Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Create My Keepsake DT Call

Wow...has anyone noticed that I haven't blogged in TEN DAYS??!! That's what happens when you are in the sticks (aka the folks ranch) with no computer. bahahaahahahaa I have some hilarious stories to share with you...the one quick one happened tonight. Auston was sitting on the counter talking to me...he went to jump off and his pant leg caught on the knob of the cupboard...he basically fell straight down into the floor. Yeah...no worries..that's not the funny part. :) Poor kid just cried and cried...I asked if he was okay and he shook his head...I asked if he wanted me to rockee him and he nodded (yay! do you know how long it's been since he let me rock him??!!). So we are rocking for what seems forever...I flip the TV on to NCIS and he says..mom..I don't want to watch NCIS. I then ask him what he wants to watch. He sighs really huge and replies..I don't know...I bumped my thinking part. :) Okay..well *I* thought it was funny...cuz I'm the mom that's why. tee hee

So I'm not sure why I decided to try out for this DT. I honestly really don't have any thoughts of actually MAKING IT. For one thing...I'm dated...but I've already gone over that one. My style is old but it's MINE so that's okay. And for another...omgosh...you should SEE the entries that are posted...these girls are hella talented. BUT...the application process really intrigued me..and since I love to put kits together anyway...I thought heck..its' up my alley. :) Oh and not only that but I'm a HUGE fan of rejection. *snort*

So the rules are as follows: Create a kit from your personal stash of scrap booking supplies. Including…but not limited to…the 8 following categories: 3 cardstock, 6 patterned papers, 1 alpha, 1 rubons, bling/brads/buttons, chipboard/rubber charms/flowers, stickers/die-cut shapes/journaling cards, and ribbon/trim.

Now I had a hard time with the rules...I pretty much followed it to a T but I noticed that some girls threw in like 2 or 3 alphabets and also did brads AND buttons. *gasp..I know!!* I didn't w
ant to waver too much and I hope I did it okay. It would totally be like me to mess up the rules. *slaps head* **edited to add...I just was rereading to check for spelling errors and what not and I see the phrase that says..but not limited too!! OMG...I'm SUCH a dork!!**

So my items were:
1 sheet bazzill kraft * 1 sheet bazzill parakeet * 1 sheet bazzill pumpkin
MME Peaceful Treasure Golden Rubies * Crate Paper Lemongrass Straw * Websters Pages Classic Garden Bachelor Button * Scenic Route Ashville Lexington Ave * Dream Street Art Noveau Avant Garde * Basic Grey Mellow Deciduous * WRMK flowers * Dee's Designs rubons * misc. buttons * trim including orange ric rac * brown lace * green floss * Colorbok alphabet stickers * and journaling spots from my shop

And here are my layouts (
why the heck did the font change to dark? UGH)....
Here is Auston during the 4th of July..love the lighting..love these photos. :)

And these pictures are of m
y grampa when he was a boy. Over Christmas I was able to go through some of the few photos from his childhood and he tried to recall dates as close as he could. I learned a ton and I cannot wait to scrap the rest of the photos!!

There...it went back to normal. Weird. Boy am I so not tech savvy...do NOT ask me for internet help okay?? Okay. Alright then...this is Mathew...the day we went to Woodland Park to just hang out and of course...it was perfect for photo ops. He was especially pleasing when it came to the can you do this phrase. :)

And with my scraps I created this 8x8 layout. As a gift for my daycare gal I create 2 pages per month for the first year of lil' Ambria's life. I enjoy being able to create some girly pages. :)
And that's it...I actually was going to make myself a dayplanner but ran out of time. Did I tell you that I tripped over a snowbank this morning? Well I *DID* and I hurt. Of course I automatically tried to catch myself...wrenching my shoulder in the process. So after this post I'm heading to a hot bath and then to bed. :) Don't forget to check back tomorrow as I'm posting my new challenge...and yes there will be a prize. Prizes are good. Have a stellar night ya'll!!


Lisa said...

Love your kit Jenn, great job on the layouts as well! Good luck, hope you make the DT!
Lisa in Texas

Vivian said...

Jenn - your LOs are beautiful!! I love finding out about family history too. Good luck on the DT spot!

Sasha said...

Fabulous Entry .. LOVE IT..

Good Luck

Jenny B in Indy said...

Great job.. Love it all. And I am in love with those stitched flowers.. Where the heck did ya find them?
I think I have that paper, too. I so need to use that, it's super cute!

Leslie Ashe said...

GORGEOUS Entry Jenn!! I love your kit & your layouts!!

GOOD LUCK to you!!

Anonymous said...

YAY you entered!!!! Good girl!
Love your Kit I would have so bought that one off ya and I adore the layouts. I think the first one is my absolute fave but I also love the others. Good luck dorkfish

Staci said...

Your entry is beautiful, Jenn!! Good luck to you!

Anna Sigga said...

Excellent kit and creations girl!!

Lucy Edson said...

Great kit! Love the soft neutral colors! Good luck!

Amy W. said...

Jenn! your entries look great! whatever! :P {to your comments about dated style} you have a great style and you should always 'do what you do'. ;)

best of luck girly...i would LOVE to see you on the dt. :D

scrapnnMO said...

I love your KIT!!! Your layouts are absolutely STUNNING! You rocked the DT call. Good to you by the way!! :)

Elizabeth said...

What a cute kit Jenn! I really love the layouts that you created!!!

Good luck!

Mindy said...

Welcome back! Love your layouts girlie!

Jenny B in Indy said...

I have no clue how to reach you now so will post this here.
No, our pymt is $983. They are trying to add $500 to that for the next year to pay that huge tax amount (so $1483 - no way can we afford that). But, thank God it's not right and our pymt will only go up maybe $100 at the most.

The Crowells said...

I can't think of a DT challenge more suited to your talents! Awesome job, Buddy!

Adora Concepcion said...

beautiful entry!!!best of luck to you!

Penny B. said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I love your kit...lots of my favorites in there! Best of luck to you!! (I'm on pins and needles!)

Selena said...

Beautiful kit you created here and love what you created with it.

Best of luck to you.