Tuesday, August 19, 2008


sorry for the dots...no title tonight. :) About to jump in the shower as I smell. And not pretty I might add. I am really proud of myself because I ran a full mile tonight....not all at once but I did run a mile. I ran 1/2 mile then walked a mile and ran another 1/2 mile. I took my trusty companion with me once again...he sure does help keep me going. :) ***ooohhh...had to edit to say that Shawn told me tonight that my love handles are getting smaller!! WOOHOOO!! Cuz...he would know. :) *giggle* ***

Still have a Sweet Pea Scrap layout sitting on my table...the same one that's been there for..ummm...2 weeks now? Not sure why I can't get in the mood to scrap. OH and get this...I totally forgot about my Random Chaos layout!! It just slipped my mind...completely! I feel horrible!! So that tells ya that I haven't scrapped in 2 weeks. Wonder what my deal is??

Getting some stuff ready to put in the etsy shop...some journaling stickers that I whipped up for the September Sweet Pea Scraps kit. They are cute...although I'm pretty sure Julie is going to make them all sorts of pretty colors. :) Mine are just black...but I am embellishing them a bit. Need to figure out how to get some more traffice....but then again I guess it would help if I had more STUFF in the store. I'll get there. :)

Can't believe that school starts next Wednesday...I was looking at the boys' lists and I haven't even bought all their school supplies yet!! EEEK. And Mathew needs some new shoes...his are very...errr...smelly. :) Auston got new shoes at the end of school last year so I think he's okay. We don't do the whole school clothes shopping thing here...they each get a new outfit for the first day of school and that's about it. If they outgrow something or need something throughout the year then we get it for them then....I just think it's silly to drop so much money right before school. Plus..everything they had last year still fits and I always do the after season clearance thing so they have some new shirts that I bought last spring. It's all good. :)

Have a happy hump day ya'll!!

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