Monday, March 3, 2008

LOVE this song...

Another Jason Aldean. The words...*shiver* totally make me cry. Everytime I hear it in fact. It reminds me of my dad...and my grampa. Originally I wanted to scrap a picture of my dad on his tractor (and I will eventually) but I found this picture of my grampa and wanted to use it for this as well. The words I chose to put on the layout are:
He takes the tractor another round and pulls the plow across the ground. And sends up another prayer, he says, Lord I never complain, I never ask why. Please don't let my dreams run dry.

*sob sob sob*

This is for the Random Chaos challenge for the week.

1 comment:

ALLY said...

I absolutely LOVE this page! I love soft tint to the photo.. not sure if it's an original picture or tinted in a editing program but it's beautiful! Your words are beautiful! AMAZING page Jenn!