Thursday, January 3, 2008

Is it Friday yet??

seriously...some days I wonder why I even get out of bed!! Even with having Monday and Tuesday feels like the longest week ever!! I'm sure it doesn't help that my kids are under a full moon of some sort and that I feel like I, myself, could be turning into some sort of creature...with lots of hormones!! The funny thing is...I thought that since I was gutted I wouldn't have these hormone issues but I'm thinking they must have surfaced somehow.

Anyway....insert the sixth sense of my kids that they KNOW that I'm not feeling well mentally....I think that's when they challenge me the most. I mean...tonight....Mathew is already bugging the dog...I asked him to, 'come here please' only SIX times. I literally had to go into my room and shut the door and count to a bazillion. finally I come back out....tell Mathew to grab his book to read and I'm typing away my frustrations. Auston is in his room picking up...of course he already got mad at me because I unpiled the pile of crap he had stacked against the wall...he told me I messed up his room. *sigh* Today I think I must win the worst mother of the year award (in fact...that's what Mathew told me so apparently it's true!)

SOOOO....on the flip side....the rest of the night is going to be stellar. That's what I'm going for...stellar. I'm tired of having rough nights with the boys. It seems it's always so rushed between getting home and getting to bed that we just never have time to enjoy ourselves...and maybe that's why we have these little run ins?? So that's why I counted to a we could start over and have a stellar night. :) I'll tell you tomorrow how it goes. :)

I'm hoping to start a layout of my goals is to scrap a little every night. Usually by the time the boys are in bed...the kitchen cleaned up etc...I'm so exhausted I just head to bed. But since I don't get paid for Monday (my PTO for 2007 was all used up) I need to make up some extra hours....I thought maybe I would try to get into work at 2am tomorrow...we'll see how it goes...I'm not guaranteeing anything at this point. :)

I also need to start my ebay a day thing....I need to get some extra money earned for our Total Money Makeover. to do list for tonight:
Clean my bathroom
Clean up dinner dishes
Start a layout
List an item on ebay
Read to the boys
Get boys to bed

Have a good night ya'll. :)

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Annalisa said...

wow Jenn,
It sounds like a pretty ambitious plan for the night, how did it go????