Wednesday, March 5, 2008

well he ran away....

Auston that is. A totally funny story....which I'll share..from the beginning. :) I asked him to pick up a lego that I found on the floor...he told me to just throw it in the garbage (which I did). Then I found another toy...a cage for his jungle animals...and I asked him to pick it up. He just shook his head. I explained that if he didn't pick it up I would and throw it in the garbage. So the little twirp challenged me and put it away. So I the garbage. Oh my would have thought I chopped off his left arm! The waterworks were flying and he ran over to the garbage. "How could you mom!" he shouted at me. While of course I'm in near hysterics laughing so hard. He then ran to his room and slammed the door. I followed him, opened his door and asked if he wanted to start over and shut his door which he replied...I don't want to be in this family anymore! (which he learned from his lovely brother).

So I started making dinner and noticed that he was getting his shoes. It went a little like this:

Me: What are you doing?
Auston: I'm leaving..I don't want to be in this family anymore!
Me: Well where are you going to go?
Auston: Alaska.
Me: Oh's really cold in Alaska you should at least take a coat.
Auston: (dirty look)
Me: Where are you going to stay when it gets cold and dark?
Auston: A hotel.
*of course...what was I thinking???*
Auston: Just give my toys to my brother.
as he walked out the door.
Me: I'm going to miss you better go say goodbye to Miss Marcie.

I went into the house and called so she would know. I waited a few minutes and went to the office where Marcie and Auston were checking out a National Geographic. His face just so pitiful and red that I knew he had really given her a show. Apparently I'm a mean mom and just throws his toys in the garbage. I asked if he told her WHY I threw it in the garbage. A shake of the head said no. I asked if he was ready to go home. Another shake of the head. So I did what any mother would do...I bribed him. I said...hey bean if you come home and eat dinner I'll bring you back to Miss Marcie's to get some ice cream...and then if you want you can leave for Alaska. That did it. He ran over and hugged me. Needless to say...he's still in Montana. :)


Chantel said...

what a great story... my little guy is playing me for all it is worth right now. glad to hear he is still in montana...

~Lea~ said...

Hi Jenn!!!

I am blogging again...and came across yours!! So, I wanted to leave you a comment and say hi.

That story is so funny...I really hope you do a layout about it! That is a great one to remember!

Have a great day!

ALLY said...

*giggle* Kids are so funny sometimes! I say "page... page! PAGE!!!!"

Michelle said...

Awww! Well, at least he picked a good place to run away to. I ran away to Alaska 16 years ago and never looked back. :)