Saturday, December 20, 2008


so yes...I told you last night that you wouldn't hear from me again for a week right?'s 7pm...12 hours after I was supposed to be on the train. It's running a bit late. (ya think?) And now it's been pushed back until 9:15pm. How the heck does a train get delayed for 14 HOURS? I could have driven home and back in that time. *sigh* Crazy. So..we'll leave again (we've already been to the train depot twice today) at 8pm and hopefully THIS time the train will actually be here. So...I'll pull into Malta at roughly 4am. Good thing my folks get up at 5!! lol So much for this being a fun and educational experience for the boys! Merry Christmas!

**okay..sorry...I have to write this down so I don't forget it...after all..isn't that what blogs are for??
After we found out the train had been delayed...we decided to go out to breakfast. On the way there I was panicking because I WAS holding onto Auston's blankets (he has 2 that he 'rocks' with every night...and is very distraught if he doesn't have them...and no...I see no reason for alarm for the whole blanket thing as I had one until I was a sophomore in high school...and I turned out okay. *snort*). Anyway...we get out of the truck and I open the hatch and luckily they were laying in the very back. Whew!! We start walking to the cafe and Shawn is laughing saying..oh you would have been in BIG trouble if you would have left those somewhere!! So I asked bean how sad he would have been if I would have lost his blankies. Without skipping a beat he says..."Well..I wouldn't be very happy." OH MY GOSH....we were cracking up. It was so funny because his tone was SO serious. might not be funny for you all but it's one that we'll be telling for years to come. :)


Jessica said...

About the 2 blankets... Logan also has 2 blankets that he HAS to have everytime he goes to sleep and sometimes in between... I thought maybe he was the only one in the world with TWO... One was supposed to be a back-up but that just did not work out.

Hope your train is on time (this time)!

Pink Owl Paperie said...

Hahahaha! Gotta love those comfort items! I'm with you though, I dread the day Parker no longer wants his Teddy, Maddie gives up her blaket(aka Bubby), or Connor stops needing his Ted. ...except for times when I can't find one of them, like the mad rush we just had trying to find Bubby for bed>:) Have the Merriest Christmas ever lady! Have fun and I'll talk to you soon!

Jenny B in Indy said...

Caleb has two blankies and two puppies that he sleeps with.. he doesn't carry them around, just sleeps with them and oh lord, he will scream his head off if they are in the wash or something. It's super cute :)

Hope you finally got on the train. Have fun!!

Vivian said...

ALL of my kids have something to "koose" with!! Nothing wrong with that!!!
Well, hope you get on that train and that the trip goes well!!

Mindy said...

Hope you had a fabulous Christmas!