Thursday, January 8, 2009

Oh my heck...

so before I go further I NEED to clarify. It's really disturbing to think that some people are leaving negative comments on Sasha's blog because of her post. I'm REALLY hoping that none of my readers would do that cuz well...that would make me feel HORRID for linking. is the post that she wrote that I thought ROCKED.


.... stay true to who you are, your work and your techniques

.... never forget where you came from and where you once started out in the beginning

.... appreciate those that you inspire and continue to be positive with them and for them

.... never let your head get bigger than a bowling ball because the shit is not cute

.... take the time to reach out to more than just the big names but to those that you CAN relate too

.... never let this industry make you feel you are not good enough just because someone shredded their paper versus keeping the lines straight

.... never over work yourself, lose the fun in it, stop scrapping for you..go for things you believe in.

....never apologize for wanting to be on a Design Team, wanting to be published.

....never let it get you down or stop you after someone tells you something similiar to what was said to me "your style is just not what folks are looking for, but you ROCK non-the-less, I just doubt I ever see you in Creating Keepsakes and Memory Makers, because well .. you are just not commercial" .. WOW! I know right .. but dont worry I laughed at the non-sense and pressed on with my day ..

....but this is what you should do ..

LAUGH, CREATE AND SHARE .. because it is all about what makes you happy in the end.

I feel I need to tell people that she wrote this post days BEFORE the Create My Keepsakes DT was she didn't write her post because she was bitter about not being picked. I just chose to use her eloquent post because it seems so many of us forget WHY we scrap...we get discouraged because we don't get pubbed or make a DT (which honestly I'm not upset that I didnt' make the CMK DT...I have a pretty full plate and the talent I was up against was HUGE!!). Simply put...I thought her post rocked and I wanted to share. That's all. :) my soapbox now. And for the OH MY HECK is the picture of the giveaway!! Can you believe I ACTUALLY got it done tonight?? Wow..I know..I'm pretty danged amazed with it myself. :) So just leave a comment and you'll get an entry...or any purchase will get you an entry. I know there are lots of calendar tickets...but that's just my thing. :) I did create some NEW calendar tickets...see the picture above.

Have a stellar night ya'll and TGIF!! Woohooo!!


Sasha said...

Thanks boo bear ... linked up your etsy on my bomb ass etsy's .. so now off to get those valentines day goodness to add to my already juicy stuff LOL

Jenny B in Indy said...

I'm not sure what the heck happened.. I'm trying to figure it out. Shame on them though.. If they left shitty comments on her blog.
I've had weirdo's do the same to me.. I just delete them.. tee hee :)
Some people are CRAZY!
Anyhoo, I want these.. Cause ya know I love your date stuff. So I'll throw my hat in.
Great giveaway!

Vivian said...

That's too bad that people do that. Actually that really stinks!! I thought scrapping was supposed to be about creative expression...

Love all the new Etsy stuff Jenn - that kit rocks!!

Danielle said...

Hey these tickets are so cute!
Some people are just so rude, aren't they?! I don't get it.

The Crowells said...

I think these are always! And I love Sasha's post. Amen, Sista!