Thursday, August 14, 2008

Okay slacker people...

my challenge was sposed to end TOMORROW but since I have a bunch of slacker readers apparently...I'm going to extend the deadline to the 24th. So NOW you have NO excuses but to get an entry in!! I'm giving you 2 more Saturdays to get a layout done. :)

#1 - use the word BECAUSE in your layout title
#2 - use the color scheme Red/Yellow/Blue.

Easy peasy right? That's what I thought. Now GET BUSY. :) Yes...I'm being really bossy. Just email me at or post a link to your layout in the comment section. And remember..there is a PRIZE at stake here people!!

So I'm going to upload some a couple (okay..three) things in my etsy shop including these adorable vintage blossom bitties which I think are SO cute I want to keep them for myself. :) And after that I'm going for my nightly run.

OH..and I have some VERY cool news to share with you on Saturday it a little enabling. :) Have a great night!


Pink Owl Paperie said...

The bitties are so cute! (I'm stil procrastinating my work, can you tell?) What is the big Saturday news?? You can't just leave a girl in suspence like this! Give me a hint! (nag nag)

The Crowells said...

Good Lord, woman! I'm much too old for teasing!!!
Ok, this slacker is hoping for some scrapping time on Sunday...

And the bities are adorable! You rock, Dude! :)