Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sooooo nervous...

for tomorrow. For what's to come. I'm pretty sure it's going to be quick and final and I'm not sure I'm ready?? I have such mixed emotions about it all...and I'm sure tomorrow I'll be able to go into more detail about it. But for now...I'm just awfully nervous...and a little scared...a lot unsure and just a tiny bit sad. *sigh*

Other than about a lazy day. Didn't do much except laundry...some grocery shopping and well...that's about it!! :) I was trying to work on my Random Chaos layout but found that I just don't have what it calls for. :( Bummer eh?? So I think I have to skip this week which really stinks!! I am though, working on a sketch from the CMK site. I like their scrappy formulas that they post every Friday. Very cool I've never finished one but I just like that they are there!! tee hee

Hmmm...let's see..what else? Nothing. Literally. SOOOOO...will sign off for tonight...will be back tomorrow to share some more of what I'm talking about up above...and the color makes me happy. :)


Vivian said...

More cryptic messages....drat you!!! ;) Can't wait to hear this news tomorrow!!

Mindy said...

I am thinking about you.