Wednesday, April 16, 2008

just a little update....

So I didn't get a picture of the church...but I do have one somewhere. It's such a beautiful church....sitting on top of a hill. You can see it from a mile away and it always gives me such a sense of peace. I'll dig up the picture I's so pretty.

The service was difficult....I cried hard. My uncle Vic just hugged me and whispered in my ear...I cried like you at my grama's funeral. For some reason that made everything okay. Oddly enough. My cousin Ryan and I just clung to each other and cried. And Eric as well. My brother had a really hard time too....but the rest of the kids were pretty much dry eyed. You could certainly tell which kids were the closest. I had pretty much cleared up my eyes walking back down the aisle until Joy Rasmussen grabbed my hand as I walked by. She was grama's friend..and I used to spend hours at her house playing while her and grama drank coffee and visited. When we moved...Joy and Gordon took my puppy for me so that Sooner had a place to grow up. :) All that history...all those familiar faces from the past. Watching my grampa take off his glasses to dry his eyes. Turning to look at Shawn and see his face streaming with tears...tears that came from my pain. It was just hard...very very hard. But no family drama for which I'm extremely grateful. I had bought some sidewalk chalk and these huge tubes of bubbles for the kids after the that kept them all entertained for awhile. It was really nice seeing all the family and I was able to get a picture of all the great grandkids together...although Tucker wasn't cooperating very well!! I had wanted one of the grandkids but that didn't happen...I should have just made it happen instead of letting it go unnoticed. Oh well. I'll post some pictures as soon as I figure out how to get them off of my new camera. :)

Long long drive. Quick weekend. And now I'm swamped with work..inventory. Good grief I hope things just slow down a little bit for me. The insane and I just haven't had time to do kids are officially out of socks and I'm down to my uncomfy underwear...not a good sign!! Tonight is Mathew's baseball practice...and Friday is inventory day for me at work. I've been working after I get Mathew from school and just feel so dang frazzled. The scrapbook store garage sale is Saturday and things are due in today and I still have things to price. *sigh* Wonder if I'll get it all done? Breathe Jenn...breathe. :)


KimmyS said...

Dude, I welled up just reading it as it so reminded me how I felt at my Grama's funeral.

HUGE hugs

Chantel said...

i remember my grandma's funeral and the free flow of tears too. so glad everything went well for your trip etc.


ALLY said...

Sending you lots of hugs right now. I remember my grandparent's funerals too. I miss them dearly! ((((hugs))))