Thursday, March 6, 2008

just for you Missy!!

So my bestest friend is a VISUAL person she tells me. She wants to see my new scrap area and wasn't happy with my description...I NEED PICTURES is what she said. So here they are new scrap area in the bedroom. :) First picture there above is the whole view. Yes that is one of those el'cheapo 3' plastic tables...I think I found it at Shopko in the camping section for 20 bucks. The to the right there you have my necessities. The basket (also Shopko..and funny cuz I don't shop at Shopko much) was 7 bucks or so. Then my cardstock and patterned paper..and yes...that is all. Do ya see that little brown sheet there? It's a slice of corrugated cardboard...I really want to try painting on it and stamping it...but haven't gotten that far yet. Will it even work??

Here is my little embellishment's pretty much the exact same as what I had in the laundry area. This shelf I had torn apart and had my shoes stacked on it. :) But thought I needed something and couldn't get the wire racks to work viola! I reused. So by the way..this renovation didn't cost me a cent!! :) Woohoo!! The bottom shelf is my bill stuff so I didn't show that in the picture. :) It's not quite so clean.

Here is the shelf that my father in law made me a gazillion years ago. :) LOVE my little ribbon jars. And underneath are those awesomely awesome shelves from Target...which coincidentally are on CLEARANCE for $5.24. Go figure. Oh and yes..the one shelf is tilting because I need a hollow wall anchor...
So honestly I haven't felt that I've scrapped more...because well, now my scrap area is right next to the computer! But I have great plans to. :) Anyway...there it is for anyone who cares. :) It's not fancy but it's all mine. Mmmwahahahahahaha!!


Lea L. said...

What a cute little area! Isn't it nice to fix up a spot to create in? I just recently redid my scrap area too...and I just love it. Enjoy creating in your cute little space!


The Crowells said...

THANK YOU!!!! It looks sooo neat and tidy! Obviously, I need to get rid of a LOT of do such great work and don't have that much extra crap. You rock, Buddy!


Mindy said...

Great new spot! Looks like you have some more stretching room, lol.

To Do: check for shelves @ Target.

ALLY said...

The lovely Jenn... you have been nominated!!!

Check out my blog!

Angie said...

Hi Jenn! Yes, all those photos were taken with my fz30. I love it! No, you do not have to look in the viewfinder, you just push a little button to switch back and forth. The viewfinder is best if you are having camera shake issues like with close ups, etc. or if it’s too bright to really see the screen well. Also, it uses up less battery. But there are definitely times when I prefer the LCD screen, like for action shots as you mentioned. Good luck and I hope you enjoy your new camera whatever you choose!