Tuesday, December 16, 2008


no catchy title tonight...that's kinda my mood today. Just really down in the dumps...that horrible feeling of being totally hopeless...bottom of the bucket...lower than low. :) Let's see what other phrases I can come up with...nah...I won't be a debbie downer.

So I am a little sad...I'm finished with the Twilight Series...I actually finished the last book on Sunday. 4 books in 4 days. And it's not like that's ALL I did. :) We had a birthday party on Saturday and were at the bowling alley for 4 hours. And Friday I was at the school all day. I guess I can say that all the really good genes (ie...incredible musical talent, artistry, beauty, sheer talent) skipped me and went right to my sisters but I was fortunate enough to get the super fast speedy reading gene from my father...oh and the acne and the social retardation..oh and lets not forget the sarcasm shall we? Boy...if you are still reading...I need to send you a cookie...I'm AWFUL tonight!! lol Anyway...I'm super sad that the story is over. It was amazing....and yes...I totally felt bad for Jacob until the last book anyway. Talk about cry like a baby. Good grief. Shawn was laughing at me...but then again..he's NOT a reader so he doesn't understand how you can totally get sucked into a book. *sigh* I'm just really sad it's over. And I'm super curious to see the movie...to see if they did the book justice. Has anyone seen it yet?? Thoughts??

So a few hours ago I hear this: i un ih yuck. I rush outside and Auston is bawling...standing on top of my summer tires...hanging onto the top of the swingset. Shawn is inside getting a glass of warm water. You guessed it. I felt so bad for him...hanging there....with his tongue stuck to the swingset. He was trying to lick the frost. And...he insisted it would never happen again. Poor guy!!

Oh and another funny story....when my mom was here...she was driving down this one street when she stopped. I was like..mom...why are you stopping...you don't need to stop here. She points over at the stop sign. I start laughing...I'm like...mom...that is the PEDESTRIAN stop sign. She just said...oh..I was wondering why it was so small. *slaps head* :)

I also noticed that I have almost 100 sales at my shop!! How cool is that?? I have something VERY special for the 100th sale. I figure that's a big number and deserves to be celebrated right?? Right.

Oh and another thing...ACBailey's home office will be closed from the 19th until the 5th of January. Everything (including free shipping day) will be shipped on January 6th...so just wanted to forewarn you.

Ummm..that's it. I will do my drawing for item of choice (excluding kits/bitties) on Thursday...so I can mail on Friday...as on Saturday the boys and I are hopping the train and heading to my folks'. I CANNOT WAIT!! (don't forget to leave a shout out to get in the drawing)


Jenny B in Indy said...

I'm sorry you're sad about Twilight, girl. You are a riot!! tee hee

Are you leaving me for a whole week just to go see your family? Don't you know that's not allowed!! ;)

I HAVE sent you SEVERAL emails. I don't know what the dealio is.. Sorry. I don't know what else to do as I don't have the Yahoo account anymore. Email me goob and I'll reply and we'll see if that one goes through.

I'm leaving next Sat (we think) for Kansas City.. Going to Doug's sisters new home. 8.5 freakin' hour drive! Even longer with stops. NOT looking forward to that with Caleb, lemme tell ya!
Anyway.. see ya later tater. Have a great C'mas if I don't talk to you soon and, I'm sad I'm not going to get a C'mas card from the fabulous Jenn :(
tee hee hee hee hee
Hmmmm... I think the Darvocet must have kicked in....

Vivian said...

Well, now I totally have to read the books - and my Mom keeps FORGETTING to bring me book #1!!!! Ugh! Did you sleep in those 4 days at ALL????

My sister (HUGE Twilight fan) says the movie is awesome & that she'd go again.

BTW, I sent out your package on Monday - hopefully you'll get it soon!!

If we don't "chat" before then, have a Merry Christmas & have a fab time with your family!!

Nicole said...

Jenn now you know why I've read all 4 books through 3 times! I could easily start them all over again today. Love the books and yes the movie isn't too bad either . . . or the soundtrack to the movie;) And just a side note, when you read them over again it's almost impossible to read them any slower than you did the first go around. lol!

The Crowells said...

I know that sad feeling of finishing a series...it's like saying goodbye to great friends.

Aweome on the etsy sales! Fantastic! You rock, Dude!

Give sticky tongue boy a hug for me and take care of yourself!

Marie Levite said...

Jen, I'm sorry your sad-but girl you crack me up!

ALLY said...

Hi sweetheart! So glad that you got to read the series....even sadder that it's ended. Hope your son's tough is feeling better today!
Have a great time visiting your parents! We're luck enough to go home too - 26th! Yippee! Wishing you a merry Xmas!