Friday, June 27, 2008


Although it started out a little rocky. Not a great morning for us at the Stevens' house. Mathew is just SO dang mean to his brother...and then he lied to me....I gave him 3 chances to tell me the truth and it wasn't until I threatened to take away fishing that he told me the truth (the boys each had a different story and I said someone better stop lying....). Any advice on what to do?? Lying is one of the biggest things that Shawn and I preach to the boys...that we won't tolerate it and that they will be in LESS trouble if they just tell us the truth than if they try to lie about it. So I told Mathew there will be consequences for lying especially since I gave him 3 chances to tell the truth. If he's pulling this at 8...what is going to happen when he's 15. *shudder* I cringe at the thought. :)

So Shawn got a phone call....about a job opportunity. And this isn't the first time from these same people. I'm beginning to wonder how many times we will have to be beat in the head with it before we realize maybe it's a sign and something we should follow?? It's just that if it were to happen we would move home...which don't get me wrong...I would love to move and be closer to my family. BUT...change is hard. It's not a little's a move that if we took the jump we would probably never be able to move back to Kalispell just because of the cost of living difference. We have to think of the well they are doing in school. And if we can give Mathew the opportunity to excel in they even HAVE a baseball program? You have to think that we would be moving to a town with a population of about 1800. Still bigger than my hometown but WAY smaller than Kalispell. I think of all the pros....I wouldn't have to work and could be more active in the boys at school etc, I could get a horse (see...look at the me me me going on here!!)...and Auston could get a horse. I wouldn't worry about the kids getting stolen riding their bike down the street, they could walk to school without that fear, they would be able to go to the ranch and run around and play whenever. The pace of life is SO much slower and the cost of living cheaper. There is no fast food restaurants. (okay..that doesn't look like it's spelled right??) Actually..there isn't much of anything. *sigh* I basically told Shawn he has a lot to think about. But it all boils down to how many times this has to come you believe in signs?? It's like getting hit over the head over and over and ignoring it. How long do you take the beating?? UGH. Well hopefully within a month we'll know what's going on....I will keep you posted...


KimmyS said...

Listen dorkfish - there was not ONE truly negative thing you said about the place you would move to. Everything you listed was a definite ro for the place. In all honesty I think THAT is the sign you need. You would be happier and the kids would adapt so quick.
I'd say go for it

Katie Skiff said... again...I've only lived in Billings, but I hated it. Now here, I love being able to walk to the mail, know everyone and know who isn't good, and know where they live. We don't eat at fast food b/c they don't exist here, but it's a treat when you do go out of town. You could help at school and if both boys are in school you could work part time somewhere OR YOU COULD OPEN A CRAFT STORE FOR ME!! (Sorry I yelled.) And they do have basketball. Basketball is nuts here!
Come on!! (ok, i know I'm not helping you.) And like the other comment, the boys would adjust and they would make good friends and you would be ok.