Thursday, June 26, 2008


it's not Monday. :) And here I am...writing a little sumpin' sumpin. :) I've been getting my headaches back again...I've always had headaches and for the most part just live with them 24/7 as literally I can't remember the last time I haven't had a headache. So when I say I'm getting them back I mean by more where they are making me not function so well. I kinda have figured it because I wear my hair up all the time and have a clip thingey sitting at the back of my head. So the last two days I've worn my hair down (well until noon..which is really good for me!!). This morning I curled it. I mean the little ringlet curls. It took me HALF AN HOUR. Holy crap...that's ridiculous!! I usually get ready from start to finish in half an hour and here I was just curling my stinkin' hair in that time. Shawn loved it and I've gotten lots of compliments (I think everyone says something as it's just so different since I wear my hair up everyday). BUT...I just don't think it's feasible to spend 1/2 hour on my hair every morning. I'm so not a girly girl. :) are my most recent layouts...all using the July Sweet Pea Scraps kit. And I'm planning on scrappin' this weekend as Shawn has been fishing like a mad man. And I'm being totally serious...the other night/morning he didn't get in until 4:51am. I've been calling his fishing thing 'LuLu' since it's like a mistress. :) But I don't care...I'm sleeping so what does it matter if he's night fishing...right?
Work has been pretty busy...this is my 2nd full week...which btw...I got 40.5 hours last week. :) I'm not doing so good this week...I bet I'm 1/2 hour short of my 40. But that's okay...I won my bet...and really that's all that matters!! tee hee

OH...I do have something to report. Monday mid morning my babysitter calls and said that some people from State showed up at our house. Yup...Child Protective Services came to MY house. I was freakin' out. The 'anonymous' tip said that we left the house at 7:30 and left our 6 and 8 year old unattended all day long. Yeah you know the damage those boys could do left alone?? *sigh* put your mind at ease it wasn't due to us being bad parents...actually the neighbor across the street was mad at us and used this to 'get even' with us. What a rotten thing to do right? Well he's a grumpy old man who doesn't like kids. What happened (long story here) is that the boys were playing ball and the ball when into his yard...he legally changed his name to Sinaway (yes that's right...Sin Away)...well while the boys were getting the ball out of his yard (no fence either btw) he called them little bas*ards. Shawn found out and was furious and went over there to tell him never to call the boys names. Sinaway started yelling at Shawn saying our kids were so awful and always destructive blah blah blah..then proceeded to call my husband a low life piece of sh*t. I'm not even kidding. So while I'm trying to keep my husband from pummeling this 60 year old man he runs into his house and locks the door. Smart on his part. So Shawn goes and talks to the landlord about it because..well it's not called for. Well..Sinaway also called CPS on our neighbor so we knew it was him. But I just can't have CPS called everytime my boys annoy this stupid man. He shouldn't be in this neighborhood at all since he doens't like kids...or people for that matter. He's always yelling at people if they get to close to his lawn. So there is that a nutshell. :)

One of my bestest friends Missy gave me a link to this awesome blog. The latest entry is so great and I'm totally going to try to incorporate these challenges into my scrappin'...cuz I'm certain it'll be fairly easy to do. But the blog author is a great writer and her entry really got to me. So take a peek.


ALLY said...

Gorgeous pages Jenn! What a freakin' horrible neighbour! I sure hope you can get him to move out of the neighbourhood! ((hugs))

Lea L. said...

Hi Jenn!! Super cute pages you have posted recently. Sorry about your crappy neighbor- what a jerk. I think that CPS can actually do something if someone keeps calling in unwarranted claims. You might want to look into this if he keeps calling them.


The Crowells said...

Dude! Your layouts stinkin rock! I wanna be like you! :)
I think Shawn should take Sinaway night fishing...and forget him in the middle of the lake! :) Glad it turned out ok!


Gina brown said...

Hey Jenn I say curl your hair specialy if your husband likes it. Beside the better you feel about your self will show in everything you do... You will get faster at curling it. Great Layout as aways.