Sunday, August 10, 2008

This weekend...

has actually been really nice. Saturday morning the boys let me sleep in until 8:30am!! I don't think I've slept that late since...well since before I had kids!! Shawn was already out the door as he went scouting..yes...hunting season is already upon fact...this weekend is opening for archery antelope..and yes...he's hunting. :)

So I took the boys to the skate park. They have been begging to go. Of course...once they saw the actual skate park up close they didn't know what to do. I think they thought they would just start out rolling around like the 'big' kids. Intead I had them go on a little ramp and they practiced just going down and back up the other ramp...nothing too dramatic. Unfort...they only had about 20 minutes when the skies opened up and let loose these humongous rain drops. I loved reviewing the pictures I took...the one of Mathew totally cracks me up as I caught his little tongue sticking out in concentration. Every Saturday the skate park is open for 7 and under until noon...and even though Mathew is 8 I thought it was probably better he learned and got comfortable before throwing him in with the big boys.
Then last night we watched Transformers (only because it was on HBO) and it was REALLY good. I was totally surprised as I had no desire to see it but it was just a really great show. And of course did the normal laundry and cleaned the house. Still a couple loads to do today but then I'm done. Still have to run to Costco and get groceries. Boy am I rambling or what??
SOOOOOO....anyone going to do my challenges?? Hmmmm??? I'm about done with my BECAUSE layout which I'm thinking the embellies I might make and put in the etsy store as well. I need to get busy and make some more things for it as it certainly looks bare in there!!
Okay well I'll stop rambling now. I'm about to post another challenge on the Sweet Pea Vine if you all want to check it out...I think it's by Chantel this week. And I have to get started on the amazing September Sweet Pea Scraps kit. Okay..I'm done now..promise!! Have a great day!!

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Mindy said...

I loved Transformers...and I typically hate those type of movies. I thought it was really great. Glad you had some fun at the skate park!