Sunday, February 24, 2008

HA!!! Call me CRAZY!!

But I tried out a Canon Rebel this weekend (specifically Mathew's last basketball game) and it is NOT the camera for me!! I are all probably thinking I'm nuts but I'm being totally serious. There were just WAY too many things that I didn't like about the SLR that I just can't imagine dropping that kind of money for one. (And I AM getting an new camera in about a month as we sold dh's old truck! WOOHOO!). is the list of CONS about the camera...

* The lenses...I couldn't have the big telephoto lens on and be able to change my focus to get a picture of something close up...I had to change the lens. But with fast moving boys...who would have time?? (ie...focused on Mathew at the other end of the court...then wanted to take a picture of Auston sitting on the floor beside me)
*The viewfinder. I had to look through the viewfinder. This was the BIGGEST issue for me actually. And it may seem odd to you but I couldn't WATCH the game as I was looking through the viewfinder and could only see Mathew. So I missed basically the whole game. Whereas with my camera now...I'm able to look at the screen but am also able to look up and see the game being played at the same time. (and I'm not going to go through 2 boys and all their sports watching through a viewfinder!)
*I'm left eye by the end of the game my right eye was sore and twitching from having to stay closed!!
*Not to sound like a wus...but my right hand is SO sore today from holding that thing up. I have arthritis in my hands already and it just wasn't a good thing!

The Pros...
*I loved the clicking noise it made when it took the picture. I know...I"m such a freak!
*The fact that I could take like 3 photos in a minisecond...that was cool.
*To be able to focus on the other end of the court.

But all in's just not for me. So neither is the Nikon. I found this Panasonic that I'm REALLY interested in so am going to do some more research on that. But basically...I now know that I'm not in for a DSLR. I'm really thankful that I was able to test out one before dropping the money!

Didn't do any scrappin' yesterday...just finished up my layout for Random Chaos...and I'm really pleased with how it turned out! I'll post tomorrow after the challenge is revealed!


ALLY said...

Good thing you got to try it out and find out that it wasn't the camera for you Jenn! Hope you find a comfortable and suitable camera for you!

Great RC[4] page!!!

ALLY said...

LOL... I have to laugh because I use a digi Canon Rebel XT... it's my second baby!!!

Annalisa said...

I have to call you crazy!!!!
Absolutely love my Rebel!!
But that said I understand some of your issues (only some though:))