Saturday, November 22, 2008

Oh Mylanta...what a day!!

I'm really excited to announce that, we, we being the Scrap Pack, are going to have our very first weekend scrapbook retreat!! I'm SOOOO excited and will be announcing details SOON!!

Today I'm busy working on Sweet Pea Scraps well as the rest of my GitRDun class kit...and uploading some new stuff to the shop. Oh..and doing laundry and cleaning in between. :) I know...exciting times eh? But I really have SO much to do before my surgery..and with next weekend being Thanksgiving we'll be in Missoula all weekend long...then the Friday after that is the big day. My mom will be here on Thursday and we'll drive to Missoula.'s coming up fast isn't it??

Okay..gonna get back to it...don't forget to comment for your chance to win the NEW journaling jotters. :) AND...hint hint...the next purchase from the shop wins a set!! Have a stellar Saturday!!


Vivian said...

There's nothing wrong with me...I'm perfectly normal!!

How exciting about the crop!! Think you could move just a little closer to me so I can come too??

Vivian said...

Oh BTW, Oh Mylanta???


Mindy said...

Your new pic looks gorgeous!!

The Crowells said...
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The Crowells said...

Jenn, I LOVE your new pic! You're like a model or something! AND you look a lot less like a certain governor from AK. :)

Vivian said...

Hey! That pic wasn't up yesterday!! That's awesome, girl!!