Tuesday, January 22, 2008

It's FREAKIN' cold!!

brrrr....seriously I'm SO not a winter person...I know I know...I am totally living in the wrong state!! :) Yesterday it was -23 below without windchill. It was flat cold. Like so cold that it wasn't even slick out...so cold that my truck door was frozen shut...so cold that Shawn didn't work...so cold that the boys had inside recess. Yuk.

Today is a bit better...it's 9 above. :) Shawn worked up until now...their trailer door wouldn't open...their nail guns were frozen and wouldn't run. So he's off for the day. And I'm at work...because it's fairly warm in here.

So I'm totally rambling...and I lead a very boring life. :) My friend Heather and I are going to have a weekend scrap...just the two of us...at her mom's cabin. I'm excited as we haven't hung out in a LONG time. I miss her company. I need the break too...so it'll be a good thing!

Here is a layout I did for Sweet Pea Scraps...LOVE the February kit!! Hopefully I'll finish up my assignments this weekend!

So last night we had taco salad for dinner. Auston had a fair helping...took a bath...got his jammies on...sat down next to me. I feel this hand on my shoulder and a sweet voice whispered..mom can I have a cheese stick? I whispered back...I don't care. So he eats a cheesestick. A few minutes later...another whisper...mom can I have a fruit cup? I whispered back...I don't care. He eats his fruit cup. A few minutes after that...yet another whisper...mom can I have a yogurt? I whispered back...I don't care. Then I said...Bean..are you GROWING? He giggled and said...I'm growing so big that I won't fit in your lap! I'm a hungry boy am I?
What is my grocery bill going to be like when he's a teenager?? ACK!

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Julie B said...

I love this page!! The journaling is so sweet!!