Friday, February 22, 2008


And I TRULY mean that!! I even had Monday off due to the boys being out of school and it has STILL seemed like a really long week! Don'tcha just hate that?? So I haven't blogged in over a week so let's see if I have any exciting news....

......nope. Not really. :) Mathew's counseling appointment went well I think. I asked him what they talked about and he I can't tell you's a secret between her and me. :) So I'm nosy!? She *did* tell me, however, that Mathew does seem to have some characteristics of ADD. BUT that he is able to regroup and refocus. And that he seems to get really frustrated when trying to explain himself. She said she could just tell his little mind was going but he wasn't able to get the words out right. I told her I thought he was just throwing a fit (because he DOES get frustrated, runs to his room and slams the door). She said that he IS throwing a fit and she's going to work on helping him to get his tolerance time built up so he doesn't get so angry so fast. He has an appointment today with her AND I did make an appointment with the pediatrician for next Friday to discuss the whole ADD issue.

So..not only this...but his night terrors have come back. He's had 3 in the last week. They suck. They are scary and I thought he had outgrown them. But nope...back in full force, apparently we just had a bit of a reprieve. And NO..they aren't just nightmares. They are horrible screaming episodes that always get me into a panic. And the one he had the other night...I couldn't get him to wake up (you aren't supposed to actually WAKE them up but there are tricks) by going potty which normally does the trick. His eyes were wide...his mouth was wide and he was screaming...the whole time scratching his legs, bottom and face until the skin was raw. He isn't coherent...and even though I talk to him he doesn't understand what I'm saying...I can't understand any of his babble although I did catch the word mom in there. He will look me in the eyes but isn't focusing...tries to walk through me. It's the most awful thing ever to watch. Scary. So I finally said...let's go look at the moon. Luckily the cold air was enough to get him out of it. I took him back to bed...tucked him in and swept the hair from his face. I asked him why he woke up and he said...I dunno mom. His voice was back to normal so I knew he was awake. That's the other thing...he NEVER I've never told him because I certainly don't want him to be afraid to go to sleep. The episodes are just very exhausting...for both of us. I need to remember to tell the counselor and the pediatrician about them coming most kids outgrow them by the age of 6.

Ummmm...let's see. Haven't done a thing yet with my March kit from Sweet Pea Scraps but am hoping to this weekend sometime!! I have some ideas and will probably end up doing at least one wedding layout. :) My area in the bedroom is almost complete...hung up the last shelf last night...just have to get everything squared away and then will post a picture of my new and improved...with more elbow room...scrap space. :)

Tonight we are going over to my friend, Deanna's house for dinner. Should be fun. And I don't have to cook so I'm so not complaining!! :)

Okay...have a great Friday everyone...and a wonderful weekend!


Mindy said...

Have a great weekend!! I actually have today off because my daycare staff is so sick they do not have enough staffing!! So they had to close for the day! Sucks. But I am glad it is the weekend.

Mindy :)

ALLY said...

Hope your weekend was a good one Jenn! Sounds like your DS is making some kind of process! Night terrors... sounds scary!!! Hope you can solve that one too! Hope you were able to create something this weekend!