Friday, January 2, 2009

Holy Snow!

Seriously it's NUTS out there! We haven't had this much snow since 1996 (as far as I can remember anyway!). Our yard is literally filled with snow...3.5' to be almost exact!! I had big hopes of going to Costco but I can't even get out of my drive!! Shawn went to borrow a snowblower and ended up getting stuck. *sigh* It's nuts....seriously crazy! And to top it off..I don't think our heater is working...I try to turn it up and I don't hear the furnace kick on. Hopefully I'm wrong because I'm not sure what I can do!!

So I just found this...and the UofM Griz cheerleaders are in the final 2 for Paula Abdul's cheerleading bowl. Here's a little snippet if you want to watch...Here. I went to the University of Montana and have never been a Griz fan..well football anyway as I hate football. (they lost the championship this year too...but they always seem to make it so that's cool). But to see that the cheerleaders are in the final two..that's awesome. It's great to see Montana seems that we are always forgotten about...or people still think we're nothing but a bunch of cowboys and indians! ;) for my New Years challenge. :) Those of you who know me know that I put this challenge up EVERY YEAR!! So why stop now?? My challenge for you is to create a layout describing your goals for the New Year. I pulled out my goals layout from 2008 and I see that I only accomplished one of them (my weight loss). So hopefully I can accomplish my goals this year!! Make sure to post a link in the comment section. You have the whole month of January to get it done. :) I will send a rak to the winner (randomly drawn). And I'll post my layout soon!! Happy New Year!!


Sasha said...

love the post .. totally get it too..and I am so shoppin in your Etsy ..

Katie Skiff said...

Egads!! I hope the heater isn't out! Yuck. And I think you know that we have tons of snow here too! Oh!! I shoveled us out this AM and you can't tell. Blah! LOL.... And you aren't a Griz fan..shame on you! Tee hEe Hee. Ok, so we are mostly Monte fans b.c we met him when the boys were little. Otherwise, I am like you...hate football! LOL

Have agood day!

Jenny B in Indy said...

Hey, send some of that snow my way, chica! We've barely had any and we normally have at least a foot by now!
I want pics of my little guy playing in it!! Darn Mother Nature!! :)

Nicole said...

stay warm!!! i was thinking about you when i was watching the winter storm warning on the news last night.

well i already did my goals layout for the year with the sweet pea kit, go me! i'm feeling a little ambitious and it's only jan. 2 . . . hopefully it's not all down hill from here. lol!

Vivian said...

Huh. I think if you look in the January '08 challenge LO's on the SPV, you'll remember how I feel about resolutions.....still resolution-less up here in Owen Sound...=D
I'd love to watch, but couldn't get the link to work, I'll try again later.
You're welcome to the snow, I've had my fill for the year!!
Stay warm my friend!!

Lucy Edson said...

Wish you could send some snow my way! It has been in the upper 70's here all week. Stay warm! Great post and challenge! :)