Monday, January 7, 2008

I was TAGGED!!

A LONG time ago Julie to list 7 random facts about yourself. Let's see....

1) I eat raw hamburger (not store parents give us beef every year for Christmas!)
2) I grew up on an 80,000 acre cattle ranch
3) I have 4 tattoos and my nose pierced.
4) I had a rare nerve disorder my senior year of high lasted almost exactly a year.
5) I used to ride sheep in rodeos when I was a little girl.
6) I can't quit biting my fingernails.
7) I was Salutatorian in a class of 8 (doesn't make me sound too smart eh?? I had a 3.9 GPA).

So gee...I'm not sure I even know 7 people that have blogs!! lol How about.....Missy, Kim, Lindsey and Annalisa. Well....4 is better than none right?? :)


SweetPeaMama said...

People ride sheep in rodeos? I had NO idea!

Annalisa said...

Very interesting!!!! And now I have to think of something about me?
GEE thanks Jenn!!!!

Lindsey said...

oh ok. ummmm...i will get right on that. maybe.