Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Here it is..

My layout for Random Chaos. You should check it out...it's kinda fun. :) This weeks challenge was to create a birthday layout...and since the Bean just had a birthday it was easy peasy for me! This layout though, sat on my desk all day long before being finished...it seemed that I just couldn't get it to look 'right.' I think what it was the black cardstock I had for the background originally. anyway...I'm really pleased with how it turned out...and love those corrugated letters...those are from a Sweet Pea Scraps kit from a long time ago!!

And the challenge for this week at the Sweet Pea Vine was to use this cool sketch by Jana Eubank (who rocks...her link is on the side!). To see her examples for the sketch just click on the link. I'm really going to try to get a layout done using the sketch tonight...and hopefully I will have something to post tomorrow!! Yup...I can scrap tonight (and sleep in tomorrow!) as Shawn is working out of town this week and will be spending the night up in Eureka (almost to Canada!) tonight and Thursday night. So I will have those 2 nights to scrap. Now....hopefully I will use my time wisely. :)

Last night Mathew woke up and trekked out to the living room. He was scratching his legs and stomache so I knew he was probably in the midst of a night terror. I said...Mathew...what is 2 plus 2. He just kept scratching and said some incoherent word. Shawn and I had to giggle...as this wasn't a scary one...he was just totally in a fog. Pretty soon he did his little shiver and looked up at us like..what the heck am I doing out here?? So I tucked him back in bed. But the night before he had another one (yup..that's 4 in a week!) that was horrible! I was brushing my teeth and Shawn was in the shower. His eyes were huge and his mouth open in terror. He said...Auston...and then...what did he do to you? And the rest I didn't understand. That's just a scary phrase and I really wish I knew what had him so scared. I had to take him outside again to snap him out of it. *sigh* I just wish these episodes would go away. they say that lack of sleep is a key factor in bringing them on...but he goes to bed every night no later than 8:15pm...and he's been getting his Flonase at night. My friend Missy suggested a cranial therapist?? (I think that's what she called it). As her daughter had them as a baby. It's a great thought....but I'm going to see if my pediatrician can offer any insight. The problem is...there really has been no known solution for them.

And...still trying to research a camera. I found a Panasonic that is promising...but in the reviews I read that it had a heavy body...and with my hands I'm not sure if that's going to be the best for me. If anyone has a camera they love (NOT a Rebel or NIkon! :) ) PLEASE give me the heads up...so I can have some more ideas!

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ALLY said...

Awesome birthday page Jenn!!! I love Jana's sketch!

Wow... your son is having a tough time! I hope you are able to figure out what's bothering him soon so he can have wonderful dreams!