Sunday, November 16, 2008

Random Chaos...and Sunday night

I tried out for Random Chaos in the hopes that it would make me scrap during the week. Ummm...yeah...that so did not happen. never fails, that I wait until Sunday to start my layout and then between grocery shopping, finishing up the laundry and hanging out with the boys I do a bit here and there. Then about now (9pm) I finally get it sent off to Janelle. Poor thing...she probably would like to strangle me. And then I always say to myself...self...this week you are going to send it in SO early that Janelle is going to have a heart attack. But luckily...I am so compassionate and really don't want to cause Janelle to have a heart THAT must be why I wait until Sunday. (so glad we got that one figured out!!). I'm really excited to reveal my Random Chaos layout for a few reasons...
a) I really like how it turned out
b) I used one of my new list journaling jotters!!
c) it is the first layout in the GitRDun club that I will be able to show you!!

That's part of what was up my sleeve...just putting together the next GitRDun club. It will be one of the classes I offer every month for the Scrap Pack, but am also trying to make it so that if someone online would like to give it a whirl that everything is included for them as well. It's basically an easy way to get four layouts done every month. You will be provided with all the materials...and I will include sketches and sample layouts as well. I'm really trying to get this out there for all the people who don't have the hours upon hours of time to sit and scrap and just want to try to get caught up!! I think that I would love a kit like this because if nothing else...I can just scraplift the sample!! So...we'll see how it goes....and tomorrow I will unveil the first layout/sketch for this kit.

Don't forget to check out Random Chaos tomorrow...remember if you play you get entered in the drawing for the new List Journaling Jotters!! And can't win if you don't comment!! :)


Jenny B in Indy said...

I like that LO.. Very cool. Love the color combo.

Vivian said...
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Vivian said...

So, here's a LO for both Nov Challenge #2 on the SPV & Random Chaos #41!!!

How do you like them apples!!! =D

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Tiffany Martin (onehuntinchick) said...

I LOVE THE JOTTERS!!!! They are so cute!!