Monday, December 8, 2008

SOOOO bummed!!

that I couldn't make it to the Scrap Pack on Saturday night!! OH MY GOSH!! I just heard the report and it was an AMAZING turnout!! 16...yes...SIXTEEN showed up for class day and then another SIX girls came for Girls Night Out!! How freakin' COOL IS THAT??!! I offered up a Pink Paislee paper pack as a drawing for everyone who came (and brought a friend they got an extra entry in the drawing!!). But just that it was SO fun and everyone enjoyed themselves...AND...had a couple orders placed with ACBailey as well!! I'm just SO glad to have the chance to show people that you can get mainstream scrapbook supplies at a good price right here!! Just SO danged excited...not bad for 3 girls doing this 10 hours a month eh?? :) I can't wait for next month...I already have my classes up on the hopefully I can get some interest.

Other than that..had my appointment today in Polson, I'm looking fine. :) Still a bit sore but that's to be expected. Just kinda hanging out...want to do SO MUCH but not really able so will just keep plugging along and do what I can. :) Sure wish Shawn would go to work so I can rest in peace! baahahahaahahaha

AND...I'm going to be having a special for the shop soon. So be watching!!


Mindy said...

Wow! Glad ya'll did so well on Sat. I must come sometime. That is if I ever scrap again, lol.

Pink Owl Paperie said...

Yeah!!!!! I knew it would be a hit!!! I wish we had something like that here, I would go! :) Way to go lady! Too bad you couldn't be there in person though.

Vivian said...

That's awesome Jenn - so glad you guys are doing well!!!

Jenny B in Indy said...

Hey girl.. Are you getting my emails? They bounced back at the boysx addy.. email me the right address.
Glad you are feeling good and had such a great show!

Vonnie said...

I'm so glad it went to well!!!!!!!Next month is going to be so much fun when we can all be there! Hope you are feeling better. Talk to you soon.

Sarah said...

Glad to hear op went well - hope your better soon

Take care