Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday night...

and I'm ready for bed...but thought I should update really quick like...not that I have done anything major exciting or anything. :)

lessee...first of all...I'm stupid. Yup...that's right. I get my very first special order on etsy and you know what I do? Undercharge. Cuz I'm too NICE and try to make people HAPPY. So I charged her $10 per autograph book and my materials cost that pretty much I just gave away 5 hours of my time. *sigh* But she was really sweet and nice so I'm not too upset just am realizing that I need to make sure I account for EVERYTHING when quoting a price. I didn't factor in adhesive...which I went through a whole roll and a half (at $5/each) or my 5 hours worth of time. But they turned out cute and the girls I hope will get great use out of them at DisneyWorld getting autographs. What do you think? I even used one of my blossom bitties. :) She is also interested in chipboard albums for the girls...and the price I originally quoted her is going to have to change but I'm sure she'll understand.'s not my fault I'm dumb. :)
So yesterday I met up with a gal from my hometown. We bumped into each other at Walmart about a year ago....and just NOW finally met up. Mostly it's my fault as I'm really a recluse. :) We met up at the park for lunch..then the boys and I went over to her place and when we were ready to leave I realized we had been there for FOUR hours. Nuts. But she's really nice (I didn't know her really well as I was an 8th grader when she graduated...but she lived next door to my grama) and we had a ton to talk about (obviously). So it'll be nice to have someone to socialize with every few months when I get the urge. *snort*
Oh and speaking of me being all social and all....I was invited to be part of a book club! Woohoo!! I'm actually stoked. (my husband are SUCH a nerd). Once a month they get together and discuss a book...this time they are all reading biographies...any biography. I've never read one so that'll be interesting. Normally I guess they all read the same book. Cool huh? And I'm almost...almost done with the Hobbit...boy has that been a grueling task.
And I suck. I haven't ran the last 3 nights. It's going to be hell tomorrow when I go for my nightly walk/run. I think I need to start doing my step aeorbics in the morning as well...I need to boost this whole thing up a notch cuz I'm really wanting to lose some more weight.
Alrighty then...that's my excitement...have a Happy Monday. OH...and I posted a new challenge on the Sweet Pea blog...check it out. And speaking of challenges...remember the 2 I have going. :)

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KimmyS said...

OMG HOW cute are those books?? So sorry that you undercharged, I seem t make that mistake all the time - but you get there.
Congratz on your Esty stuff taking off so well - you totally deserve this!
And YAY on the book club - i wish we would have something like this close by. I LOVE books