Thursday, January 31, 2008

So a couple more...

And Ally had a great idea to SHOW the picture of the kit (slaps head..why don't I think up these great ideas??). So here is the February Sweet Pea Scraps kit!

And here is a project and a layout I did (the others are below) with it. I seriously have another layout in the works and still have 3 FULL sheets of paper left over...and some scraps. So with this kit I've already created 5 layouts and a more almost finished and leftovers. Crazy huh??

So I need to tell you the story about the wedding layout. As a gift I made my friend, Amy, an 8x8 album for a brag book. But I thought it would also be fun to do some random pages in 12x12 for her as well (the 8x8 used the same papers etc). So they've been married for a year last October. *sigh* And I still have 9 pages left in their 20 page album. Isn't that horrible that I've not completed it yet?? It's my goal to get it finished as originally my goal was to give it to them for their 1st anniversary!! But anyone who knows me knows that I'm a SLACKER! But that's not the worst part....there are 2 layouts in the album that I absolutely despise...I look at them and think...what WAS I doing?? So without a doubt I will be rescrappin' them before the album is given to the not so newlyweds anymore. :) So Amy....if you ever read this...I'm SORRY that your book isn't finished yet...but I promise that I will kick it up a notch and get it completed for you. :)

So here is my project....I found these file folders at Staples on clearance (cuz I'm cheap) and had a brilliant idea..which doesn't happen often so I had to run with it!! I altered the front cover of this cool file folder (notice the red strip...the front flap tucks under it to keep all papers together without spilling out!) and decided it would be perfect to keep the boys' school papers in. I JUST cleaned off the top of the fridge (where I throw their papers) and let me tell ya....I seriously need to weed and thin them out! Well since these folders only hold about 30 sheets I figured if I had one for each grade then I could keep the best papers and tuck in here. I'm thinking I'll even be able to 3 hole punch it and add right in their albums!

And in other news...I'm SICK. Which means I'm a WHINER. My throat is killing me...(did I whine about this yesterday by chance??) head EARS hurt...and I think I'm getting the body aches. But today is month end and tomorrow is statement day at work and there is NO WAY that I'll be able to just go home and sleep. Sucks to be me!! :)

So yesterday the principal called and left me a voice mail to return her call. I know..that's what I was thinking too...UHOH..what did they do?? But really it was just to ask me a question. There is a little boy in 5th grade whose sister was diagnosed with leukemia (I know..can you even imagine??). Well he's been living with his dad who has been driving even FARTHER than I have with the commute to school. So she was simply asking if I would possibly help this father out (the mom is in Seattle living in the Ronald McDonald house - and they are divorced) by taking him to school and dropping him off. I can't see that this should be a big deal right?? Since I'm already going to school anyway?? So I'm now just waiting for the dad's phone call so we can get all the details crunched out. I think it will be fine....just always a little nerve wracking for me because I have to talk to someone I don't know. :) I know...I'm such a chickenshit.


KimmyS said...

Dude!!! How cool is that folder?? What a neato idea for the school papers. I love it!!!!

And the layouts you did with the SPS Kit. I can't wait for my other sub to stop so I can Sub to SBS

SweetPeaMama said...

I hope you feel better soon! Nice to have a call from school asking for help for a change. That will be good karma if you can help out. :)

Awesome work - as usual!

Julie B said...

Great pages girl!! Love them all and that folder is the coolest :)

Hope you are feeling better soon...

Allison said...

Fabulous creations babe!

You know that the newlyweds will adore your work... well worth the wait!

Hope you're feeling better soon! It sucks being sick!!! ((((hugs))))