. I'll be the homely girl in the corner people watching. :) bahahahaahahahaa

And thanks everyone for the very kind comments on my DT entry. :) You all are going to make my head swell....hey...keep em coming..maybe if I can't fit through the door I won't have to go to the party!!!

Happy New Year!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Create My Keepsake DT Call

Wow...has anyone noticed that I haven't blogged in TEN DAYS??!! That's what happens when you are in the sticks (aka the folks ranch) with no computer. bahahaahahahaa I have some hilarious stories to share with you...the one quick one happened tonight. Auston was sitting on the counter talking to me...he went to jump off and his pant leg caught on the knob of the cupboard...he basically fell straight down into the floor. worries..that's not the funny part. :) Poor kid just cried and cried...I asked if he was okay and he shook his head...I asked if he wanted me to rockee him and he nodded (yay! do you know how long it's been since he let me rock him??!!). So we are rocking for what seems forever...I flip the TV on to NCIS and he don't want to watch NCIS. I then ask him what he wants to watch. He sighs really huge and replies..I don't know...I bumped my thinking part. :) Okay..well *I* thought it was funny...cuz I'm the mom that's why. tee hee

So I'm not sure why I decided to try out for this DT. I honestly really don't have any thoughts of actually MAKING IT. For one thing...I'm dated...but I've already gone over that one. My style is old but it's MINE so that's okay. And for should SEE the entries that are posted...these girls are hella talented. BUT...the application process really intrigued me..and since I love to put kits together anyway...I thought heck..its' up my alley. :) Oh and not only that but I'm a HUGE fan of rejection. *snort*

So the rules are as follows: Create a kit from your personal stash of scrap booking supplies. Including…but not limited to…the 8 following categories: 3 cardstock, 6 patterned papers, 1 alpha, 1 rubons, bling/brads/buttons, chipboard/rubber charms/flowers, stickers/die-cut shapes/journaling cards, and ribbon/trim.

Now I had a hard time with the rules...I pretty much followed it to a T but I noticed that some girls threw in like 2 or 3 alphabets and also did brads AND buttons. *gasp..I know!!* I didn't w
ant to waver too much and I hope I did it okay. It would totally be like me to mess up the rules. *slaps head* **edited to add...I just was rereading to check for spelling errors and what not and I see the phrase that says..but not limited too!! OMG...I'm SUCH a dork!!**

So my items were:
1 sheet bazzill kraft * 1 sheet bazzill parakeet * 1 sheet bazzill pumpkin
MME Peaceful Treasure Golden Rubies * Crate Paper Lemongrass Straw * Websters Pages Classic Garden Bachelor Button * Scenic Route Ashville Lexington Ave * Dream Street Art Noveau Avant Garde * Basic Grey Mellow Deciduous * WRMK flowers * Dee's Designs rubons * misc. buttons * trim including orange ric rac * brown lace * green floss * Colorbok alphabet stickers * and journaling spots from my shop

And here are my layouts (
why the heck did the font change to dark? UGH)....
Here is Auston during the 4th of the these photos. :)

And these pictures are of m
y grampa when he was a boy. Over Christmas I was able to go through some of the few photos from his childhood and he tried to recall dates as close as he could. I learned a ton and I cannot wait to scrap the rest of the photos!! went back to normal. Weird. Boy am I so not tech NOT ask me for internet help okay?? Okay. Alright then...this is Mathew...the day we went to Woodland Park to just hang out and of was perfect for photo ops. He was especially pleasing when it came to the can you do this phrase. :)

And with my scraps I created this 8x8 layout. As a gift for my daycare gal I create 2 pages per month for the first year of lil' Ambria's life. I enjoy being able to create some girly pages. :)
And that's it...I actually was going to make myself a dayplanner but ran out of time. Did I tell you that I tripped over a snowbank this morning? Well I *DID* and I hurt. Of course I automatically tried to catch myself...wrenching my shoulder in the process. So after this post I'm heading to a hot bath and then to bed. :) Don't forget to check back tomorrow as I'm posting my new challenge...and yes there will be a prize. Prizes are good. Have a stellar night ya'll!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008


so yes...I told you last night that you wouldn't hear from me again for a week right?'s 7pm...12 hours after I was supposed to be on the train. It's running a bit late. (ya think?) And now it's been pushed back until 9:15pm. How the heck does a train get delayed for 14 HOURS? I could have driven home and back in that time. *sigh* Crazy. So..we'll leave again (we've already been to the train depot twice today) at 8pm and hopefully THIS time the train will actually be here. So...I'll pull into Malta at roughly 4am. Good thing my folks get up at 5!! lol So much for this being a fun and educational experience for the boys! Merry Christmas!

