Monday, August 4, 2008

sooooo....a couple challenges and a prize!!

today was the first day of swimming lessons for the boys. Shawn was able to take them which was very cool. I came home from work with them just chattering away about what they did. I love that they get so excited about swimming...especially since I can't swim. AND Auston especially is becoming SO comfortable and confident in the water...another blessing since he fell in my in laws pool when he was 2....and was found 10 minutes later. Little turd was smart enough to let his feet touch the bottom...kick up to the top to get air and sink back down again. SCARY stuff. (I wasn't even home...I was at Women of Faith in Spokane). *sigh* always makes my heart happy when I see him getting over his subconscious fear of the water.

Have to share the layout I did at scrap camp (I did 14 total but they have yet to be all scanned!!). I swiped one of Renee's cute little chipboard circle embellishments...which I think totally completed this page...and was one of those...why didn't I think of that..moments!!

And...I have a little challenge for ya'll...and a little prize too!! For the Random Chaos challenge this week we were to use the colors red, blue and yellow on a add in some buttons for good measure. Here is my layout that I made of Auston's bad burnout on Saturday!! Yes...he is totally fact he showed off his big bandaid like it was a trophy!! I love how the layout turned much so that I actually made a duplicate of the embellishments and put in my Etsy shop!!

Oh back to my challenge with prize. :) I'm going to offer up some of the raffle tickets I have been'll get an assortment of various colors/sizes. And it's a drawing...not a beauty contest so even if you just happen upon my blog don't be shy to enter. Ohhhh..and I'm giving you TWO chances at the drawing. I'm rambling aren't I?? :)

So first challenge is to complete the Random Chaos of the red, blue, yellow and some buttons AND my challenge for the Sweet Pea Vine was to create a layout using the word BECAUSE (which I still have yet to do myself...eek!). So that's it....complete a layout using one or both of the challenges (if you combine them you will only get in the drawing once though) to me in the comments section and you're name will go into the drawing!! I will give you all until the....15th of August to get this done. Easy enough?? Can't wait to see 'em!!


Mindy said...

Love all the layouts! Super cute stuff. I adore all your stuff in your Etsy shop!! I hope it goes well for ya.

The Crowells said...

Dude! Love the new blog look and the layouts! You're getting pretty fancy pants with this computer stuff, aren't ya?!

Vivian said...

Hey Jenn! BECAUSE you asked so nicely, here it is!!

Vivian said...

And also, for the other challenge :
Finding the Lost Ones