Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday again....

do you see a pattern here? Seems I only remember to blog on Monday's when I post the Sweet Pea Vine challenge!!

So not much new to is my layout I did for this week's Random Chaos layout. I have to admit that I cheated. I created this layout during the retreat I went to in I just didn't scrap all this week!! UGH. But it that's okay right??

It was a nice weekend...the sun was shining...FINALLY!! It was in the 70's all nice out. The boys went fishing on Saturday for a bit...and I cleaned the house. We have a babysitter starting today...she's coming to the house to watch the boys. She's SUCH a good kid....I really like her and the boys adore her so that makes it perfect!! We'll see how she does with my monsters. :)

I swear I had something to report...but apparently my life is boring. I had a dream last night about my grama's funeral...and I was sobbing...literally sobbing in my dream. Weird and hard to go through all those emotions again. Oh and somewhere during the weekend I think I developed allergies...omg I've been sneezing like nose is itchy and driving me nuts...and the sinus headache...ugh. SO not fair.
Oh and this is officially my first week back to working full time. A coworker of mine is betting me that I am not going to get my 40 hours for the week!! We are riding on a DQ blizzard/frappicino winning here. Then Shawn calls and I'm telling him about the bet and he asks if he can get in on it....on KEN'S side!! What the heck?? They really have no faith that I'm going to get my 40 in this week. Jerks!!

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Deanna Horsens said...

You go girl! I'm root'n for ya! 40 40 40 40 40. Nothing can stand between you and DQ!