**okay..sorry...I have to write this down so I don't forget it...after all..isn't that what blogs are for??
After we found out the train had been delayed...we decided to go out to breakfast. On the way there I was panicking because I WAS holding onto Auston's blankets (he has 2 that he 'rocks' with every night...and is very distraught if he doesn't have them...and no...I see no reason for alarm for the whole blanket thing as I had one until I was a sophomore in high school...and I turned out okay. *snort*). Anyway...we get out of the truck and I open the hatch and luckily they were laying in the very back. Whew!! We start walking to the cafe and Shawn is laughing saying..oh you would have been in BIG trouble if you would have left those somewhere!! So I asked bean how sad he would have been if I would have lost his blankies. Without skipping a beat he says..."Well..I wouldn't be very happy." OH MY GOSH....we were cracking up. It was so funny because his tone was SO serious. might not be funny for you all but it's one that we'll be telling for years to come. :)

Friday, December 19, 2008

WINNER!!! and stuff....

Well...we have a winner. :) Miss Nicole you are the lucky winner of item of your choice from the shop (excluding kits/bitties) please take a gander and see what you would like...and email me your addy and I'll get them in the mail. (probably not until after the holiday though!!).

And this is all you will see of me since we are hopping on the train in the morning. Kinda excited to make the trip back home without having to DRIVE it...and especially with the icky least I know I won't be stranded somewhere in the middle of nowhere!! I'm hoping the boys will do okay...they should but who knows. :)

Have a VERY Merry Christmas to all my friends. I am so very blessed to have so many people that accept me for all my oddities. *giggle* Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for even coming here to read my complete nonsense babble. Somedays it amazes me that anyone reads this as well..somedays I make no sense at all. (and I'm only saying this cuz I've reread some of my entries!! baahahahahaa).

Oh...funny story. So a gal from the school today said to know really remind me of someone..and it wasn't until after the bowling alley (her son's birthday party last Saturday) that I realized who it was. You look an awful lot like Sarah Palin. *gasp* Shocker. :) I just kinda giggled and she you get that a lot? I responded...yeah...I get that A LOT. tee hee

Okay friends...have a blessed holiday season and I will be home next weekend. I hope that Santa brings you everything you wished for (cuz you know when you stop believing you stop receiving!!) Smooches!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


no catchy title tonight...that's kinda my mood today. Just really down in the dumps...that horrible feeling of being totally hopeless...bottom of the bucket...lower than low. :) Let's see what other phrases I can come up with...nah...I won't be a debbie downer.

So I am a little sad...I'm finished with the Twilight Series...I actually finished the last book on Sunday. 4 books in 4 days. And it's not like that's ALL I did. :) We had a birthday party on Saturday and were at the bowling alley for 4 hours. And Friday I was at the school all day. I guess I can say that all the really good genes (ie...incredible musical talent, artistry, beauty, sheer talent) skipped me and went right to my sisters but I was fortunate enough to get the super fast speedy reading gene from my father...oh and the acne and the social retardation..oh and lets not forget the sarcasm shall we? Boy...if you are still reading...I need to send you a cookie...I'm AWFUL tonight!! lol Anyway...I'm super sad that the story is over. It was amazing....and yes...I totally felt bad for Jacob until the last book anyway. Talk about cry like a baby. Good grief. Shawn was laughing at me...but then again..he's NOT a reader so he doesn't understand how you can totally get sucked into a book. *sigh* I'm just really sad it's over. And I'm super curious to see the see if they did the book justice. Has anyone seen it yet?? Thoughts??

So a few hours ago I hear this: i un ih yuck. I rush outside and Auston is bawling...standing on top of my summer tires...hanging onto the top of the swingset. Shawn is inside getting a glass of warm water. You guessed it. I felt so bad for him...hanging there....with his tongue stuck to the swingset. He was trying to lick the frost. And...he insisted it would never happen again. Poor guy!!

Oh and another funny story....when my mom was here...she was driving down this one street when she stopped. I was are you don't need to stop here. She points over at the stop sign. I start laughing...I'm is the PEDESTRIAN stop sign. She just said...oh..I was wondering why it was so small. *slaps head* :)

I also noticed that I have almost 100 sales at my shop!! How cool is that?? I have something VERY special for the 100th sale. I figure that's a big number and deserves to be celebrated right?? Right.

Oh and another thing...ACBailey's home office will be closed from the 19th until the 5th of January. Everything (including free shipping day) will be shipped on January just wanted to forewarn you.

