Thursday, August 28, 2008

hey all...

I'm still here. :) Just been busy and haven't had internet at home posts this week. School started Wednesday so will have photos to share when I quit being lazy and download them from my camera. :) Running/walking still going good...I'm finally under THAT mark. :) Total of 12 lbs lost since 7/28 so I really can't complain. big plans for the weekend except working at the lss on Saturday if you live near me..come scrap. :) Shawn is FINALLY going to work...yeehaw. And well...month end tomorrow for me at work. Oh yes..and only 3 people entered my challenge so I'm sending them all a little watching your mail (actually probably won't be mailed until with it.) Good night ya'll!

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Helena said...


It's me Helena from Italy. Do you remember me? I "lost" you when EOM shut down. I'we emailed you once or twice but never got an answer :(

I'm glad I found your blog through that of Annalisa's and I see you have Missy's blog on your sidebar. Going there after I've done with yours.

If you want you can go to my blog and comment *wink* or write to me

Miss ya, girl!!