Monday, June 9, 2008

Well happy Monday. I think. eyes are swollen so bad as I cried all night. I'm fine..everyone is fine...I just got my little feelers hurt really bad by someone who I adore and love. And he has always been someone I respect, look up to, and admire as well as someone who I've always had in my hero status. grampa. Yet he is the one who hurts me the most. For some reason I've always just yearned for him to tell me he's proud of me....and I've yet to hear that from's always critisism and comments that just rip me up. And what I heard last night was the worst one yet...and it felt like a little bit of my heart just was ripped out. And I sobbed. I sobbed like I haven't since my grama passed away. I KNOW how he is...he is who he is and he's been like this for as long as I can remember...but it never gets any easier. And at 81 he certainly isn't going to change. I usually just take the ping and move on but this one was hard on me...and it may take a little longer for me to get over it. He won't be here forever so I just have to bury it and move on. But it's hard, ya know?

Anyway...I did work at the lss on Saturday night...and actually stayed there until 1:30am!! Wild and crazy girl I am. :) It was fun...I got 2 layouts done, 1 8x8 for Shawn's hunting/fishing album, and 4 teacher appreciation projects. Plus I was able to organize my patterned papers which have been in dire need of!!
My layout for this week's Random Chaos challenge was fun to do...since it involved some girls..which I totally had to borrow. :) My friend Stephanie has the CUTEST little girls so I was happy that she allowed me to use their photos.
And I really wanted to do another Sweet Pea Scraps layout as I only did 2 (but one of my teacher appreciate gifts is a 6x6 album which depleted a big chunk of my papers!!) and when I first did this layout I didn't like it at all..but the more I look at it the more I like it. :) And the colors are actually perfect for the primary's in the big fish!! This is also the challenge this week at the Sweet Pea Vine so make sure you check it out (you don't need to be a member of the kit club either..and it's totally random drawing not a beauty contest so you have no excuses NOT to participate!! :) (link is on the sidebar...I'm lazy).
This week is a busy one. The boys get out of school tomorrow and Auston has his kindergarten graduation!! :) Cannot believe they are getting so big so fast!! Tonight is batting practice for Mathew at 6pm, tomorrow is awards for school at 12:30 and early out at 1:30...then Mathew's baseball tournament starts tomorrow night. Nothing on Wednesday except that I start work full time again. *sigh* Thursday is baseball tournements and Friday is Auston's last soccer game. Whew. Geez. I guarantee my house will be a bomb by the end of the week.
Okay gotta get to work..have a lovely day!


KimmyS said...

Those layouts are fab Dude, but I am SO freaking sorry to hear about your Grampa. I wish I could be there for ya. But as you said - after all these years there is nothing you can do to change him, yet it must hurt tons to be disappointed.

Annalisa said...

Sorry about hearing you got hurt Jenn, it is never nice but it is 100 time worse when is someone we care so much about! Hugs!!!!