Ummm..that's it. I will do my drawing for item of choice (excluding kits/bitties) on I can mail on on Saturday the boys and I are hopping the train and heading to my folks'. I CANNOT WAIT!! (don't forget to leave a shout out to get in the drawing)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

2 books in 2 days...

yup...I'm on book three now...I've read a book a day. And yesterday I probably would have started book 3 but I was at the school helping at their craft bazaar all day. It's INSANE. And I admit that I'm almost sad....because by he end of the weekend the story will be finished..and THEN WHAT?? It's just so tough...I mean the whole thing between Edward and heart just breaks for Jacob. *sigh* Okay...back to book three...just wanted to check in with everyone. :)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'm really....

it's 7:54pm. My truck is running..warming up as the windows are frosted over. Auston just got out of the tub and I'm rushing him to get his jammies on. Their bedtime is 8:00pm..SHARP. Every night. Except tonight. Shawn is at the archery shop and here I am...typing away..willing the windows of my truck to clear up quickly so we can rush outside...into the darkness...boys in their jammies and me...with no other thought but that I need to GET TO BORDERS!!. I finished Twilight. And.I.Must.Read.More.

oh where my mind takes me...

So I started reading Twilight last night....yes...I had to see what all the fuss was about. Well about 100 pages later (and my bath water turned cold) I decided I better get my butt to bed and stop reading!! It's REALLY good already and I can't wait to sit down and start reading again. So as I was laying in bed thinking about the book my mind began to wander. And what did I think about?? Why Card Catalogs of course. I mean..isn't that the only LOGICAL thing to think about when you are lying in bed trying to fall asleep? *snort*

Yes...card catalogs. What ever happened to them? I really NEED to know the answer to this question. I remember card catalogs fondly....the smell of the cards...that faint musty paper smell...and how they felt when I ran my hand over the whole drawer full. I LOVED card catalogs...loved looking up my book...loved the big rack of drawers all neatly labeled and in order. So with all the technology there is...we no longer have a need for card catalogs. We now just type in the book we are looking for in the computer and out pops the section and row we need to look in for our book. ***I can see some of you are just NOW thinking...oh YEAH...a card catalog...NOW i know what she's talking about!!***

Okay..that's it for now. I's a pretty in depth thought. :) If you have an answer...let me know. I would love to know where these card catalogs went...I would LOVE to have one...just to have. How cool would that be??

And don't forget to comment for your chance to win anything from the shop (excluding kits and bitties!!).

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tuesday...and a giveaway!! and a sale!!

well....I pretty much slept ALL day today. Literally. Not quite sure why although I think it may have had something to do with this dang headache that I have. And my hand..I still can't quite feel's the strangest thing...not being able to really feel your hand. I'm hoping that will go away soon.

I'm going to have a sale in the shop. :) For every $10 or more order you will receive a free Jenni Bowlin Bingo Card...and a couple goodies from the shop.

And I did this layout using a sketch from ACB. AND...using one of Renee's cool journaling spots...I just loved these little guys and had to have them!! And yes...Laura Vegas is totally rubbing off on me with that little floss bit going on. I admit it. She ROCKS and I've been inspired. :)

Ummmm....nothing else really...I'm not funny tonight. Not even a little bit. Which is odd because normally well...ha! I'm hilarious. So just hope I wake up in the morning funny okay? Okay. And Missy...I gotta call you dude. Maybe tomorrow when I'm funny. :)

And...let's do a giveaway!! (And Vivian..I'm going to mail yours with the layout...ssshhhhh but I can't share that yet!) Yes..a giveaway! Let's make it FUN this time (cuz apparently they aren't fun when I have them before huh?? *snort*). For every comment you make you will get an entry and with every purchase you get an entry...and the drawing will be FOR....drum roll please...item of YOUR CHOICE from the shop (excluding kits and bitties). Fun? :) So comment away..tell your friends...tell your friends' friends. Invite all you know. Ha.

Monday, December 8, 2008

SOOOO bummed!!

that I couldn't make it to the Scrap Pack on Saturday night!! OH MY GOSH!! I just heard the report and it was an AMAZING turnout!! 16...yes...SIXTEEN showed up for class day and then another SIX girls came for Girls Night Out!! How freakin' COOL IS THAT??!! I offered up a Pink Paislee paper pack as a drawing for everyone who came (and brought a friend they got an extra entry in the drawing!!). But just that it was SO fun and everyone enjoyed themselves...AND...had a couple orders placed with ACBailey as well!! I'm just SO glad to have the chance to show people that you can get mainstream scrapbook supplies at a good price right here!! Just SO danged excited...not bad for 3 girls doing this 10 hours a month eh?? :) I can't wait for next month...I already have my classes up on the hopefully I can get some interest.

