Friday, April 11, 2008

Well I'm off....

Leaving this afternoon after I get the boys from school/daycare and heading to Malta where we'll stay the night. I'm guessing we'll get there about 10ish tonight. Then in the morning we get up early and head to the farm. Grama's service is at 2pm. I will have to take a picture of the church that I grew up in. It's beautiful...the prettiest setting ever. It's an old fashioned (well it's been there forever) church with a steeple...white of course...and it sits atop a little hill. You can see the church from miles around (remember..this is NE Montana where it is very flat). And the farm is only a mile from the church. I've always loved just seeing it..the peace it gave me knowing that it's there...standing strong and proud against the big Montana sky. It will be nice to have the entire family there although I wish the circumstances were different....the last time we were all together was at grama and grampa's 50th wedding anniversary which was only days after Mathew was almost 8 years ago. Yup...they had been married for 57 years.

I created a couple layouts to display at the's been kinda struggle with the family because grama never liked her picture taken or to be the centre of attention. I'm sure the service will be short and sweet without those musical slideshows (which I hate because it just makes me cry that much longer and harder!). But we'll see. I have these two that I'm taking as well as one that I created a LONG time ago of their wedding photo (not my best work but was about 9 years ago!!).

(and yes...I hate to plug at a time like this but need to give credit that all supplies are from the May Sweet Pea Scraps kit)
Thanks for all the well wishes, thoughts and prayers that you all have given me!!


Jana Eubank said...

These are just beautiful, Jenn! What lovely tributes. So, sorry for your loss. :(

ALLY said...

Stunning pages Jenn! What wonderful tributes to your Grandma! Take care! We're thinking of you! Many hugs!!!