Monday, March 31, 2008

April reveal and stuff....

Sooo....does everyone remember my little rant and rave about the Canon Digi Rebel?? Just to refresh your memory...I HATED it because I couldn't handle having to look through the stinkin' viewfinder. Well...after literally months of research (and thanks to DH for selling his old truck so I had the extra money!) I finally was able to order a new camera after wanting/needing one for almost 2 years!! Woohoo!! But I'm cheap...I opted for the free ground delivery so I probably won't get it for another week or so (but after 2 years what is another week??). The camera I chose is a Panasonic dmc fz50. So I'm pretty excited for that sucker to arrive at my work...hopefully the learning curve isn't too extreme. It also shoots videos which is nice as we have no videos of the boys!! I cannot for some reason get the April kit for Sweet Pea Scraps to load. But just click on the link and it'll take you right to it!! It's a GORGEOUS kit (as always) and is jam packed full of goodies. It is on the heritage vintage side but some of the other girls rocked it without doing a lick of heritage!! I did a little of both....because I simply love doing heritage pages and these papers were perfect!!

This first one is my little brother and my boys before Christmas. We had gone to visit my grama who isn't doing great...and the Sunday paper arrived with all the 'guts'. The boys literally spent a good hour looking through the guts wishing for this and that. I sure hope Santa brought them something they wished for!! (I don't think Santa was paying that much attention to be honest with you!!).

This one here is my absolute favorite. (below) It's one that I can't stop looking at....Isn't that conceited?? :) Actually it's pretty rare I create a page that I'm totally in love with...but this one just happened to be it. I also created it for the Random Chaos challenge. Anyway...this is my grampa and about 1978 I was guessing. I've always been a grampa's girl. :) Loved the Jenni Bowlin Lucky card and the papers I thought were SUPER fun!! And the border I made by dipping a pencil eraser in ink...trying to mimic the dots in that cherry paper. :)
The one below is a picture of me, my mom, grama and great grama at my baptism. I do have more current photos of us all together (as my great grama didn't pass away until I was a senior in high school)...but I just loved how this one went so perfectly with the papers!! The stamp is from a previous month's kit too!!

For you (below) is Mathew....we had gone with my lovely stepmother, Alison, to a gig she had at a local nursery. The day was packed with activities for kids and adults alike!! One of the activities was to plant a flower. Mathew was excited to do this..and immediately took it and set it at his grama's feet. I'm pretty sure that made his day!!
This one (below) is of my great aunt Ethel,whom I adored!! Here she is with her roommate on Easter Sunday. On the backside of the original photo she wrote down a blurb that I journaled on the card. I loved it because she described her dress and talked about her big shoes. :) It's pretty cute. (aunt Ethel is on the right)

And last but not photos of my dad's grandparents. After I had scrapped this my dad was able to get a bunch of cool paperwork for me including their marriage certificate!! Very cool I'll have to make sure to get that scrapped as well.

That's about it. I'm trying to gear up for my retreat this weekend...did receive the May Sweet Pea Scraps kit today (already..aren't I lucky??) so I'll have all those new goodies to play with. Really anxious to go as I need a break but am really nervous about being gone when my grama is doing so poorly. My mom is in Missoula with her all this week...and it just doesn't sound good. I cried last night while trying to fall asleep...not because I'm so sad for me..but because I'm sad for her...wondering how scared and confused she must be. What is going through her mind....she hasn't spoken since Friday and hasn't gotten out of bed since last week. Can you even imagine what that must be like? Mom said that she just stares at she absorbing every detail of her face. I'm a spineless wimp. I won't go see her. Isn't that horrible of me?? Sometimes I feel guilt but other times I'm okay with my decision. The last time I saw her was at Christmas time and she looked bad enough..but was still able to eat with us...and sit and watch the kids open presents (although I don't think she knew who the boys were). She wasn't even really 'grama' then...and honestly...I just don't want to remember her like that. I want to remember her from the farm...the grama who pulled weeds and wagged her finger at my cousin and I when we stole carrots from the garden...who always 'jiggled' me when she gave me a hug. Okay...I have to stop now...I'm at work and I'm crying. Not a good thing.


Lea L. said...

Those are really great layouts Jenn! I actually dread the day that I inherit any heritage photos for fear of screwing them up. You scrapbook them wonderfully!

I am very sorry about your grandma. I hope that she is comfortable during this time.


Jana Eubank said...

:( I'm so sorry about your gramma. That's so tough and you make me want to cry, too. My gramma is also failing and it's just really hard to see them that way. I've been avoiding seeing her, too. It seems so terrible, but I don't know how to get over it. ???

I just want you to know that you COMPLETELY ROCKED the Sweet Pea kit this month! I ADORE everything you did! I sure wish I had some vintage photos to go along with this kit. You're lucky to have some to play with. Have a great day! HUGS!!! . . . Oh, yeah! And have fun on your retreat! (I'm soooo jealous! ;) )

ALLY said...

Awwwwwww.... I'm so sorry to hear that your grandma isn't doing well Jenn! I hope that if it's her time that she goes quickly and without pain or discomfort! Sending you lots of hugs!! ((((hugs)))

Your pages for the SPS kit this month ROCK!!!! Awesome! Truly beautiful!