Monday, December 1, 2008

December Sweet Pea Scraps...and stuff

Have you ever noticed I say that a lot? ...and stuff. It's because my title is more than just the one thing...I usually have more to ramble on about...and stuff just seems fitting right? Right. that I've got that under control. :)

Wanted to show ya'll what I did with the awesome December Sweet Pea Scraps kit. BTW...did you all have a great Thanksgiving??
We went to the inlaws where they have very SLOW, very torturous dial up (hence my lack of posts in the last few days!!). It was okay...nothing too exciting...I had planned on doing WAY more scrappin' than I did though. Which is kinda a bummer since my surgery is THIS FRIDAY! I know. It's totally sneaking up on me...I have SO much to do still!! Work has to be caught up and my house in order as my mom will be here early Thursday afternoon. *sigh* And it's already Monday night! EEEK!

WOW...look at me go...gettin' on a tangent there. :) So December layouts using the Sweet Pea Scraps kit. Hope you enjoy!! :) AND...I found these coasters in the Joann's dollar spot and decided to make little wall hangings with them...thought they turned out pretty cute especially since I'm WAY project challenged. :)

Off to post the Sweet Pea Vine challenge right now....and I should give something away....but maybe I'll wait until after my surgery so I have something to do. :)
And I don't have anything else to say to fill up this long just look at the pictures. :) And don't forget to play along with the Sweet Pea Vine!


Vivian said...

Hey!! Nice to see you back - Love the coasters!!

Pink Owl Paperie said...

Ok, you are not project challenged! Your signs are super cute! Love em! Man, I can't believe your surgery is this week already. Where does the time go?!
Remeber, I'll cut for you, so don't stress! :)

The Crowells said...

Wow! For struggling as you did, these projects are awesome! Good thinking on the wall hangings! :) And the layouts are fantastic!

Hope you have a good week, and can go into surgery relaxed...


Mindy said...

Your surgery is coming quick! Do you have to have an overnight stay?