Other than that..had my appointment today in Polson, I'm looking fine. :) Still a bit sore but that's to be expected. Just kinda hanging out...want to do SO MUCH but not really able so will just keep plugging along and do what I can. :) Sure wish Shawn would go to work so I can rest in peace! baahahahaahahaha

AND...I'm going to be having a special for the shop soon. So be watching!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Well I woke up. :)

so that's a good thing. :) I didn't throw up once that is a REALLY great thing. THey put a patch behind my ear to help with that..and I think it worked. I'm pretty drugged up and the one medicine makes me hallucinate...I'm not even kidding. I was going potty and I look at the rug in front of the sink and it's little ants are underneath it and pulling it along. I kept blinking and rubbing my eyes but even that wouldn't make the rug stop moving. Talk about WEIRD.

Yesterday I couldn't feel my arm at was literally rubber...due to the nerve block they put on my arm Right now though...I have some serious pain going on and I should be laying down but when I lay down I really dwell on the trying to keep busy although my eyes are all funky. Apparently my shoulder was so fun of scar tissue that he couldn't even get his 4mm instrument inside.

So I just put up pictures of my January class kits. And remember...if you like a kit you can certainly buy one without taking the class. I changed it up a bit to accomodate anyone online that likes them. :) You can purchase them HERE. Although I must tell you that I won't ship until the 5th...but you still have to prepay/sign up for them beforehand so I can order the materials. :)

Picture one: All About Me
Picture two: GitRDun Club
Picture three: Heritage with a Twist

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

last day....

that you will be seeing me for awhile. I'm guessing until Sunday maybe? So be thinking of me..and keeping your fingers crossed that I come out of my anesthesia!! baahaahahaha (okay only HALF kidding here people!!)

Don't forget that the Scrap Pack is having Girls Night Out this Saturday at the Whitefish Mountain Mall! I know we have scrappers going so go hang out with them!! I might even stop in if I'm feeling up for it (just for a minute or so!). I also will have some paper packs available and some cool thickers too. INCLUDING some of the NEW October Afternoon...YUMMY!! So go check it out on Saturday if you are looking for a nice relaxing and FUN, stressfree environment in which to scrap!! :)

So I just loaded some MORE stuff in the shop. :) Including some new color jotters (which are totally new for me!!). I'm pretty excited with how they turned out. AND...I think I finally found a better place to take pictures for will try to retake the others soon!! For the month of December with every purchase you will receive a free set of month scalloped jotters (not listed in the store). friend Renee is having an AWESOME sale in her etsy shop for the remainder of the week. You won't want to miss it...she has the cutest shabbiest chicest stuff eva! (I so made up that phrase!!).

So have a great weekend and I will see you soon!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Just a couple new things

that I listed in the shop tonight. A couple Christmas ittie bitties and a couple new calendars. The vintage flair 2009 calendar turned out pretty good if I might say so..and the bracket date jotters I think are super fun. Now if only I had time to SCRAP so I could use some of my new goodies!! lol Oh and can I just say that I HATE that it's dark when I get home?? I have no light to take pictures and they SUCK!! I will end up redoing these guys.

Oh and no...not an overnight stay. My mom is coming up on Thursday and taking me to Missoula where she wants to finish her Christmas shopping and then at 6:30am I go under the knife. This will be my FIFTH surgery. No kidding. And everytime I freak out and cry. I hate anesthesia...not only because I'm horribly sick afterward but I always have this thought that I could just not wake up and I would never know. *sigh* That part sucks...I always have tears running down my face before I'm knocked out. But then I wake up...yakking like crazy. :) (yakking as in throwing up NOT talking!! teehee)

Alrighty then...I'm off to take a hot back is SO stinkin' sore tonight for some reason. So have a stellar night ya'll!

Monday, December 1, 2008

December Sweet Pea Scraps...and stuff

Have you ever noticed I say that a lot? ...and stuff. It's because my title is more than just the one thing...I usually have more to ramble on about...and stuff just seems fitting right? Right. that I've got that under control. :)

Wanted to show ya'll what I did with the awesome December Sweet Pea Scraps kit. BTW...did you all have a great Thanksgiving??
We went to the inlaws where they have very SLOW, very torturous dial up (hence my lack of posts in the last few days!!). It was okay...nothing too exciting...I had planned on doing WAY more scrappin' than I did though. Which is kinda a bummer since my surgery is THIS FRIDAY! I know. It's totally sneaking up on me...I have SO much to do still!! Work has to be caught up and my house in order as my mom will be here early Thursday afternoon. *sigh* And it's already Monday night! EEEK!

WOW...look at me go...gettin' on a tangent there. :) So December layouts using the Sweet Pea Scraps kit. Hope you enjoy!! :) AND...I found these coasters in the Joann's dollar spot and decided to make little wall hangings with them...thought they turned out pretty cute especially since I'm WAY project challenged. :)

Off to post the Sweet Pea Vine challenge right now....and I should give something away....but maybe I'll wait until after my surgery so I have something to do. :)
And I don't have anything else to say to fill up this long just look at the pictures. :) And don't forget to play along with the Sweet Pea Vine!