Sunday, March 2, 2008

Let's hope it works....

Mathew had his appointment with the Pediatrician on Friday afternoon. Now honestly I'm not sure it wasn't so much for me as for Mathew! I admit it...I was the doctor's office. The amount of guilt and sense of failure was enormous. Dr. Wilder is an awesome, amazing man though and really just gets the whole parenting thing. He kept telling me that this is not my fault and I do not need to hold onto an guilt that I feel. He even said I was a good mom. (which...ha! somedays I so do not feel like it!).

I was given two forms to fill out for Mathew's evaluation. One was for his teacher and one was for me. And I'm not sure if it's because I was actually paying attention and noticing things but that child is off the hook! He cannot sit still for the life of him. How did I not notice this before? Funny thing is that the teacher and I were talking and she said the SAME THING! So we filled out the forms....and Dr. Wilder 'scored' them. And sure enough...Mathew is ADHD. He is on the more mild side of it though as he was just inside the light colored box. We were given Strattera to try...a very low dose...only 18mg. Dr. Wilder said to try this for a month and see what happens. He's guessing we may have to be on a 25 or 40mg dose.

So yesterday was day 1 of the Strattera. Mathew cannot swallow a capsule to save his skin!! Finally we got it down his little throat. :) Shawn took him to shoot his bow and when they came back Mathew crawled on the couch beside me and watched a movie (The Thief Lord...rented from the library...VERY GOOD!). He didn't jitter...he didn't move. It was ODD. Then he just got up and went to bed. I can't tell you the last time that child has taken a NAP...but he slept for over an hour. Honestly it worried me. My brother went through SO much with his meds and it was horrible to watch. I called my mom right away and what she said made total sense. The Strattera probably just made him relax enough for his body to realize it needed some rest. He doesn't sleep usually much at night...and during the day it's go go go. So I'm guessing she is right.

This morning he is off the hook. Totally and completely. No wonder I lose my head somedays. He runs around..makes noise..picks on the dog...picks on his brother constantly to the point that our house is usually just utter chaos. We'll see. I'm just really hoping that this works and he is able to focus and not distract so much in school. Wish us luck. :)

AND...on to scrappy news. I have only done 4 layouts for Sweet Pea Scraps this month. Cuz I'm a MAJOR slacker and have been in such a rut! Oh and I put together my friend Amy's wedding album and realized I have NINETEEN pages left. Yikes! So I did 2 more for her...bringing my total down to 17. *snort*

Here is the kit which is awesome...I love the mix of papers. The stamp like one that's sticking out in the back (blue with white polka dots) is SO cool that I don't know how to use it!! Seriously I have some ideas but I'm so worried about messing it up and ruining the paper that it's totally ridiculous.
Okay....Auston is crying...I have to go...I'll post later.


Mindy said...

You ARE a good mom Jenn. I hope that this will help Mathew!

SweetPeaMama said...

You are so lucky to be catching this so early!! I woke up in tears this morn because I was stressing about what a bad mom and housewife I am. We all go through that feeling. Chin up - you are doing great. Thanks for all the info. We are all really thinking about you. (By the way 4 SPS layouts beats my ZERO)