Friday, January 4, 2008

woohooo! It IS Friday!!

Thank goodness!! So my 2am did not pan out. My alarm went off and I just couldn't drag my lazy butt out of bed. *sigh* I tried...I really did try!!

My list from yesterday....went incomplete.... to do list for tonight:
Clean my bathroom
Clean up dinner dishes - check
Start a layout
List an item on ebay - check
Read to the boys - check
Get boys to bed - check
SLEEP :) - check
Tonight I'll try again. :)

Soooo...all you out there with boys might get a kick out of this story. I may be a mean mom but I've always taught the boys to pee sitting down. I mean well is the aim of a 3 year old just out of diapers?? point exactly!! Well Mathew still does really well but Auston...he wants to pee like a 'big boy' (I try to explain the toilet versus urinal thing but it goes right over his head). So last night...I'm running a tub for Mathew and the bathroom reeks....and I JUST cleaned it on Tuesday. So I look around and sure enough...there is pee everywhere. *sigh* So I grab Auston's hand...lead him to the rag drawer and have him grab a rag...then give him the Clorox bathroom cleaner and lead him to the bathroom where I explain that he needs to sanitize and clean up his mess. Do you know what his response was?? Oh mom..this is FUN! He scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed!! In fact...I then caught him cleaning the TV with the pee soaked rag. *slaps head* So I'm thinking it may not help...I thought if I made him clean it up he would be more conscious...but oh no...he LIKES it. Maybe I'll teach him how to vaccuum. *wink wink*
Here's a layout I did for Sweet Pea Scraps. (my mom and Auston a LONG time ago!!) Have a great night!

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SweetPeaMama said...

That's hysterical about the pee soaked rag and the tv - but at least you've found your "cleaning" helper!

Beware though - my girls have gotten into cleaning mode and sprayed a cleaner with bleach over everything and ruined some of their clothes!!

And you are blogging every day! Well done - better than me!!