Thursday, November 13, 2008

So...didja miss me???

I know I have been an awful blogger...sheesh...which is kinda weird because I was SO ON A ROLL there for a bit. :) Blogging almost every day...even if my normal plethora of wisdom wasn't present. But I'm back..and you can just count your lucky stars. :) Bahahaahaha...oh I crack myself up. So I totally gotta ask...when you read blogs and emails and the you put a voice to it? (or am I going to make ya'll think I'm even WEIRDER than you already think I am??). Cuz when I write I'm constantly saying things in a little strange voice...depending on the tone or mood I'm typing in. friend Katie rocks because she always READS my stuff like I say it...even if it's in some high squeaky voice or a s-l-o-w drawl. Okay..I'm scaring you...I'm sorry. :)

So I decided...that once a week I'm going to feature someone who has used stuff from the shop. I'm going to put their layout up on my blog for you all to see. And that special someone (I mean HELLLOOOO..they have to be special if they are on MY blog...and remember that rockstar thing? YEAH..I know...that's me.)...will get some special goodies from moi just for allowing me to post it. I know in the beginning I said that everyone that sent in something but to be honest...I'm getting so many that well...they might totally overshadow MY stuff...and I just cannot have that can I? *giggle* Don't be discouraged if you don't see your layout up here yet..I might be saving it for something special cuz I always have stuff up my sleeves. *wink wink*

So the lucky scrapper today is Danica. She sent in this layout using TWO of the things from my shop...the notebook journaling jotters AND the months of the year raffle tickets. How cute is this layout?? Thanks so much for sharing and your goodies will be in the mail tomorrow!!

Soooo...just in case anyone is wondering why I've been absent for so dang long....I'll tell ya...kinda. Has life just ever overwhelmed ya to the point you are a blubbering potatoe head?? No? Well...I was a complete potato (is it with an E or without??) head the last week or so. And Tuesday I had a COMPLETE was not pretty, people. I stayed home from work yesterday and was able to clear my head a bit and I'm happy to say I think I may be okay.'s nothing that months of counseling can't fix. tee hee No seriously...just had a rough patch...all is good now.

In other news....Auston is now on ADHD medication. He is much more severe than his brother..according to the 'chart' which is kinda surprising to me. I wonder if I'm more tolerant of him because he's my 'baby'?? But he had a great day at school today...kept telling his teacher it was because he took medicine that makes him 'be good.' *sigh* I really have to tell him over and over it's not because he's BAD. So hopefully this will make a big difference in him. Parent teacher conferences were tonight and she told me how bright he is...that his math is just amazing. She also said it was a good time to do the meds as what we were doing just wasn't working and she just didn't want this to start to effect him socially. Mathew had a good review too although I think we have a C student on our hands. This is very difficult for me as well..I was NEVER a C student. Just makes me realize I really need to work more with him. He's SO smart...but he doesn't apply himself...he's lazy. He had so many answers on his tests wrong just because he didn't read or just flat didn't do it. So that's something we need to work on.

Tomorrow I have the pleasure of getting my lonely wisdom tooth pulled. Oh yes...I'm all about creating as much pain as I can for myself between now and the New Year. This and then my shoulder surgery...I think I am well on my way for a month of misery. GO JENN! *snort*

I'm really excited for this weekend...I have some big plans for the stay tuned!! Okay...I'm read some more and head to bed. :) Have a groovy night!!


Pink Owl Paperie said...

Hey lady! Glad your back to bloggin! :) Cute layout example! I can't wait to see what plans you have for the shop this weekend! I'll be at the craft fair, so you may have to let me in on your secret! :)

Lisa said...

you have a cute shop! found you through danica's blog :) love those raffle tickets!

dljack75 said...

I am lovin' your blog! And how cool to see one of my layouts on it ; ) Thanks!

Danica : )

The Crowells said...

Sorry I so behind, Buddy! I'm so glad you took a "mental health day" as my momma used to call them! And I'm glad the boys are doing well, too. Hugs to you...and enjoy the meds! :)