Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Happy Hump Day!!

Dude..this week has just been DRAGGING on...seriously one of the slowest weeks evah. Wonder why that is??

But had to share my layout of the week....from Jenny. Isn't this the CUTEST layout?? I love it...I love that adorable photo and of course my random date jotter right there on the side of the picture looks pretty cute as well...but DANG...those TREES (which were made by the ever so talented Julie)!!! Do they not totally just make that layout POP? Love how they are arranged and love how they go so perfect with Jenny's photo and layout idea. The scalloped edges and the title rock as well. Fantastic layout Jenny!!

Work has been fairly busy as I'm trying to train someone to do a portion of my job while I'm out for 3 weeks after my surgery. It's SO tough teaching someone else how to do something that you've done for SO dang long. And I'm a little type A. *snort* So things have to be just so or I totally freak out. Well...not TOTALLY...but I get a little crabby...that much I will admit. :) Just hoping that things will be fairly smooth so when I come back and only have THREE DANG DAYS to do year end I will be fine. I'm sure I'll be having someone bring me work home while I'm off so that I don't get too far behind. Kinda sucks that it's my right shoulder...wonder how well I'll be able to write/type? And then I'm freakin' out because what about the shop?? EEEK. So I need to start cutting like a mad woman so that I have plenty of stock in case people go crazy and just buy buy buy from the shop. that was a little fantasizing there...but a girl can dream right?? :)

Before I sign off (nope last minute words of wisdom tonight folks..the tylenol PM hasn't kicked in quite yet)...I need to tell ya'll to head on over to Renee's she's having a little Christmas swap. I SUCK at swaps...but she scares me so I had to sign up. *giggle* (I'm kidding people..seriously, she is one of the sweetest people EVER!!). So go check it out...leave her a word of encouragement as she makes the cutest, most incrediblest things. I'm jealous of her ability to craft...and project. I just do not have the patience. Seriously..go check out her new creation, 'Joy'...I so do not have the patience to make a hat for a bird. :) You rock Renee'!!

Gnight all...have a stellar day tomorrow!!


Michele said...

Love that lay out! Haven't heard from ya, hope all is A ok!

Vivian said...

Love that LO, Jenny!!