Monday, January 28, 2008


Totally surprised!! I sent in a submission for a new challenge blog by Janelle Richmond...called Random Chaos. I thought maybe this would get me to scrap during the week as it seems I just never have the motivation to scrap during the week! AND...I actually made the team! I'm really excited...and I see that my fellow Sweet Pea Alison Cope made the team as well! Congrats Aly!! Anyway...just really excited and VERY surprised that I'm one of the girls chosen!


Allison said...

Congrats Jen!!! Isn't that coolest ever?????

We're gunna have SO much fun!!!

KimmyS said...

SUPER DOOPER!!!! Holy heck - I am so pleased for you!
Congratulations chica

Julie B said...

Congrats girl!!! You just don't know how good you are :)

SweetPeaMama said...

Wow! Congrats to both you and Ally! That totally rocks!! :)