Monday, January 5, 2009


this morning I woke up with a head cold. I HATE that feeling...just stumbling out of my dream (which was WEIRD btw) and trying to breathe only to realize that half my nose is plugged up. Then noticing that my throat is sore. Start to sit up only to feel like my eyes are going to pop out of my head and that my ears ache. *sigh* So I'm crabby today, and not feeling well..slightly whiney and did I mention crabby?? You know what ALWAYS makes me feel better when I am sick? Dairy Queen. Yes folks..that is pretty much my solution for WONDER I had 25lbs to lose. :)

So anyway. I have a couple more Auston stories to share and I need to write them down before I forget because...stinkin' funny stuff right here. :)

So Saturday night when we FINALLY saw the train arrive...we were standing outside. It was a nice brisk 15 below zero...friggin' cold is what it was. The train is pulling up and we are moving like a herd of cows. I hear Auston start screaming at the top of his lungs. I look over and he has these huge crocodile tears rolling down his face and is STILL screaming. I said...bean..what's wrong?? He just screams...I'm thorry, I'm thorry. I look behind him and notice that on the metal rail there is a small round spot that is nice and of frost. *sigh* Yes..he did it AGAIN. Twice in 3 days. I said...Auston..did you stick your tongue to the metal again?? He just screamed back...I'm thorry I'm hurths it hurths. I'm really hoping that he won't do it again. A couple days later I notice that he's picking his tongue and it is just coated in little white blisters. Poor guy. I guess he must have thought it was a fluke the first time around!!

My mom bakes...a lot. Well Auston was her little helper...he stayed in the kitchen with grama and just baked up a storm. One recipe called for mini marshmallows so those were out on the counter. Auston looked at them and then told my know grama, when we go to grama Christie's house we get to roast the BIG marshmallows. My mom nodded and said..well that's nice. She said he got very serious and asked...grama, can't you afford the big marshmallows??? bahahahaahahaha I was rolling when she told me...but once she got back into the kitchen I heard Auston weren't sposed to TELL my mom!! That boy cracks me up.

So ya'll must be wondering why I only tell you stories about Auston. Well...I'll tell you a story about Mathew. Yesterday he was mad about something or another and screamed at me...I just HATE this's the worst ever and I wish I was never in it. *sigh* Does that answer any questions? He's 8. What am I going to do when he's a teenager? He is SO full of anger. I tried to explain his attitude to my mom and she finally figured it out when we spent the Christmas break with her. He just doesn't let me LOVE him. I can't hug or kiss him...I can't joke with him. He wants absolutely nothing to do with me. It's a horrible feeling and I really don't know what to do to make it better. I feel guilty...because I always feel like I'm hugging Auston and playing with him..but he LET'S me...Mathew just shuts me out. Any ideas? Suggestions?? *sigh*

I have some new ideas for the shop...just gotta get them created. And I have some bitties still sitting here that I have yet to photograph and list. I'm a lazy bum. Plain and simple.

Oh..we did get some semi good news today. Although I really am still crabby. :) Shawn will more than likely be hired on with the rigs in February!! Woohooo!! I'm not holding my breath because we are so unlucky...but I would love to hope that this will work out for us. That means that probably March ish we will be moving we'll have to stay here probably a good month while he's working just so we can catch up. The problem is now..there is no place to live in that town. And I'm not even joking.

Okay..I've rambled a lot huh? Have a great night and I will chat tomorrow. I have a couple layouts to post too. And I'm STILL crabby. :)


Katie Skiff said...

Your Austin sounds like my!! If I see your mom, I'll ask her if she's been able to get the bigger marshmallows!!

And I'll keep an eye out for ya on a house!

Elizabeth said...

I sure hope you start feeling better soon. And story's about our kids are really great, thank you for sharing.

I am sorry that Matthew is so angry. I will be praying that his little heart opens up.

Leigh said...

Your Auston stories are quite funny!
I'm sorry about Matthew-- that's got to be so hard! {{{hugs}}}

Audrey Pettit said...

Hey Jenn! It's SO good to "see" you! I'm so glad you've joined us over at CMK. It really is a great place there.....very friendly and warm. I've met lots of great people there.
Sorry to hear you woke up sick. It is definitely that time of year. Got my fingers crossed about your DH's new job. Sorry about your worries over matthew. My 13 year old son is not very lovey-dovey either. He will joke with me, though, but he's not big on hugs and kisses. I just make sure he knows that I think he's awesome, fabulous, wonderful and my true joy anyway. As long as he's secure in who he is, I know I'm doing my job. Maybe make sure he hears those words from you a lot, even if he does want his space. Good luck.

Daniela said...

Fun stories about Auston. No suggestions about Mathew. I would just keep trying.
Love your CMK DT entry, good luck. I hope Lisa makes the announcement soon :)

Sasha said...

ooooh I love your story so keep tellin em, girl its your blog lol .. and I got my goodies and me oves em!


Chrys said...

Hope your doing better today!

Norma Kennedy said...

Hope your feeling much better real soon. Thank you for sharing so much of you with us and wish you the best at CMK !