Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday has come and gone...

and I'm exhausted!! I ran again tonight...but I think I partially died. :) Every cell in my brain was screaming at me to STOP...just STOP the torture. My lungs burned, my stomache burned, my throat burned and my shoulder ached...yet I endured and kept on running..that whopping .6 of a mile. :) Whew. Glad it's over with.

So here is my first challenge layout as promised....BECAUSE. And I made these little things that I call button bitties and threw in my etsy shop cuz I thought they were cute. :)
And I have to tell you of something that makes me happy at this moment....That 70's Show. The funny thing is...I used to think it was a stupid I laugh my rear end off while watching reruns. Red totally cracks me up..he's SO blunt. And Kitty's so contagious. Yeah...I'm pitiful. That's my dose of TV for the night...reruns of That 70's Show.
Have a great day tomorrow!!


Pink Owl Paperie said...

Hi Girl! Super cute boy layout! I LUUUV the bitties! I'm so proud of you running like that. I have great dreams of doing that, but I'm pretty sure I really would die! Your so inspiring! Keep it up lady! :)

The 5 Hirning's said...

That is so funny. I thought the 70's show was so cheesey, but I now love it too!!!

I am inspired by you and I have walked the last two days. I want to get to that running pace...soon!

Audrey Pettit said...

Hi there, Jenn! Just popped over to say a quick hello.
You page is super cute!! And I'm totally impressed that you even try to run any length at all. I don't think I could even make it to my mailbox!
Have a great day!