Sunday, January 6, 2008

My Scrap Area!!

Well I thought I would finally post pictures of my I've been promising I would for quite some time now!! And it's nice and clean so what better time than now?? So the picture on the left is my entire scrap area....taken from the hallway...and yes...that IS my washer and dryer there. And yes...that orange thing in the bottom left hand corner IS my laundry detergent. :)

On the right is basically the same thing but a little closer up.

See my pretty ribbons? I love how they look on my little shelf. I did invest a little on the Making Memories jars....and the ribbons are all sorted by color. Below that is a tiny shelf with more Making Memories bottles...the small ones. These hold my buttons...also sorted by color. And the shelf I got at Target. What an AWESOME find!! It holds little containers which are perfect for the little brads, grommets, little embellies that would normally get lost elsewhere. Again...sorted by color. I love that because my area is so small I need to use as much wall space as I can!

Here is a picture of my actual workspace...notice that it's not much larger than a 12x12 sheet of cardstock!! I admit that I sometimes use the dryer to hold extra stuff like papers and what not as it is a little extra room! Underneath my scrap table is a shelf...from left to right...the green bucket holds my sketch book and current magazines. One cropper hopper vertical file of bazzill and next is my cropper hopper vertical file of patterned paper. I *heart* these 3 drawer things. I have the drawers labeled by boy by year. When I'm finished with the layout I put them in the appropriate drawer. Someday I'll get them all in albums. :) Below from left to Chatterbox album is my friends' wedding album which I REALLY need to get finished...she's been married a year in October. *sigh* Packet of patterned paper scraps and packet of cardstock scraps. Another 3 drawer thingey...same principle...other boy. Target cube which sucks. I just throw misc. stuff like plastic bags and extra paint brushes in there. Nothing exciting...especially since if I need anything out of it I have to move everything to the left of it because the dryer is in the way!!
And last but not least is my shelf which pretty much holds everything. I found these in the organization area at Walmart. They were pretty cheap....I think I spent $10 for both the shelves.

I spent a little bit more on the baskets...I found them at Shopko...a four pack for 50% off so I think in total they cost me $20. Then the different looking
basket was also at Shopko for $8. Top basket holds all my embellishments...thickers, stickers etc etc. I have plastic packets that I found at Michaels' (1.99 each) and I have everything sorted by color. It is the best thing ever for me. I didn't realize how much stuff I forgot I had as it was pigeonholed here and there!! I use stuff way more now!! Second basket from the top is full of all my alphas...that aren't on a sheet. Next basket is my tools basket. My adhesives, ink pads etc are there. It makes it easy to be mobile too as I just take that whole thing with me and have everything I need to scrap (minus pictures and papers of course!). Beside that are 2 skinny white baskets. The one is full of the 7gyspies stamps that I'm in LOVE with! And the one beside that holds paints and extra adhesives. Now to the bottom the basket on the left is all the pictures I still need to scrap and the one on the right are all my Heidi Swapp chipboard alphas and misc. chipboard stuff. The little metal can in the corner (behind dryer knob) is full of my beloved sharpied. :) And note...the February Sweet Pea Scraps kit sticking out there. Don'tcha wish you could see MORE of it?? teehee And there you have it. My scrap space from top to bottom. :) Thanks for taking a peek!


SweetPeaMama said...

Wow! You have done an AMAZING job with such a small space!! It looks great! Where do your knees go when you are sitting down?!

Rusty said...
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KimmyS said...

Sorry that was me with the earlier post - I has an incorrect sign-in name *slaps head*

I love your scrapspace - it's so neat and tidy. The baskets and jars are totally up my street

And I can't believe that you have my layot on your wall - I am so honoured!


Michelle said...

Jenn...I love that you have a scrap/laundry room too!!!! Mine is a bit larger but I have two walls for my 'studio' and the rest is the laundry room. Too funny ;o) Thanks for sharing.

Lindsey said...

yeah- where in the world do you sit? You can't possibly stand to scrap!!!! I will be extremely impressed if you do! :)