Saturday, August 2, 2008


I got my very first Etsy sale. :) How exciting. I do need to thank Renee (Pink Owl) for all her awesome help and answering of my endless questions. THANKS RENEE!! :) She was also the one who inspired me to get my store going. She's super talented (link is on my sidebar) so check out her shop.
But of can't be a simple first sale...oh no no no...this is me we are talking about remember?? It's to the UK. Now..I haven't mailed to the UK for ever..but I used to send stuff to Kim fairly often. I put $3.00 on the shipping for everywhere else (which I have now edited) so am hoping it covers the shipping...which I'm gonna guess it won' my sale of $2.00 probably isn't going to be very profitable. *sigh* Oh well...someone liked my stuff so that's kinda cool. What did they buy you might ask? Well these cool raffle tickets that I've been making. Just about to upload some more designs too. Fun stuff.

So my friend Katie from Boise just came for lunch. She's been at Lost Prairie skydiving since late Wednesday night. And I totally get how special it was that she pulled away from her thing to have lunch with me. She's awesome. Although a tad rudolphy as she has a sunburned nose. :) But it was nice seeing her and visiting...if only for a couple hours. (and WHY may I ask am I SO unphotogenic?? Sheesh...just pitiful). Oh and yes...she's TALL and is squatting down while I'm on my tippy toes...more pitifulness right there folks. :)

And I hate to tell ya'll this but the AWESOMEST Sweet Pea Scraps kit is officially SOLD OUT. Bummer if you didn't get your hands on one. It was really fun and totally retro. I created these 2 layouts using it. Instantly reminded me of clothes I wore (that my mom tortured me with apparently) in the 80's. So there was my inspiration. :) Check out the Sweet Pea gallery too because the girls really outdid themselves!!


Pink Owl Paperie said...

Yeah Yeah Yeah! (I'm doing a happy dance for you right now, you just can't see me. Be thankful!) Your just too sweet too! I can't wait to see what you add next! I really got to get me some of those raffle tickets! Keep up the good work lady! Oh, and by the way, any chance you got any more of that owl paper hidden away somewhere? :) LOL

The Crowells said...

Whoo hooo! Awesome on the sale! You rock!!!! And have no idea what unphotogenic're adorable! And love the layouts! I'm glad you were inspired to do oldies! :)